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Jaguars Linebacker Joe Schobert: Sunday, December 13, 2020

(On the communication of the Jaguars' defense against the unique play-calling of the Titans' offense) "Yeah, I mean, when you get stuff like that, you've just got to lock in to your job, your assignment. You've got to do your one-eleventh. And I think, for 25 minutes of the first half, we were knocking it out, producing and doing that. And I think there was just a couple plays that got out that separated the score at the end of the first half, and then obviously, the third quarter wasn't good for us. We were able to kind of reload back in there towards the end, but you can't really have that. It's tough and it's something our young team has to learn, is just, you can't let one play snowball into the next."

(On the biggest difficulty in containing Derrick Henry, especially after he's broken free a couple of times) "The biggest thing is just, you can't let him get started. You can't let him get into the open field because, if you're able to keep him inside the tackle box, get guys on him, get hits on his legs, then you'll be able to stop him. But if he gets through the line and he gets out into the second level, he gets out into open space with his stiff-arms, with his speed, he's a dangerous runner. He's obviously got good vision so he knows when to bounce it if guys are crashing too hard on the outside, which he did a couple times today. You've just got to really be on top of it, dot your I's and cross your T's."