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Jalen Ramsey - Tuesday, July 31, 2018

(On how it feels to be at training camp) "It feels good. I miss my little girl already, but it feels good." 

(On the experience of having a daughter) "It was cool. It was good. A long day, a long few days, but everything I could have dreamed of."

(On how it felt to be back at practice) "Yeah, I felt good. I was not supposed to do as much, but I was kind of just waving them off like, 'I feel good.' I still have been working. I take care of my body as well, so I knew the limits." 

(On the difference between being with his daughter and being in a football environment) "It is very different. Very different. But, daddy has to do what he has to do." 

(On how fatherhood will change him) "It will probably teach me to be more patient, especially because it is a little girl." 

(On if he has changed a diaper yet) "No, I haven't. See, me and my girl, we are best friends. We have been best friends since high school. We have always kind of talked about how the process would go a little bit and of course everything is different when it actually happens. But for the most part, we have a really good agreement that I won't necessarily have to change diapers." 

(On what tradeoff he made to not have to change diapers) "My girl is just dope as hell. She is just cool. She changes the diapers, I feed her." 

(On preparing for training camp while having his newborn daughter) "Yes, it was tough. It was tough for sure. I knew my time for now was limited with her, but I still had to make sure I was going to be ready to come back. When family would come see her or she was napping, I would try to do something [football related], but I did not do as much as I probably should have just because I was really trying to soak up that time I had with her." 

(On if the plan was always for him to return to training camp on this date) "I was in contact with everybody – the coaches, the players and everybody. My plan was always to come back like a week after [she was born], spend a good week with her, make sure they were good. The 31st because I thought she was going to come on the 24th, but she held out a little bit." 

(On Coach Marrone visiting him in Tennessee over the summer) "It was cool. It actually came about because I hit him up kind of just continuing to update him about the process and he was like, 'I'll come where you are at. We can talk about it for a little bit.' I was like, 'Actually, I'm working out. A.J. [Bouye] is in town, too [and] a couple other guys. Just come through there. I'll holler at you for a little bit, and you can see that we are really out here working." 

(On if Coach Marrone was checking on him) "No, I don't think he was checking on me. I think he knows what I do at home is good. It is always going to have me prepared the best I can be prepared. It was just an opportunity." 

(On if there is an expectation the defense will be better this year) "That is always the plan." 

(On if it is a big step to be better than last year considering how good the team was last year) "It is [a big step]. It will be, but that is something we are going to work for." 

(On where the defense can be better) "At the end of the day, win games. If we can win games on the defensive side of the ball. We can always ask for more – more turnovers, more touchdowns, more opportunities giving the ball back to the offense. Just more of everything." 

(On where he is better as a player) "We are going to see when the season starts. You all will see. You all will see. I never give myself goals – I am going to have this many interceptions, this many PBUs. What I can tell you – what I will do – I will make sure I prepare myself and am ready to go out there and give it my all, so I am not letting anyone down, my teammates, coaches, my family, you all, the fans." 

(On if he felt like he let people down last season) "No. I do not feel like I let people down, but you always have to strive for greatness." 

(On if he circled the season opener against the New York Giants) "Let's get this out the way right now. He [Odell Beckham Jr.] is a good receiver. We all know that. But you all know me at the same time. Yeah, he's good, but I'm good too. If you want to say he's the best at his position, I'm the best at my position, so we are going to go at it. We are going to give the people a show the first game of the season. He is going to have some wins, I am going to have some wins. I just plan on having more wins. That is the plan I am going to go in there with. I am going to work my ass off to get to that point to, like I just said, not let anybody down. I am sure he is doing that on the other side too. That is what you all asked for as fans of the game, as [fans of] the NFL, everybody. That is what you all asked for. We are going to give it to you, for sure. I know I am." 

(On if he has a feel for how long it will take him to get back to full speed) "I am ready. I am always ready. I stay ready, so I don't have to get ready." 

(On what it means to him to have the support of his teammates) "It means a lot man. It really means a lot. I think that a lot of that goes back to … It's not all on me. I can't sit here and say that is all on me. That is on my support. That goes back on them – supporting me, having the belief in me and knowing that I am going to come back ready. The coaches, the same way. That spreads to everybody and everywhere. The fact that they have the confidence in my pops and everybody back home at RPT [Ramsey Performance Training] preparing me to be ready for situations. I'm truly blessed. I can't do nothing but thank God."