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Not well in fantasyland


Well, week 1 is in the books and nobody in fantasyland fared very well. So, what do we do when that happens? We take 48-hours to sulk and move on to the next week like the previous one never happened. So, without further discussion on last week, let's move on to week 2.

Jaguars Preview

##### Start Em'

Matt Ryan: Ryan only threw for 229 yards in week 1, but he added two TDs to the mix. This week the Falcons play the Panthers at home, but Atlanta is passing more than they are running and that means a good fantasy play is at hand.

Matt Hasselbeck: I'm not a Hasselbeck believer with the set of receivers he has. But, I can't ignore 279 yards and three TDs from last week. After all, the Niners gave up 259 yards in the air last week.

Fred Jackson: I wasn't a week 1 Jackson bandwagon rider, but 140 total yards and a TD have a way of changing that. Tampa Bay gave up 344 passing yards and 118 rushing yards last week.

Darren McFadden: McFadden is clearly a big playmaker while on the field. McFadden could hit the century mark against a Kansas City team that allowed the second most rushing yards (198) in week 1.

Justin Gage: Gage managed to log 11 targets in week 1, good enough to be tied for 4th in the NFL. The Texans gave up 272 passing yards last week and that means Gage is someone to target for your team this week.

Bernard Berrian: I'm not a Brett Favre fan these days, but if there were ever a week to play him it is this one. The Lions gave up 358 passing yards last week and Favre loves to throw the pigskin.

Dustin Keller: The Patriots gave up 41 yards to a weaker TE in week 1 (Derek Shouman), and Keller was targeted seven times while hauling in four of them last week. He is a solid play this week.

Atlanta Falcons: No getting around this, Jake Delhomme isn't what he once was. Delhomme threw for 73 yards and four INTs last week before getting yanked, then reinstated due to an injury to the backup QB. I'd play the defense of whomever he plays next, and that happens to be the Falcons this week.

Sit Em'

##### Question of the Week

Q: The so called pro-football analysts believed up and down that the Dolphins, Ravens and Falcons were in rebuilding years. 17 weeks later they all finished 11-5...what a coincidence! My question is if the Jags could have the same or a better record than the Dolphins, Ravens and Falcons? Furthermore, should the Jags make the playoffs; can they make noise as a wildcard to a possible Super Bowl champion? I'm optimistic but also very observant of my team's strength and weaknesses. (Armando Quiros, Vacaville CA)

A: I believe they can because Garrard looks poised behind center and Jones-Drew is a super sexy stud RB. They are in the same division as the Colts, Texans and Titans... so making the playoffs could be tough. The Texans are a middle of the road team, but the Colts still have a dynamic offense and the Titans are good on both sides of the ball.

I think looking at the Super Bowl is a little premature; they would first need to make the playoffs. Football is all about who is hot in the playoffs, so if they hit the end of the season at full steam, the pieces could all fall into place.

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