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The Jacksonville Jaguars completed the second day of their three-day minicamp today at the Ferrell Fields adjacent to the stadium.

Head coach Tom Coughlin commented on the workload being thrust at the team's 25 rookies (11 draft choices and 14 free agents). "They're still trying to figure out which end is up," he said, "but they're starting to feel their way around pretty well. They're getting a lot of reps, which will help them. Right now the biggest challenge is the learning part. They'll be confused by the time they leave here tomorrow, but they'll have a grip on everything. It's like a foreign language, but they're fighting their way through that. And when June 1 comes around (and the rookies can return), this will be a definite benefit to them.

"I've been impressed with the way most of the rookies have picked up the special teams," Coughlin added. "That's definitely been a benefit. There's a lot of enthusiasm; guys are pulling for one another and we're making progress."

The three-day minicamp will continue through Sunday, with the final practice at 10:00 a.m. Players are practicing in shorts without pads. "But anytime you go on the field you can learn," said Coughlin. "They're not hitting anybody, but you can see their competitive spirit and some of the talent we saw before we drafted them or signed them as free agents. Anytime we see them is a benefit."


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