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Jaguars Wide Receiver DJ Chark Jr.: Sunday, November 8, 2020

(On what he saw out of the Jaguars' offense and QB Jake Luton) "We were able to move the ball well, but at times, we didn't move it when we were supposed to. We moved it enough to stay in the game, but we didn't move it enough to win the game. Jake [Luton], he stepped into a divisional game and he never showed any nerves. He just played football and did what was asked of him. He wasn't afraid, he was fired up out there, he was excited. It's good, definitely, for your first start in the NFL and not expecting it to come the way it did. Hats off to him for that."

(On whether it was QB Jake Luton or the game plan against Houston that made him so productive) "It was more of the game plan. You play a team twice, you see the things that you could have explored in the first game, so you come out and you run it the second game, and that's what we did. Hats off to Jake [Luton]. I feel like [Offensive Coordinator] Coach [Jay] Gruden tried to make this game plan to take advantage of the things that we missed, but also to cater to him, and I think that they did a good job of communicating and doing that."

(On his 73-yard touchdown reception) "Yeah, definitely, it's something that we ran in practice multiple times. Actually, we didn't hit it at practice. But I feel like their coverage, after that play, the safety tended to stay on my side, shaded my side. But third play of the game, they were playing that honestly, and he didn't, which left me one-on-one with the corner. Watching film, you see that they are pretty good at not letting you get outside releases so we took an inside release, got back outside and Jake threw a good ball. The safety got over late, something that they changed late in the game, but when a team gives you something that you see that you can attack, you have to get it. You only get one shot at it. We were able to complete it."

(On what it was like going through a week of preparation with Jake Luton as the starting quarterback) "He came, talked to all the guys, sat on the bench with us, at times, asked us input. Not trying to go out there and do too much, just do what he was capable of doing and not let the moment get too big. I think it was a good transition because Gardner [Minshew III] is a good guy who talked to him the whole way through. They worked on his [Luton's] strengths and weaknesses, and I feel like he was pretty comfortable out there. I felt like the thing that we pride ourselves on in the receivers' room is to make the quarterback comfortable, even when he's uncomfortable. If you put the ball up there, our job is to catch it or make sure nobody else catches it. That was basically my goal every time I ran a route."