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No peeking

Trying, trying, trying to look ahead.

Let's get to it . . . Kevin from Jacksonville:
Do you think Derek Cox will get a new contract during the current season, or will the Jaguars wait until the off-season? There's no way they can let him hit free agency, John.
John: It stands to reason that Cox would be high on the Jaguars' priority list. It also makes sense to wait until closer to the end of the season. Cox has played very well this season and if he does that over the course of two months, he no question will get a huge contract and the Jaguars almost certainly would do everything possible to be the team giving him that contract. At the same time, he has had enough injury issues that it makes sense to see if he can to this over the course of a couple of months.
Ron from Orlando, FL:
Whoa, whoa, whoa!! Stop the madness about how great Gabbert looked on Sunday. Listen, he had an easy touchdown pass on a trick play (roll right, throw the wheel route left) that was actually badly underthrown and almost blown, but Shorts was so wide open it didn't matter. Besides that, there were a lot of the same check-down Charlie short throws on 3rd-and-long and a lot of the badly inaccurate mid-range overthrows! He was better than Henne, but let's not crown Gabbert and talk about how he's "the guy." Not to mention, the Raiders are an awful team.
John: I never wrote that he looked great. I believe I wrote that it was part of the piece of the puzzle, but I'd have to go back and check. At the same time, he was under pressure as he threw the touchdown to Shorts, and made the play. If he had ducked in the pocket – as many are predisposed to believe he does – he'd be getting hammered for it, so we should give credit where it's due. I'll say what I have said all week about Gabbert. What we saw Sunday was good, and it's too bad we didn't get to see a complete game to see if he could follow it up. There's no crowning going on here, just a daily fight to keep perspective.
Jason from Grimsby, Ontario:
Would beating Green Bay this weekend be like winning a Super Bowl at this point??
John: No, but it wouldn't stink, either.
Rob from Section 228:
Why do you think Rashad Jennings wasn't very effective on Sunday? He ran well during the preseason. One would think he can run with the big boys by now. I'm stumped.
John: I'm not. The Jaguars haven't run very effectively in any of the last three games. That was true with Maurice Jones-Drew running against the Bengals and Bears, and it was true with Jennings against the Raiders. Teams are stacking the line of scrimmage to stop the run and will continue to do so until the Jaguars throw effectively. Teams are willing to gamble that even if the Jaguars can hit a few passing plays they can't do it consistently enough to beat them. That's the strategy until the Jaguars prove otherwise.
Frank from St. Augustine, FL:
Say what you want about Gabbert. At least he doesn't sulk on the sidelines with a towel over his head and pout during news conferences like another second-year quarterback we know.
John: No, he does not.
Kamal from San Francisco, CA:
A few lucky breaks at the start of a season can go a long way in setting the tone for a young team with a developing quarterback and new coach. I can't help but think that if we pulled out that win in Minnesota, the Vikings would be the team with five losses and we would be the team with five wins.
John: I hesitate to say that the Vikings would have five losses, but the Jaguars are closer than many think to a competitive season. While they are a play from 0-6, they are also two overtime losses from 3-3, and wouldn't the conversation be different then?
Steve from Miami, FL:
Losing Gabbert didn't lose you the game, moron. Loosing MJD and your awful defense lost you the game. Not to mention the horrible play-calling. But you go ahead and be ignorant and blame the loss on Henne alone. Just proves how little you know the game.
John: Whoa there, big fella.
Brett from Ocoee, FL:
I'm seeing too many complaints about the touchdown pass to Shorts. It wasn't a perfect throw, but it got to him a yard short of the goal line and well past the coverage. That's all that the play required. Overthrow and there is no touchdown at all. Why complain about that?
John: So, we're complaining about touchdowns now, are we?
Rick from Jacksonville:
Dude, if you hate Chad Henne, just say it. The dude had no reps with the first-team offense and it was obvious he had no chemistry with the wide receivers. If anyone is to blame, it is the defense for blowing a 23-point lead and the coaching staff for just ditching the run game. Chad Henne didn't play well, but he didn't lose the game for the Jags like Gabbert would have.
John: I'll address this here, since I've gotten some emails along these lines. I in no way "hate" Chad Henne, nor do I blame him for the loss. If it came across that way, that's on me, but that wasn't the intent. I have been asked on many, many occasions in the last few days about whether or not the game should put to rest this idea of benching Gabbert and starting Henne, and my answer has been I believe it will. Benching Gabbert and going with Henne was never the answer, primarily because Gabbert is the starting quarterback for the Jaguars. And I'm still trying to remember the play that gave the Jaguars a 23-point lead, but that's another topic.
Jim from Meridian, ID:
I don't envy you.
John: Why in the world would you?
Jared from Section 412:
Do you think Eugene Monroe will get a contract extension this year, in the offseason, or sometime next season? If you were calling the shots, what would you do with regards to this matter, O-Man?
John: Eugene Monroe is certainly a player you approach about re-signing. It likely wouldn't happen before the end of the season, and the organization right now doesn't seem prone to renegotiating too far out, but he's a player who merits re-signing.
Trace from Jacksonville:
One thing I noticed in both the Oakland and Minnesota games was a player on the other team jumped offsides and hit Gabbert early in the game. In both cases, they were called for it, but that doesn't exactly erase the hit. Hitting the quarterback is emphasized as a way to make him uncomfortable. Do you think there are some teams willing to take a five yard penalty early on in exchange for rattling the quarterback?
John: Absolutely I do, and though I can't speak to the intent of the defensive player in either instance, a strong argument could be made for a stronger penalty in each case.
Chris from Jacksonville:
MJD holds out for more money, doesn't get it, and now he may be done for the season. Add to that the fact he will be owed $5 million in the final year of his contract next season and Rashad Jennings will be looking for a new deal. I don't see the team keeping both of them next year and I can't help but think that Jones-Drew will probably never get another chance at a big payday. That's got to be tough on a guy with as much passion and pride as Mojo. Do you think he is second-guessing ending his holdout now?
John: No. Jones-Drew held out because he believed he deserved to be compensated better. I have no doubt that if he had it to do over again, he would. I can't imagine he's second-guessing it, nor should he. The holdout had nothing to do with his injury.
Patrick from Columbia, SC:
In regards to the new GM mid-season, wouldn't you rather the new guy came in and worked with the players that he will be evaluating in the offseason? I'm not an advocate of midseason firings, but that seems like a viable reason to do so.
John: I'm not going to turn this general manager topic into a daily thread, but there is time for roster evaluation in the offseason.
Ed from Jacksonville:
I notice in the O-Zone video that there were envelopes in the chairs. Were you tempted to take a peek? If they were paychecks you could of scored big time or maybe start some kind of rumor.
John: I didn't peek. My assumption is that they were invitations to a surprise party, most likely for me. I like surprises.

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