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Jaguars serve at mission

A contingent of Jaguars rookie players recently visited the Clara White Mission in downtown Jacksonville to serve lunch. The mission is a facility which provides many services to the city's less fortunate. The players not only served lunch to the homeless but also visited with them during the afternoon.

As the players began to leave the facility, practice squad defensive end Jim Davis felt he wasn't ready to leave just yet.

"I was having too much fun," Davis said later. "I just wasn't ready to leave."

He continued to serve lunch to the guests and stayed even later to help clean up after all of the people had left. With the recent events of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Davis feels that now more than ever it is time for everyone to do whatever they can to reach out and help.

"Now in America there is more need than ever for people to give back, whether it's picking up a plate and feeding somebody or donating money," said Davis. "Not everybody has the most money in the world, but if you can fix somebody a bowl of jambalaya or serve some beef stroganoff, then why not do it?"

Davis said that his strong feelings of community service were set by his family. His father worked with youth for more than 15 years and Davis learned many good lessons from him.

"One of the things that I picked up from my dad is if you're ever fortunate enough, then use your time so you can make somebody else's day," said Davis.

As a practice squad player Davis is working extremely hard to make the Jaguars' active roster. However, he feels he can take advantage of the extra time that he has right now and help out the Jacksonville community.

"For guys who don't have the chance or the time right now during the season, I feel I can go out there and help people. It's kind of in my nature to do stuff like this. For me community service is very important," Davis explained.

The daily feeding program at the Clara White Mission serves over 400 homeless and disadvantaged persons on a daily basis.

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