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Jaguars Training Camp Ends

The Jaguars concluded their 2000 training camp with their final two practices, the second one in the evening inside ALLTEL Stadium. A total of 5,632 fans attended the evening practice session.

Tony Brackens was more involved in the practices than he was on Sunday, his first day, and head coach Tom Coughlin said, "He's is working his way into it. He won't get a lot of snaps just yet. But he shows up with his quickness whenever that opportunity prevails. It's good to have him out there."

Coughlin added that offensive tackle Tony Boselli, who has been rehabbing a January knee injury, did his first one-on-one work today. "He's very anxious to do more. We'll assess how he did today in this part of the drill and then decide what we'll ask him to do in the one-a-day practices," said Coughlin.

Injuries have slowed the team during this year's training camp, especially on the offensive line, causing Coughlin to say, "Where's the continuity? We were looking to come out of camp with our team ready to go. I'm not going to tell you that's the case on offense; on defense I hope it is. But we have two more weeks to prove it. I think if we can run the ball and work our play-action this weekend, we'll take a nice step forward. The two backs, Stacey Mack and Chris Howard will have to step up now and give us a solid performance this weekend against a very good football team (the Jaguars play at Kansas City on Saturday night)."

Jamie Martin and Jonathan Quinn are still battling for the backup role at quarterback, and neither player has moved ahead based upon his play in the first two preseason games, according to Coughlin. "I really need to see somebody just take charge and move it. I was telling Jon I was watching (tape of) the Kansas City game from last year and he was very confident, very decisive. He pulled the ball and ran with it, and he made some nice plays. He started on one side of the field that was covered and came back to the other side of the field. Some of those things I haven't seen in this camp, so, I'd like to see some of that. And Jamie's a good quarterback. Before Jamie's injury (in 1998), he was playing extremely well. It's not a surprise to me that they are competing for a job. They did the same thing two years ago."

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