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The Jacksonville Jaguars today released 16 players, including seven

veterans: CB Deon Figures, RB George Jones, FB Tim Lester, LB

Eddie Mason, G Mark Nori, DE Lamanzer Williams and G Rob


CB Cordell Taylor was traded to the Seattle Seahawks for an

undisclosed draft choice in the 2000 draft.

Also waived were seven first-year players: LB Jamie Baisley, WR

Thabiti Davis, CB Alonzo Hampton, DT Brad Keeney, C David

Kempfert, CB Tristan Moss and TE Cam Quayle, as well as two

rookies: DE Chris White and WR Lenzie Jackson.

With the waiving of White, the team's final draft pick last April and

CB Dee Moronokola last week, the Jaguars kept the first six of

their eight draft picks on the roster.

The Jaguars roster now stands at the mandatory 53 players. The

team will be able to sign five players to its practice squad after 4:00

p.m. tomorrow.

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