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James Harris on Anthony Maddox


(did Kevin Johnson demand a trade?) "No."

(did he give any indication he'd rather be somewhere else?) "No he didn't. Kevin has been good since he's been here. Kevin's on a one year deal. We felt that when we drafted Reggie Williams, getting some guys with size and special teams value is something that we looked considering he was on a one year deal."

(on Anthony Maddox's off-the field problems; it is reported that he was arrested multiple times) "We don't have him arrested multiple times. We have him having some experiences. He's a guy who went to junior college. Most of our references say he's been pretty clean the last several years at Delta State. So we're pretty satisfied that he can come in and exist within our team."

(did you conduct a background check on Maddox?) "We did. We're aware of some incidences. We're aware that he spent the three years out of academics and then went back to school at Jones County College and back to Delta State."

(if a player has ability but there are some question marks, is it not a big draft risk at this point in the draft?) "From our background, we didn't really look at it as a risk. We thought this was a guy that has been outstanding at Delta State. You always want to see a guy play in all star games. He went to the Blue-Gray game. And he was outstanding in the Blue-Gray game. Coming out of college he was a Florida State recruit. He played in the Florida-Georgia All-Star game. He didn't go to Florida State because of academics. When he finished Jones County College, he was still recruited by major schools. He ended up going to Delta State. So, we like his ability. We like his upside. We like his production. Then when he played in the Blue-Gray game and was one of the top players, we had to recognize his ability."

(did Maddox spend any time in jail?) "As far as we know he was arrested. I don't know how much time he spent in jail, but he released as far as we know. As far as we know, he was involved, but released."

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