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The Jacksonville Jaguars today re-launched their Internet Web Site, with a new, dynamic look and feel, new cutting-edge graphics and additional new content.

The site, "", formerly "", was officially launched this morning and was a collaborative effort between the Jaguars, MediaOne® and third-party vendors. The popular, award-winning site with 2,000-plus pages was redesigned to provide Jaguars fans and the media quicker access to existing historical content and information which will enhance their online experience.

New content added includes a statistical package, which provides live game updates of all ongoing NFL games and statistical analysis of all NFL teams and players, a Jaguars merchandise sales section, and an e-mail subscription service. In addition, "" will be linked to opponents' hometown sports pages the week prior to each game and following each game so Jaguars fans can read what out-of-town newspapers are writing about the team.

In addition to the new features, "" continues to provide the latest in Jaguars information via online press releases, player biographies, live pre- and postgame radio shows and coaches shows, game previews and summaries, and various other offerings.

"We want to keep our web site on the cutting edge of technology, while providing our fans the ultimate online experience," said Tom Asbury, internet coordinator for the Jaguars. "During the re-design, we attempted to ensure that the online fan has a new experience each time he visits the site. Additionally, we will be adding more new and exciting content during the football season to further enhance the fans' enjoyment of our site."

Six weeks after being launched in August 1996, the Jaguars' web site was recognized as one of the top 100 web sites in the world by PC Magazine (the only sports site named). It has been chosen as USA Today's Hot Site and "Best in Show" at '@dTech in 1997.

The web site is located at


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