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Jaguars to begin testing new magnetic wanding procedures Sunday

As part of an NFL initiative, the Jaguars will begin rolling out a new screening procedure at EverBank Field entry gates on game days. The Jaguars, for their remaining home games, beginning with this Sunday's game vs. the Houston Texans, will be working with SMG to test magnetic wanding at various gates. The NFL, for the 2012 season, will require magnetic wanding for entry to all NFL games.

The magnetic wand is a noninvasive device that scans the body for prohibited items. There will be occasions when a physical pat-down is still necessary, for example when a guest declines screening for medical reasons or when the alert of a metal detector cannot be resolved through inquiry or physical inspection.

In an effort to manage fans' expectations upon arrival to the gates on game days, this information is being shared in advance. Fans are encouraged to arrive at the stadium at least 15 minutes earlier than their normal arrival time, and to follow the procedures outlined below. The new screening process will take longer, and fans' patience and assistance is appreciated in working through the process to identify the safest and most efficient manner in welcoming guests into EverBank Field.

An EXPRESS ENTRY line will be available at Gate 2 this Sunday for those guests attending without a bag or other carry items (including blankets, binoculars, etc).  The goal is to make this EXPRESS ENTRY available at all gates by the end of the 2011 season.

Some guidelines for fans to follow:

When approaching the stadium on game day, remember G.A.T.E.S.:

G –Go light –* *leave bags, blankets and other carry items behind

A – Arrive early

T –Take items out of pockets and place in your bag or in your hands

E –Enter magnetic wanding area

S –Scan your ticket

To avoid the lines at the gates fans should do the following:

  • Minimize the items brought on game day
  • Arrive at the gates early – gate lines peak 30 minutes prior to kickoff
  • Upon reaching the wanding area be prepared to take ALL items out of pockets and place them either in hands or bag, including:

            -Cell phones


            -Loose change

            -Cigarette or gum packs with foil

            -Any other item that would set off the magnetic wand

  • Be patient – additional items such as bags, binoculars, and other carried items will continue to be searched upon entry
  • Once past the magnetic screening area, proceed to have ticket scanned.  In order to keep the area clear and the entry lines moving, fans should wait for guests and place personal items back in pockets after passing through the ticket scanning area. Season ticket owners may want to utilize their season ticket owner lanyards to hold their tickets to help them move quickly through the lines.

Two important final points

  • If someone has an implanted medical device or any other medical situation that would prevent screening via the magnetic wand, they should inform the guard at the gate in order to receive a normal pat-down
  • An EXPRESS ENTRY line will be available at Gate 2 this Sunday for those fans attending the game without a bag or other carry items.
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