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Jalen Ramsey - Thursday, November 29, 2018

(On how changes on the offensive side of the ball impact the defense and if that's something the defense discusses) "No, we have to just … Everybody has to do their job individually and try to put it together as a whole."

(On his injury and if he expects to practice today) "No. I'm not practicing today either. We'll see. We'll see how things go.

(On if he has a high level of concern about playing Sunday) "Yes. Of course I want to be out there, but we'll just see how things go as the week progresses. Another day of practice isn't ideal. I have to make sure I feel good."

(On what the focus has to be when you are playing games that aren't as meaningful) "You have to go out there and continue to try to play with heart and passion and kind of play for some pride and respect."

(On if he has added motivation this week because of how the last game against the Colts went) "No. I let it go and move on. The week after that, I had a pretty good game. Last week – not much action. I just look this week to be back on my game, like I try to be every week."