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Jones attends pep rally

On Tuesday, October 12th, Jaguars running back Greg Jones took time to visit LSI (Logistic Services International) to meet and greet their employees, and sign autographs at their Annual Jaguars Pep Rally.

Before entering the rally, Greg's arrival was announced over the public address system. "We would like to welcome Jaguars running back Greg Jones to the Annual Jaguar Pep Rally," the voice said.

Upon walking through the door, Jones was greeted with applause and camera flashes, along with six members from the Orange Park High School Band performing the Florida State Seminole War Chant. Jones proceeded down the hall to a room where a table and chair was set up for him with balloons and confetti.

"I was like WHOA! I didn't expect all of the fanfare," said Jones. "…But it was pretty cool."

LSI is a corporate contract professional engineering company that provides software for the military all over the world. For the past few years, the company has hosted an annual Jaguars Rally for their employees, who are huge fans of the Jaguars. They truly enjoy themselves when a player comes out.

"We are so excited to have Greg come out and join us," said one employee. "How about those 'Noles, Greg? We're happy to have you on the team," said another employee.

When it was time to leave, the band performed the Florida State Seminole War Chant once again for his exit. "It was nice meeting the fans and signing autographs," said Jones.

Jones is a second round draft pick who played football at Florida State University under head coach Bobby Bowden. He is a native of Beaufort, SC.

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