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The Jacksonville Jaguars went through two practices today as they

continued their second full week of training camp.

Head coach Tom Coughlin said the team will not do specific

gameplan preparations for Friday night's preseason opener against

the Carolina Panthers. "We're not going to spend any time on the

opponent for the first preseason game. We'll try to go over

personnel with them some, but Carolina has a new staff and we

might have some idea what they'll be doing, but it's just speculation.

So basically we're just taking the first seven or eight days of what

we've installed and we'll use that in the first game."

Offensive tackle Mike Webster was waived on Wednesday, leaving

the Jaguars' roster at 86, one below the team's limit. Webster, an

undrafted rookie from the University of Kentucky, had been signed

on Monday.

The team will go through a closed walk-through on Thursday and

will face the Panthers at 7:30 p.m. Friday at ALLTEL Stadium.

Plenty of tickets are still available for the game. Fans can call the

new phone number for single-game sales (1-888-397-0100) or buy

tickets on the Internet at Single-game prices are

$40, $50, $65 and $85 per ticket. For additional information, call

(904) 633-2000.

Other Coughlin comments:

(on the competition on the offensive line) "It's up and down.

There's been some improvement from certain individuals, and there

are others I've been a little bit disappointed in. I'm still concerned

about where Ben Coleman is (coming back from a knee injury).

We're trying to get him back out here so he can take advantage of

the two-a-day opportunities. But it's a very slow process."

(on Gary Walker) "I'm very happy with Gary Walker. He's done an

outstanding job. He's been very obvious in our drill work."

(on Seth Payne) "Seth's been doing a good job, but we had to put

some restrictions on him (because of his shoulder rehab). We still

have some restrictions on him. But he's in there and he's been

rolled up and rolled on, penetrated, made plays. He's done really

well with it. I'm starting to get some confidence in the fact that he'll

be able to work his way up towards the number of snaps and be

ready to go."

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