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Jaguars Post Game - Jets vs. Jaguars: Sunday, October 27, 2019


Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019

(Opening statement) "Let me say, it was a good win. The team, like I said before, guys that have been around on a daily basis, I like the way the team's been going to work, working hard at practice, working hard at meetings. I think they were ready to go to a certain extent. We got the ball, offensively, Leonard [Fournette] starts us off with a big run. We get down there and wind up scoring, which was big, and then we missed the extra point. Then do a good job on special teams, get them down to the 5 [yard line] and I'm thinking to myself, 'Hey, we're going to stop them here, get the ball back, we'll be able to go up one or two scores.' And they drive down the field and score, 95 yards. I thought it was a battle. I think that Gardner [Minshew II] did a nice job. He made some plays. We did better on third down. He kept his eyes down the field with the big play to Chris Conley. That was a big play in the game. I think we've got to get better. When we had the ball on the 36 [yard line] and we turned it over. That's a chance for us to get three points and go up by two scores there. That would have been a big point in the game. And then obviously, settling for a field goal at one point instead of getting a touchdown kept the Jets in there. Credit to them. They did a good job. Defensively, we got after them pretty good. We had about eight sacks. We have a good defense, but Sam Darnold now, he just stood there and kept fighting, fighting, fighting. I give him a lot of credit.  We can sit there and look and these quarterbacks that get hit and get sacked liked that and it's hard to come back. They kept fighting. They kept doing a good job. Defensively, they are good up front. Their safeties made plays on us. I think there's a lot of room for our improvement, obviously, still in the red zone, we've got to do a better job. It's frustrating. Obviously, the penalties at times. We can't stop the clock with a holding call under five minutes. At that point, that's our opponent at the time. I think there's things like that that I discussed with the team afterward. We're going to work really hard and try to get better, obviously, throughout the week. We've got a long trip. At the end of the game, I don't want to run the extra plays getting ready for the trip across the pond and playing a division opponent. We took the knee and had the game under control and got out of there. I think we'll be OK injury-wise. We've got some bumps and we're banged up, but we've got to get those things treated because it's a little bit more of a challenge with the long travel schedule this week."

(On the savvy and instinct Gardner Minshew II showed today) "He's been really good [with] touch. I kind of go back and forth. Sometimes I look and you're like, 'That's a veteran move. That's a veteran player.' You are able to see that, and you go. And here's my problem. This is all me now. I can't get over that we gave away three points. So, for me, it's like, 'He should have hit Leonard [Fournette] in the flat. He should have hit the crosser.' Now that's unfair to him. You know what I'm saying? That's unfair of me to ask all of this from him, but that's what on my mind right now. So to answer your question, to get away from a player and to keep his eyes down the field, to get a roughing the passer where a guy hits the crap out of him and he gets sacked and be able to come back and be able to run, get a first down, keep his eyes downfield…I'm always looking for the whole game, so I've got to kind of overlook that because he made plays that made up for that. That's what he's been doing. He does not play like he was brought into this league, a sixth-round draft pick or something like that. He doesn't play like that."

(On the last touchdown) "We go down there. We get close. We almost score. They call a toss play. I'm on the phone because I'm like, 'My father-in-law is here. He's going to kill me if this play doesn't score.' I'm serious. You think I'm bullshitting. I'm dead ass serious. I'm like, I know better than to toss the ball at the goal line. I know better. [Offensive Line Coach George Warhop] 'Hop' is like, 'That's my fault. I put it in there.' Gardner [Minshew II] bailed us out on that. We can't miss opportunities like that. You know what I'm saying? We really can't. We can laugh about it because Gardner made a play. I can tell you the truth of exactly how it went down with me saying that. At the end of the day, let's make no mistake about it, that is my responsibility. I know everything that is in the plan. Sometimes I think that I probably don't know as much as I think I know and at that time, I think I knew exactly what I should know. I've got to do a better job with that, same with the red zone."

(On the performance of the defense) "We knew coming back, despite all the noise that was out there, the one thing about New York, the one thing they show is they fight their ass off. We felt from a skill-level standpoint with Le'Veon Bell, [Jamison] Crowder, [Demaryius] Thomas, [Robby] Anderson, we felt like from top to bottom they had a lot of good skill. We knew that up front they were playing hard, but it's always difficult when you have those type of injuries hit you on the O-line and you have guys going in and out. We've been there before, so we know, last year. I think we did a good job of stopping the run again. We did it last week against a real good running back in Joe Mixon. I think we did a hell of a job against a great running back like Le'Veon Bell. Then we're getting into where it was a little bit more one-dimensional where the throws are starting to go. Now they are going to take shots down the field. Now the rush is getting to them. It's hard to call plays when you are getting to their quarterback. I give him credit. He just kept getting up. He kept throwing and making plays. He did things that got us out of press a little bit, were able to get a couple of plays on that last drive out onto the perimeter, get some balls, keep it in front of us. At the end of the day, under pressure and duress we were able to make some plays on the back end with Tre [Herndon] and with A.J. [Bouye] due to those types of things. At the end of the day, I thought we did a good job. Especially for us, if we can get the run game stopped, it's always helped us. The main thing I don't want to lose site of is the turnovers again. Every game we've won we won the turnover battle. I think that's important. What were we today? Plus-two? So, we've turned that around in a short period of time where we were battling. Like I said, we talk about it and we're trying to do it. Some of the penalties we've got to do a better job of. We are going in the right direction. We've just got to do a better job of it. So, leaving here, it's a great win. I'm happy for the players, happy for the fans, but we've got a lot of things to get better on. We're not sitting here going, 'We're on our way.' We're fighting our ass off."

(On if given all the recent injuries and trades, if he has to work to keep players focused for the game in London) "People will talk about, 'Hey, the head coach did this and the head coach did that.' That's all bull. The team has done a great job with themselves. The assistant coaches have done a great job keeping everyone focused, keeping everyone in. I'm just along for the ride. I really appreciate what those guys are doing. To answer your question, if it wasn't coming from the players, if it wasn't coming from the assistant coaches, yes, I don't think I'd be able to do that on my own, but since it's coming from the players and coming from the coaches, I do think we have a good chance for the players to stay the way they are. They are practicing hard. They are communicating well. It's a good group. There's a lot of energy in that locker room in a good way. It's not childish or anything of that nature. So, I'm proud of the players, and I'm proud of the coaches, and I'm just happy to have the opportunity to help guide them."

(On if Gardner Mishew II's performance will make the upcoming starting quarterback decision difficult) "[New York Post columnist] Mark Cannizzaro today was here earlier walking around the hallway. For those who don't know, Mark was there my first time in the NFL. He was a beat writer for the Jets. He's in the hallway, and I always say it, they can't help himself. [Media members] are great people. You guys are great people, but when you have an opportunity, you just can't help yourself. So, we're in the hallway and he asks me the same question. 'Hey, what are you going to do?' I told Mark, I got this question in a press conference and I know that people who don't know me, it's hard for them to believe, but why would I go through scenarios in my mind and waste my time with scenarios when I have to get ready for another game. This is what I told him. You can ask him, and he'll tell you. I said, 'If we didn't have a bye after the Texans game, I think somewhere along the line next week, I would start going through that in my mind.' Does that make sense to everyone? Because I'm going to have to make a decision, but since we have the bye, there's so many things that can happen between now and then, whether injuries come into play with either quarterback or whatever may happen, so for me, I'm not going to waste my team. And that's probably my strength and my weakness. My strength is I can focus on something, but my weakness might be down the road, if you don't see this thing coming. To answer your question, I really haven't thought about it.  The reason why is because I don't have to, and I don't want to. I'll deal with it when it happens. And that's the truth. Everything I say is the truth."

(On if he's pleased with being 4-4 given the circumstances around this season) "No. I haven't done a great job. If I could have done a better job, I think we'd be in better shape. We're 4-4, and I look back and I regret not being able to push this team over in some real close games. I'm not pulling my share of it."


Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019

(On the touchdown to DJ Chark Jr.) "He did an awesome job. He came from all the way on the other side of the field and worked all the way back. That is a credit to him working and just finding a way. It was covered on the front end and especially down there you can make stuff happen and get a little time. I saw he was going to work open and one of the defensive linemen had me cut off, so I stepped back in and threw it. It was a good play."

(On the defensive performance today) "It was awesome. That's the thing, we know if we can get a lead on people, that's what they're capable of. That's what this defense is built for, when we can get a team and they're one dimensional. We try to help them by scoring points early, but yeah, I can't say enough how much it does for us when they create turnovers and make negative plays to get the team off the field so we can go drive."

(On scoring on the first drive) "Yeah, it was big. We felt good, rolling out of the gate. It was huge to set the tone for the rest of the game."

(On Chris Conley's touchdown) "I knew he was going to catch it, but I didn't realize he was going to go all the way like that. What made that play was Leonard [Fournette] starting to fake and then came all the way back to make that block to send him around where I could step up and make that. That's not on the stat sheet but that's a Leonard Fournette play right there. That was absolutely huge."

(On how big the last touchdown was near the end of the game) "Yeah it's big. Definitely sick of hearing about the red zone stuff so we're trying to score touchdowns as best we can. It was really good to do that and give us a little more cushion."


Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019

(On his two interceptions) "I give it all to God, man. God set me up in those opportunities and I was able to finish the play. The D-line did a great job up front giving us opportunities in the back end. Coach put us in the right place, and I trusted my technique. It happened."

(On if he felt tested by teams) "Yeah, that's something you've got to own up to and embrace it. Got to embrace that when it comes, make the plays."

(On if he is proud of his two interceptions) "Yeah, the one in Carolina's been haunting me when they took it away from us. I had to make sure I bounced back somehow."

(On Josh Allen's performance today) "Great. Like I said, the defensive line was doing great. That's what put us in opportunities to make plays like that. My boy A.J. [Bouye] got a pick, that was huge. I was more excited for his then I was for mine."


Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019

(On his multi-sack performance) "It's not about the stats, man. At the end of the day, I'm just happy to see guys thrive on the D-Line and on the defense, too. We had a guy that nobody would touch and came in here and had two picks, Tre [Herndon], man that's special right there. I'm just thankful to see guys like that be able to make plays and progress and get more comfortable within the game."

(On preparing for the Jets after their loss to the Patriots) "Absolutely. At the end of the day, we seen what the Patriots did, a lot of cover zero blitzes just to get them rattled and they threw four interceptions that game. Just talking to [Head] Coach [Doug] Marrone, he was saying it was still not going to be a cake walk after you've taken an embarrassing loss like that on national tv, you're going to be fired to come up and try to get a win."

(On how this defense has been able to stop running backs) "Definitely. It just goes back to the fundamentals. I feel like it starts with the D-Line. Both numbers in your gap when you go against those types of backs like that and just let everybody play off of you."


Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019

(On what the defense was able to adjust after the opening drive touchdown) "We just settled down. Just like with anything, the first 15 plays are the hardest to stop. We just settled down. We knew they gave us all that they could really give us. We watched a lot of film this week so we knew exactly what they were going to come out and do so we just settled down and were able to get it right."

(On the key to consistently getting to Sam Darnold) "Stopping the run. We make them one dimensional and we already know that there's nobody that can really stop our D-Line. We just went out there and did that and were able to stop the run and were able to have a party in the backfield."

(On what does it mean to get to 4-4 before London) "It means a lot. Great momentum coming into a foreign environment, of course. We usually play better in London as well. We're looking forward to building on our momentum."

(On how much the London trip has changed for him) "It gets easier every year, just being able to adapt to the time change and everything like that. When you first get there, knowing that we're not going to be able to sleep for 24 hours, so just preparing for that and recovering leading up to the trip."


Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019

(On how important it is to get back to .500 before a key divisional game) "It's great to get back to .500. A great team win today. We did a lot of things well. We've got to do better at communication and some other stuff, but great team win today at home."

(On how challenging it was to face the Jets defense) "They did a couple things different so communication was big this game. We were hitting all cylinders. A couple things we've got to clean up, but overall another win."

(On QB Gardner Minshew II's touchdown pass to D.J. Chark Jr.) "That was crazy because I was yelling, "throw the ball! Throw the ball!" because I didn't know what was happening and then I saw that. That son of a [expletive], [Gardner] Minshew. That's crazy. He's a gunslinger. Me and Cam [Robinson] looked at each other and started laughing."


Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019

(On Tre Herndon) "I'm happy for Tre. I told him, after the second one, you know, that's how you face adversity – you don't get everything you want. But, he played a hell of a game today. He had a tough job with WR Robby Anderson, so, he came in, showed up, didn't let the bad plays get to him and he just kept playing."

(On his interception) "Oh yeah, I think it was the third down, in the second quarter. It was Demaryius Thomas and Jamison Crowder, they ran like a scissors concept and me and [Jarrod Wilson] went after the seven cut, and I told him 'Yo, next time we see it, we're not going to get it.' So, that same play, they decided to push 17 [WR Vyncint Smith] out there – I knew him at Houston, he's a speed guy – so, Dub tried the scissors and I told him 'No, stay on it' and as soon as I saw the ball in the air, I knew it was mine. So, it was a good play. We needed it. Great job on the offense scoring that drive."

(On the importance of turnovers) "Very important, you know, [Head Coach Doug Marrone] has done a great job with emphasizing that turnovers come in bunches. We haven't been getting them the way we've wanted to in the first three weeks, but they finally started coming and we've just got to keep them together. You know, nobody's really pushing for a turnover, we're just letting them come to us and we're playing great ball. When Tre [Herndon] got that first pick, I felt like I got the pick. That's how it is, you know, on that back end, we just always want to see each other strive and be our best."

(On whether it feels like a vibe they didn't have last year) "That's definitely what it felt like. We were talking about it all week – you know, me, [LB Myles Jack], some of the other guys, just the vibe, the energy these past two weeks just feel way different. And we're appreciative of that – the guys, the coaches, the players just buy in and keep going."

(On being 4-4 and feeling pretty good after what this team has been through) "Yeah, definitely. You know, we don't really get a lot of credit after Jalen [Ramsey] left, so hopefully we just keep earning it every day. But, that's just good job on the guys staying together. [DL Calais Campbell] has done a great job of just keeping us together in the locker room and everybody else. We're going up against a good team in London. They're in the run for the [AFC South] Division, too. We know what happened last game, so we've just got to stay ready this game."


Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019

(On the offensive line's ability to protect QB Gardner Minshew II) "I don't know. I just know we have to be more consistent in what we're doing, myself included and the whole unit. We're going to come back Monday or Tuesday and keep working to build that."

(On OL Jawaan Taylor performance this season) "He's amazing. He's been great for us. The things he's able to do, especially at such a young age, he's been great."

(On how playing in the SEC in college prepared him for the NFL) "I think it's just the level of talent that you see, the level of competition week in and week out. I think it's beneficial the talent level you see in college kind of prepares you for what you're going to get here."

(On Gardner Minshew II's performance) "He's great, man. We love what he's been able to bring to us. Getting out of the pocket and able to do a lot of things. I mean he's been great, just what we needed. When QB Nick [Foles] went down, he didn't blink. He stepped in and he's been great for us."


Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019

(On his big run) "It's all about the momentum. You've got to have it, come out fast and we come out on top."

(On the run when he cut back left) "I think I was just making too many moves. Right now, I have a stomach virus my stomach bothering me, so I was just playing through it."

(On getting to 4-4) "It's relentless no matter what. Just keep on competing. That's where we are. We knew they were going to come out with a tough front as far as them stopping us rushing the ball, but we fought through it. Gardner [Minshew II] made some throws. A lot of guys made some good catches."

(On the situation involving a potential taunting penalty) "I knew we were in the red zone, and just knowing anything I would've done could've pushed us back."


Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019

(On the performance of Gardner Minshew II) "Just a great job today on extending plays, finding soft spots in the defense and delivering balls to guys, letting those guys work in space, the way that they were playing up close and having safeties back. We played a lot better against the two-man coverage today. When defenses drop that many people the quarterback has to create time, and Gardner [Minshew II] did a great job of that today and made some good plays."

(On if his struggles against the Saints and Panthers motivated him) "A lot. We pride ourselves on not backing down from anybody, and in those [games] we didn't produce the way we feel like we should have we. We've come in, watch the tape and we deemed that we have to better on third downs. We were better on third downs today. We need to be better in the red zone. We were a little bit better, but there's still a lot of room to improve if we want to be the kind of offense we want to be. We have to score two more times in the red zone today, and we can't have those field goals. We're continuing to improve. These guys haven't giving up at all."

(On a developing a relationship with Gardner Minshew II) "We are taking the time to work with each other and talk through some things and the looks that we get. Today was a result of some of those conversations."

(On being surprised on his run today) "I wasn't surprised. Everybody gives me a hard time because they consider me an old man. In league years, I'm not that old. I'm old relative to this locker room, but I have to remind them that the oldest guy out there had the fastest speed on the field today."