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McCray spreads the love

Instead of cupid fluttering the halls of the Wolfson Children's Hospital last week on Valentine's Day, Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Bobby McCray took over the fifth floor to greet several children who were spending the day in the hospital.

"I wanted to bring my own version of Valentine's Day to these kids and leave behind a Jaguars teddy bear for them," McCray said.

A patient caught McCray off guard when she turned the corner in her wheelchair in the hallway. McCray returned the favor by surprising her with a hug and a teddy bear.

"He's my bear now and I'm never letting go," the young patient said.

McCray was glad he made the visit.

"I'm always willing to do what I can for these kids," McCray said. "I have a toddler at home that means the world to me. Seeing these kids today in their situation truly inspires me to do what I can make them forget why they are in the hospital."

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