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The Jacksonville Jaguars completed their second full day of training

camp under uncommonly hot temperatures for the second straight


"It picked up today," said Jaguars head coach Tom Coughlin. "I

think early on we were dragging a little bit, but I thought they got a

second wind and it picked up late in the 7-on-7, and team period

was better I thought."

The players will take Sunday off, then have their first practice in

pads on Monday when they return for two-a-days. The practices on

both Friday and Saturday were in shells.

"There's a reason for it. We have a number of guys who are

rehabilitating from injuries, so we have a couple of days where I

really felt it was more important for us to be able to include all those

people in the snaps, to get the quality reps out of everyone," said

Coughlin. "Obviously, when you put the pads on, some of those guys

who are restricted are much more restricted than they are out here

without pads. We'll be in pads next week. We'll be in our normal

routine and progress steadily towards our Atlanta practices next

weekend. I think our guys will be in good hitting shape for the

following weekend."

On linebacker Lonnie Marts, who was signed earlier in the day,

Coughlin said, "We're excited about having him here. He's a quality

linebacker. He has started in this league. He's a veteran with a lot

of experience, and he wants to be here. He's probably better suited

on the outside and we'll play him at strongside right off the bat. I'm

just excited about having a quality backer in our program. And I

think it'll be little note for our team." Marts is expected to practice

with the team for the first time on Monday.

Coughlin also talked about the following players:

Alvis Whitted - "Alvis has worked hard. He's worked on his route

running. He impressed me when he started out in the spring, and his

hands were improved, and I think that has continued. A real plus

would be if he can continue to improve in the long run - whether a

guy can continue in the good days and the bad days to show that

kind of improvement which was really important in order to be


Jonathan Quinn - "Jonathan's improved, there's no question about

that. He has a better grasp of what we're doing. He hasn't been

slowed down at all. As a matter of fact, one of the things we

learned this morning is that a lot of plays ended up being audibilized

and checked by Jon this morning. So, he has learned a lot pretty


Fred Taylor - "He is much more confident. After being in our

offseason program, he is stronger, more knowledgeable of the

system, more able to grasp things really quickly. And he can share

that confidence feeling with others. At this time last year, the

normal process for a rookie is that you kind of go through a learning.

It's very difficult to show athleticism when you're thinking before

every snap. It's a major growth process. Coming off the kind of

year that he had, he's excited. About one week after last season

was over he was already excited about starting again. I welcome

that confidence. It's good for our team to have a guy feel that way.

His message is 'Give me the ball.' "

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