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Multiple motion part of it

Let's get to it . . . Ed from Annapolis, MD:
One reason I really like Mularkey's policy on touchdown celebration, besides it being for a great cause, is getting to see players celebrate together instead of an individual show. It was fun to see the cameras focus on Blackmon celebrating with the rest of the offense, just like we all do when we are young.
John: It is amusing this actually was criticized by some. First, who would criticize a coach giving money to charity? Second, the players have embraced the initiative. Third, you're right – watching a player hand the ball to the official, then celebrate with teammates, actually is pretty cool.
Keith from Benedict, MD:
Did you see? Coach M is winning 60-40 on's poll of TD celebration being a good move vs. bad move!!! Looks like more than just the team is buying in.
John: Forty percent voted against? What's next, voting against flowers, grandmothers and puppies?
Christer from Copenhagen, Denmark:
I haven't been able to watch the preseason games this year as I live in Denmark and haven't bought the Gamepass yet. How does our receiver corps look? More specifically, WHO's "there" and who isn't?
John: With the third preseason game coming up this week, this isn't a bad time to reset the wide receivers. Laurent Robinson and Justin Blackmon are starting, with Mike Thomas at third receiver. Blackmon showed a lot against New Orleans, and Thomas in two games has played better than he did in the off-season. Robinson has caught one pass in two preseason games, but he has looked very good in practice and his catches will come. Cecil Shorts is at No. 4 and could push for playing time, while Brian Robiskie looks pretty set at No. 5. I see Kevin Elliott making the team as a special teams guy and I think he has a chance to develop into a contributing wide receiver – if not this year, soon.
Art from Orange Park, FL:
I think the Ravens will want to lay a whipping on the Jaguars this week. It may be just preseason but this is their chance to get even for the beating we gave them last season. Do you think there will be a get-even feeling on the Ravens' part?
John: No. I think it's the preseason.
Jeff from Melbourne, FL:
I know we're all glad to see that Gabbert is standing tall in the pocket and "taking a hit," so to speak. The one concern I have is the possibility of taking too many unnecessary hits. Do you see that, too?
John: Forgive me for mimicking the national media, but you're right: this Gabbert guy just stands too tall in the pocket. On a serious note, any hit on a quarterback is unnecessary, so the fewer the better. Gabbert on Friday threw when able, stood in when appropriate and protected himself when possible. That's the right, intelligent way to play the position.
Jason from Section 232:
Too early for comparisons, O-man, but when MJD returns, does this offense remind you of the 2007 Jaguars?
John: Yes, in the sense that you'll have two running backs capable of big plays. No, in the sense that this offense should be able to throw much more effectively.
Dave from Midlothian:
I keep hearing that Gabbert hasn't thrown a deep ball and all I can come up with is "who cares?" If he can throw 10-20 yards and move the chains consistently – oh and win – then what does it matter if the 40-50 yard throws are slightly off. I just don't get people sometimes.
John: If there was a knock on Gabbert coming out of college it was the deep ball. He appears to be throwing it better in practice. He wasn't that far off on one to Robinson Friday. I don't know that we'd call it a strength yet, but if you can make every other throw as well as he can, the deep ball is the one you don't mind not being as strong.
Al from Orange Park, FL:
Do you think we'll see more onside kicks and going for it on fourth down during the regular season, or was that just preseason "practice" of those elements?
John: I think you'll see Mike Mularkey be appropriately aggressive.
Scott from Kirby:
I understand Maurice Jones-Drew wants more money, who doesn't? His problem is timing. If Wayne Weaver and JDR were at the helm, he might have gotten somewhere with them. Now he's holding out on a coach that has never worked with him, who is instituting a completely different program. Mularkey would love to have him in, but since he hasn't coached him, he doesn't have to adjust to not having him, either. He's also holding out on an owner in Khan too busy dealing with the big picture to worry about keeping one player happy. As a new owner of a franchise needing new direction, he is more concerned with the Jaguars for the next five, 10 or 20 years, instead of one player's short-term wants. You don't become a billionaire industrialist by letting the tail wag the dog. I have always been a big fan of Jones Drew and I will continue to be. I do feel however, that his timing is extremely wrong.
John: Well, when you're right, you're right.
Jeremy from Wise, VA:
Just read Gene Frenette's article about MoJo's leverage being down the tube since the offense is performing better than it used to, even without him. He has to see that any leverage he thought he had is now gone and he needs to get back to camp ASAP. He is smart and has to see this (I hope).What do you think?
John: I think Maurice Jones-Drew wants more money – but I also think he wants to play and make the money he's already under contract to earn. I also think there's a chance he comes in this week. I think this because I think if he plays he wants to play the whole season and if he doesn't get in by say, Friday, I'd say the odds of him playing a lot in the first game or two goes down dramatically. That's what I think, but I could be wrong. I've been wrong a lot with Jones-Drew. We'll see what happens.
Jason from Jacksonville:
C.J. Mosley is listed as the starting DT ahead of Knighton! Is Knighton not playing well, or is Mosley just playing that much better? Give us some insight on your eye test of this!
John: It appeared Knighton played much more Friday, and that he got a lot of work with the first team in practice Sunday! It appears he's getting stronger and healthier, but C.J. Mosley has played very well and there's really no reason to rush Knighton back!
Todd from Beaufort, SC:
Fans in the O-Zone have bashed the national media when we were treated badly. Now time to show the same respect. Ian Rapoport posted a nice blog about how good Gabbert looked and how wrong he MAY have been earlier. It's good to see people admit to possible mistakes :)
John: I believe someone wrote a lot all offseason and even before that winning and playing well changes things. The Jaguars haven't won anything yet, but Gabbert's playing better. With that have come the accompanying positive slants.
Mike from St. Mary's, GA:
I've read ad nauseam that Bradfield playing right tackle was not about Britton, and I've felt it was about Britton because Britton was taken in the second round to play right tackle and now he's not. That worried me, but when I thought about it I realized Britton will make one hell of a guard, especially on the left side, and that is well worth a second-round pick. Now there are three talented pass protectors on the line in Monroe, Bradfield and Britton. I guess the question is whether Bradfield can run block well enough to play the right side. How's he done so far?
John: Bradfield actually hasn't played right tackle a whole lot yet. With Eugene Monroe out, Bradfield played left tackle Friday. But the Jaguars ran very, very well on Friday and there has been very little concern expressed around the facility about Bradfield not being a good enough run blocker.
Eugene from Jacksonville:
When is Mr. Drew coming back to run the ball?
John: Whenever he'd like.
Daniel from Gainesville, FL:
I remember hearing a few weeks back that the new offense has a lot of pre-snap motions. During the first half Friday, most plays included not one but two wide receiver/tight end motions before the snap. Is this something that we can look forward to seeing all season or will they not be able to keep it up for a whole game? Will teams be able to game plan well for it?
John: It's something you'll see in a lot of situations most of the season. Mularkey believes in confusing a defense before the snap. Multiple motion is a part of it. There's no reason they can't keep it up for a whole game. Players should be in good enough shape to run motion for 60 minutes.

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