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Jaguars Postgame: Sunday, September 15, 2019


What went into the decision to go with Leonard Fournette up the middle when Fournette up the middle hadn't had a lot of success during the game? What was the thinking there on that one?
"We had a bunch of different plays called. So in other words, we had a play for Cover 0, we had a play for Red 2. We had a play for single-high man, we had a play for bear man, and really at the end of the day, we were fine with either one. Again, you come up a couple inches short and we lost the game. It was a decision that I made prior to us getting the last possession. I said that if we returned the punt for touchdown with DD then I was probably going for go for the extra point. They said if we start driving this football and we score with a certain amount of time left, I said I'm going to go for two. "Immediately had the play in mind so we missed DJ (Chark) early; we missed (Leonard) Fournette. We had some poor holding penalties at really tough times during the game. Converted a first down. Got a hold, and took us out of field goal range. Obviously we got a hold on a big play and we got a sack fumble, which gives up points. Just kills you. You just got to keep working, and we have to do a better job coaching it and we have to do a better job of performing it. And then on that last drive, I mean, you could see the poise the kid has. Was able to go down the field and score. He's never -- I've told you guys before, he's not a guy that gets rattled. He's fine on the sideline. He understands what we're trying to get accomplished, what we want to do. So, I couldn't be happier with him."

Can you explain what led to the disagreement between you and Jalen Ramsey?

"A lot of emotion in the game, I'm sure. I don't know. I can't recall."

Was there a reason you didn't challenge? Did Jalen Ramsey want you to challenge?

"We have a process. I think we've done a very good job since I've been the head coach. Obviously, we're the best ones at winning them. We have a process that we have to confirm it, because timeouts are big, and we had no one that was able to confirm whether the ball was knocked out or not. I couldn't see it, because he had his back to me."

Was it an unusual amount of frustration from the players?

"I can't even recall. It's a lot of emotion on that field. We're playing a division game."

DJ Chark Jr., another strong performance for you. What kind of consistency is he starting to show?

"I think that's the right word. I think it's consistency. I think that's what you're using. He's a guy that can go in there and make plays and someone that is going to keep getting better and better. Better he becomes, it's going to open up things for everybody else. He's a key player in what we're trying to get done and he's worked extremely hard."

Is it good that this upcoming game is a Thursday night game after something as close as this?
"Every loss hurts. It's hard to put a thing on it. You know, I'm not onto Thursday yet. I'm still on this thing."

Can you just talk about the resiliency that your team showed in the last 10 minutes of that game?

"Yeah, they were able to move the ball, I think. I think they felt it. The difference sometimes when you're playing and you like getting -- when you don't have anything and sometimes you're like you're so close and you can't really make a play. You're just trying to go ahead and make a play and get on a rhythm. I think that's what our guys really believed. We can get into a rhythm and put some back-to-back plays together, that we'll be able to move the ball and drive the ball. They all trust each other and they keep working. I think that they felt they can get back into it. I think the defense was playing well. They knew we were going to have opportunities. We made some plays and were able to get ourselves back in it with a chance to win on the last play offensively."

Did every player on the sideline want to go for the two-point conversion?

"Yeah, honestly from the angles we saw we were celebrating on the field. We thought that was two points. Obviously, I know it has to be definitive and that's just the nature of the game. You put it in the referees' hands, and it could go either way. But we made a lot of mistakes and we didn't play as good as we could've, but we still had a chance to win at the end. So, it's something we can learn from. We'll grade the tape, and we'll try to just keep getting better one game at a time."

Was it a return to what we expect from the Jaguars on the defensive side of the ball?

"Yeah, we still had opportunities that we didn't capitalize on though. There's plays out there that we could've made that we normally would make. So, we still got ways to go."

How aggravated were you that you didn't get that fumble recovery?

"Very. Very. That's a play I make 99 percent of the time. It is what it is. I don't even know how I missed it. But there's a lot of plays out there that I would like to have back that I didn't play to my standard. You've got to take your hats off to them because they fought and did enough to win. But in this game when you're that close you have to find a way to get those, those tough wins, and I thought we did. It's going to be painful, but we've got to bounce back, you know, 24-hour rule and then move on. This one isn't even 24-hour rule because we've got a big game on Thursday, so another tough game. So, go out there and try to get a W."


Did you like the call to go for two?

"Yeah. Because that's the team we want to be. We don't want to play it safe. We want to go get the win. Even after the call and the way it turned out, I still believe, like Myles (Jack) said, I believe that was a touchdown. I'm going to ride for my team, my coaches and Leonard (Fournette). And I think that we got that."


Was there a feeling that the offense would get rolling?

"We always feel like that. I feel like you got two choices from the beginning of the game to the end of the game. You either, if things not going good you either lay it down or continue to fight. Either way you got to step on that field for the rest of the four quarters. So, you might as well give it all you got while you're out there. And that's what these guys did."

How different does this feel than last week? Last week you lost your quarterback, this week you may have found yours, you know a guy that can really make something happen.
"Last week, we were in here knowing that we were better than that. This week we still believe that we are better than that. But we also know that we are fighters. We are not giving up. That's a good team over there. We came out. We competed. We didn't have some guys with us, but nobody second guessed it."

Can you talk about the last play, and from your vantage point did you think you got in the end zone?

"Yeah, I thought I got in when I reached the ball. But apparently, they (referees) thought otherwise."

When you all decided to go for it I assume most of you guys were thinking 'Let's go, let's win it now,'

"Yeah, we wanted to win. At the end of the day, that's all this game is about is winning."

What was the feeling on that final drive? The offense really started to click. Gardner Minshew II made a couple of throws.
"I think (Gardner) is doing a great job. He's coming in, his first road start. It was a hectic environment. I think he handled it well. He did a great job. Our job is to help him out the best way we can."

Did you all know earlier in the drive that you were going for two or was that something you guys found out in the end?
"It's up to the Coach. He believed we that we could win it. We believed we could win it. It's not just that play, but a lot of plays before that on both sides that kind of we could have sealed the game. But like I said, it's football, things happen."


How were you able to get into a rhythm there on the final drive?

"Man, just credit to all our guys just staying with it. Keep fighting the whole time. They were a good defense and

just for us to keep battling. We made too many mistakes early. Us getting in our own way. You know what? The

encouraging thing is we didn't play even close to what we should have and we were right there in the game and

could have won it, should have won it."

How you did you see WR DJ Chark Jr. on the touchdown?

"I mean, from all the way across getting in my vision. Heck of a play by him just really hustling and just battling

to the end."

Did you like the call to go for two?

"Yeah. Felt really good about the call. Had the right look. Leonard (Fournette) was close. I thought he got it.

That's how it goes sometimes.

I bet ten times out of ten for him right there to get in there."

Was the decision made earlier in the drive to go for two if you got the touchdown?

"I'm not sure. I don't call the plays. I just play quarterback."

What was it like in terms of just your first start?

"Not good because we lost. We lost. And that's the moral of the story. Silver lining is we have some things we

can build on, some things that if we clean up we can be a really, really good team. That's very encouraging."

Were you happy you were able to use your legs there on the final drive?

"I was happy to help our team score. Whatever I have to do, if it's giving the ball to Leonard 50 times, if it's me

running, I don't care. Whatever we got to do to score, to win, that's what we're going to do."

Is that an element of your game that maybe goes under the radar? You had a couple pretty explosive runs.

"Yeah, I don't know. That's just -- take what they give you, I guess."

Is it encouraging that the offense was able to turn it on after three quarters?

"Yeah, absolutely. You see flashes what we could be and what we should be when we don't get in our own way.

That's what we're fighting to get to you all the time. Fighting to get in that rhythm, find that rhythm, and stay in

it for four quarters and really just dominate people."