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Jamaal Charles - Wednesday, October 10, 2018

(On what he is trying to do in Jacksonville) "I'm trying to win. That is what I am trying to get done down here. I'm trying to come in and contribute to the team and do what I can to win some games."

(On if it is a lot to learn or if football is football) "I have been a vet for years now, for a decade at least, so football is like football for me. It is a good thing I have been a couple places and playbooks, so I know the playbooks pretty well."

(On what he took from the previous few years) "It's just been years, learning experiences. You learn from the things you go through and you keep on moving because I can't look back and get those years back. I am excited with where I am at right now."

(On how he feels physically) "I feel good. Last year, I was trying to get back to feeling good and get back healthy again. Now, I have been out for a while, but I have also had time to get my body right and get stronger and get healthy. I feel great."

(On why he feels like Jacksonville is a good fit for him) "I feel like they have a contending team and I was happy when they called. I want to win a Super Bowl. That is why I kept my options open, because I did want to win. I want to win a Super Bowl and they have a good chance to do that, so I came here to contribute."

(On what it will be like to go back to Texas in his first game with the Jaguars) "It's going to be hype. It's going to be exciting to play against Dallas. It will be my first time ever playing in that stadium, so I'm going to be hyped up that I can go back home in Texas and see my family and make plays. I have a lot of uncles and cousins that liked the Dallas Cowboys when I was growing up, so I'm excited to go against them."

(On what he brings to the Jaguars) "I'm just trying to bring energy, excitement, big plays and show that I can still play. When they see me, I want to give a boost, get them hyped, get them excited that I am here and be a spark to the fire that is going to make a flame." 

(On his expectations for how many carries he will have) "I don't know of the situation right now, but I'm definitely getting my mind prepared for whatever. [I am] up for the challenge. I'm here, I'm in uniform and whatever coach asks me to do … I'm just here to contribute, to make plays and win."

(On if he worked out for other teams) "Yes, I had other workouts. In May, I had one with the Saints. I had an interview with the Redskins. I have been having my options open, but I also wanted to play for a good team."

(On if it was frustrating not playing on a team at the beginning of the season) "Not really. It would be frustrating sitting at home and you aren't ready for life after football, but so many people prepared me for life after football and good thing I made some money and I was able to keep my mind right and not lose it. I have people in my corner, good advisors and I was able to keep my mind strong, stay healthy and look at a lot of football. That is why I am in shape."

(On the cone drill video he posted) "I have to stay in shape because you never know who is going to call. A lot of people pushed me – 'Jamaal keep going, you are going to get the call.' I had lots of great support behind me, so I just want to thank all my supporters that kept me going, kept that fire lit and I'm excited to be here."