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(reaction on being selected by Jacksonville) ³I¹m excited! It¹s great. I can¹t wait to come down there. I¹m excited just to have the opportunity to play and I¹m thankful for the opportunity to play. Jacksonville¹s a new team. There is some great linemen down there I could learn from and hopefully play with.²

(on not being drafted high) ³I really don¹t know. I was kind of frustrated a little bit because I expected to go a little bit higher than I did. I know that God had a plan, and that¹s evidently where I needed to be. I¹m content and happy with it.²

(on areas Herndon will work on) ³One of the main things I know I need to work on is coming out of a right tackled stance because I played left tackle my whole career. I¹m going to work on that playing guard and just get used to doing a new thing.²

(on being a right tackle) ³They¹ll try me there. That¹s what I was told.²

(on playing guard) ³They said they¹ll also try me there.²

(on gaining weight) ³That¹s what I¹ve been hearing since I¹ve been playing football. I¹ve weighed a lot before and I¹ve lost and then got back up. I want to put it on the right way as muscle and not just being a big guy. I believe I can carry that weight, and I¹ve been working at it my whole career to get bigger. Right now I¹m probably around 310 pounds, so I¹m just going to keep working hard and try to get stronger and carry that weight.²

(on run and pass blocking) ³When I was at University of Houston, I was in the run-and-shoot and had plenty of opportunities to pass block. I really enjoyed pass blocking, and then when the coaching changed, I had to adjust to run blocking. I¹m still running the run-block and still learning. I know it¹s one of those things I need to work on, but I¹m excited to have the opportunity to do that.²

(motivation on second day of the draft) ³I just want the opportunity to give it all I¹ve got. I¹m grateful Jacksonville gave me that opportunity, and I¹m going to come out there and do my best. That¹ll be great to be considered a good player down the line. I¹m going to come do my best.²

(on viewing himself as a project-type player) ³I think I could play now, if I needed to. I know there are areas I need to work on, like my run blocking, because I didn¹t have a lot of opportunity to do that here at the University of Houston. I think I can play this year, next year, if they need me, when they need me.²

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