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Jalen Ramsey - Thursday, December 27, 2018

(On matching up with DeAndre Hopkins and where he ranks him) "He's No. 1. Him and Odell [Beckham Jr.] – they are probably 1A and 1B."

(On if it is more difficult to make plays because Hopkins and Ramsey are familiar with each other) "Yes, for sure. The game plan is never the same either, so that makes it a little difficult."

(On if he changes up how he plays Hopkins) "I try to, but I have to play within the scheme of the defense at times. I can't always do exactly what I want to do. I just do my best."

(On if he felt like he did a good job on Hopkins in the first game) "Yes. I held him to one of his lowest totals as far as yards. He had like three receptions for 50 yards, one long catch, 38 yards or something like that, but he had a touchdown and that was a big game-changer for their team and ours."

(On where Hopkins one-handed catch ranks this season on plays made against him) "You expect it, though, usually when it's a good battle. I'm sure he will make a good catch again this coming Sunday. When it's a good battle and it's good coverage on a good route, then sometimes you have to make a spectacular catch, and he's capable of making plenty of them. It doesn't surprise me. That is one of the top ones, but it didn't surprise me."

(On if he can remember a catch this season made against him that was better than Hopkins one-handed catch) "This year? No. That is probably it, but I can't think of all of them right now."

(On if he will get Aaron Colvin's jersey following the game) "100 percent. We already talked about it."

(On if he will try to watch Aaron Colvin play when Colvin is on the field) "Yes, if I can. Sometimes we are getting corrections on our side. I am not always able to watch, but if I can, I'm going to try to."

(On what he does with jerseys that he collects) "They will always go home with me at my house in Tennessee. They will go in my mancave. They will get hung up."

(On how impressed he is with Deshaun Watson) "Very impressed. This offseason, I said I think he will be a MVP in some years coming, and I stand by that. I think he's that good. He's that talented and has that potential."

(On if Deshaun Watson's mobility makes him so good) "It's everything. People try to pigeon-hole some guys in the league who are mobile quarterbacks and they try to lean on that all the time, but he is not one of those guys who can only run and not really pass like some other guys. He's a guy who can truly pass the ball very well. He has good connections with not only D-Hop, but his tight ends, his [running] backs and other receivers. He's a really good quarterback before he's an athlete."

(On if he looks at this game differently knowing that it's the last game the 2018 Jaguars will play together) "No. I just try to do my job and help this team win a game."

(On how much the game plan changes with Demaryius Thomas out for the season) "I couldn't tell you because we didn't play him at the beginning of the year either. I can't really compare game plans because he wasn't there at the beginning of the year."

(On if he expects a lot of change this offseason on the Jaguars roster) "Let me say this as carefully as I can say this. I am not worried about what the front office has to worry about. All I can worry about is what I have to do on Sunday and what I have to do going forward."