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Jorge Cordova conference call transcript


(on whether the designated pass rush specialist is a good fit) "I hope so. I think that is one of my best qualities. I can get after the quarterback. That would be great to be labeled as that."

(do you mind being a situational player?) "Just as long as I'm contributing to the team. I will give my best to the team and especially my first year going in. If that is what I have to do then I'll do it."

(can you develop into a full-time player?) "I think I can. That is one of my goals. I want to come into the NFL and become a great player."

(on where you will play) "Probably as an outside linebacker."

(on being overlooked) "Definitely, I was overlooked. Just because I was from a small school doesn't mean I can't play. I guess that's what a lot of people saw. Looking at the games you can easily see that I could compete at a high level. (The Washington game) and the Oregon game, those were teams that didn't scheme me at all and left me one-on-one all game and in those two alone I had seven sacks and 32 tackles. That just shows if you play me one-on-one the possibilities of me dominating."

(was that an insult?) "No, I wish every team would play me one-on-one. They just overlooked me really. They didn't know who I was but later found out."

(on playing special teams) "I played on all special teams. Being from a small school we all had to play special teams even if we were starting on defense."

(on being small in college) "I put on nearly 70 pounds in college. I was really never introduced to the weight room in high school and then was in college. In college I really took advantage of it."

(on where you want to play) "I wanted to play in southern California or in Florida, if you can believe that. I went to Jacksonville a couple of weeks ago to see the facility, but that's the first time I saw the east coast. My family never really got to travel too much. They do now with all my football games. I never really left California but I always wanted to go to see Florida after seeing it on television."

(on where you thought you would go) "I never targeted a round. I just thought I would go first day. I got real nervous in the third round, because I knew Jacksonville had two picks in the third round. So when they didn't pick me with the first pick I just thought, 'Jeez'. I was getting really nervous. I was very happy when they called me right before the pick."

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