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Jaguars Foundation's Straight Talk program launches Ask Dr. Linda site

The Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation, in conjunction with The Florida Times-Union's and First Coast Community, announces the launch of a new initiative, Ask Dr. Linda as part of its Straight Talk program's Web page. Ask Dr. Linda will be a special section within the Straight Talk website where youth ages 13 years or older can ask questions relating to sexual health.

The site is part of the Jaguars Foundation's Straight Talk initiative, aimed at preventing and reducing the incidence of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections such as HIV/AIDS. Led by Jaguars Foundation Chair/CEO, Delores Barr Weaver, the Straight Talk program continues its valuable partnership with the Jacksonville media in promoting responsible behavior and encouraging thoughtful and informed discussion on issues of sexual health.

Dr. Linda Dinerman, an adolescent health expert, has been significantly involved with the Foundation and the Straight Talk program, as a consultant to the Straight Talk grantmaking process, a panelist on the live television forum, and now as "Dr. Linda" for on-line Q & A. Dinerman said, "Adolescents and young adults obtain much of their information about various topics through use of the Internet. Young people begin accessing Internet websites as early as elementary school to answer their questions about everything from video games to homework assignments. Many teenagers do not have access to resources that provide answers to their questions. This Straight Talk website allows us a great opportunity to provide our youth with straightforward, accurate information about sexuality. I am excited to be a part of this Jacksonville project that will help young people to reduce their risk of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV."

Delores Barr Weaver stated, "The incredible amount of phone calls and page views we receive every year, during and following the live broadcast, indicates that there are many teens and parents out there who want and need answers. Ask Dr. Linda will be a year-round resource, and a place to start for information, beyond the televised forum." It was at the suggestion of to utilize the Straight Talk website as a tool to continue this part of the forum, with the Ask Dr. Linda feature. The Foundation agreed that a question and answer site with a medical expert would fill that apparent demand for "answers" by teens and parents regarding the sensitive and oftentimes difficult topic of sexuality.

Designed by Rich Ray at, Straight Talk's media partner, the Ask Dr. Linda site offers general and informational advice for educational purposes. Although Dr. Linda Dinerman is a medical doctor, this site is not intended to provide medical advice for any person who requires direct medical care. Individuals in need of such care should consult their own physician. Questions are submitted anonymously and will sometimes be grouped into categories (e.g., Common Questions About Getting An Examination") and archived for easy reference.

In anticipation of the Foundation's upcoming Straight Talk television show that will be aired live on May 23 and rebroadcast on various stations May 25-29, some questions submitted to the Ask Dr. Linda site may be used on the broadcast.

Access Ask Dr. Linda through the Straight Talk Web site at or by visiting or and using keyword: askdrlinda.

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