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James Harris on Daryl Smith


"Daryl Smith was a four-year starter at Georgia Tech. Twice led the team in tackles. Captain, athlete, can run, playmaker, and we're excited to have him."

(some had Smith picked late in the first round, do you feel like you received value with this pick?) "We really didn't think Daryl would make it to us. We're just excited that he's there in the second round."

(were you considering Karlos Dansby as well?) "We liked both of those guys. Both of them are athletes. Both of them can run. We wanted to add some speed and a playmaker. Daryl is a guy who can run. He has made a lot of plays. He's been very productive. He had a good post-season in the Senior Bowl. He also showed he could play on special teams in the Senior Bowl."

(did you bring Smith in for a visit?) "No, we felt we had a lot of exposure to Daryl in the East-West game, the Senior Bowl, the Combine. We felt very confident in Daryl in terms of his leadership, his character and being a captain."

(are teams now targeting need after the first round?) "I think it varies. I think it depends on each team. It's some need and it's some teams taking the guy that's best available on their board."

(how would you describe this pick?) "For us, this is the best player that was left on our board by far. This is a player we had back in the first round, and he was still there. He's the best player on our board and he's also a need. Sometimes we can get too specific with those words, but he's a player that fits what we need in terms of a guy who can make some plays."

(with Smith being the best player on your board towards the end of the first round, did you consider moving up to get him?) "We discussed it, but basically we didn't get involved in any heavy contact to go get him. We would have liked to have had him. We were concerned about him getting to us. We knew he had first round value, and we really like the player."

(was there another player on your board with first round value?) "We had some other players there, but we didn't have anyone rated quite where Daryl Smith was at this time. If we had traded up at that point, we would have taken Daryl Smith."

(Were you the team that was blocking another to get their guy?) "I have no way of knowing. Maybe they thought that was our player, but like I said, we got our player. We're very happy with the player that we got."

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