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James Harris on Jorge Cordova


(is Jorge Cordova an end or a linebacker?) "We drafted him as designated pass rusher and special teams player. We think he's an excellent pass rusher. A four-year starter, three-year captain. He's had 30 sacks. He has a tremendous motor. We drafted him as a designated pass rusher (DPR) and he will play special teams, which will get him onto the 45-man game roster."

(can he come off the edge?) "He's excellent coming off the edge. He runs well. He has good speed in terms of the quarterbacks that have mobility. He's the kind of the guy that can run them down."

(will Cordova be like Adalias Thomas is in Baltimore?) "Similar situation. A guy that on third down can give you a lot of options in terms of how you use him."

(what is the best time you had on Cordova in the 40?) "We had him at 4.59."

(on trading down to get Cordova – is he ranked lower because he is a specialist?) "No, we traded down because the value at the time on our board, we felt we had a better chance of getting two for one, given our chances to get two players as opposed to the value we had on the board at the time we traded down."

(is Cordova a diamond in the rough kind of player?) "This is one of the guys we had listed as a guy who possessed that pass rush skill, that could really rush the passer. We felt our team needed a pass rusher and we had it valued somewhere in the third round. When it came to our selection at that time and our need for a pass rusher, we just thought he was a good pick."

(on players being pass rush specialists due to their size) "That's why we're saying designated pass rusher, because that's his strength."

(on Cordova playing against a lot of passing teams in college) "He has played against a lot of passing teams. He has been a big playmaker in terms of running and making plays. We also like his motor."

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