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O-Zone: A little sore

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Greg from Section 122 and Jacksonville

So with Linder's retirement does he warrant consideration for the Pride? Does Meester? Seems like we lack representation of the O-Line except Bo. Any suggestion?

Center Brandon Linder retired Monday after eight seasons with the Jaguars. He played at a high level much of that time, with the only real negative to his career being injuries shortening four of his eight seasons. I would think Linder would merit consideration for Price of the Jaguars. Someday. As would former Jaguars center Brad Meester. But with only wide receiver Jimmy Smith, running back Fred Taylor, offensive tackle Tony Boselli and quarterback Mark Brunell currently in the Pride as former Jaguars players, it doesn't feel to me as if offensive line is grossly underrepresented. I do think former Jaguars wide receiver Keenan McCardell is grossly underrepresented. As is former Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew. As is former Head Coach Tom Coughlin. I also would put defensive end Tony Brackens in before I would start thinking about Linder/Meester. Just my opinion.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, how likely do you think it is we can find a No. 1-talented receiver with our second pick? Is it likely there are any available that far down in the draft?

The Jaguars' second selection in the 2022 NFL Draft is the first selection of Round 2 – No. 33 overall. It's very likely the Jaguars can find a No. 1 receiver there. It's considered a sweet spot for the receiver position in this year's draft – and very good receivers in recent drafts have been selected late in the first round and early in the second. The Jaguars may have to trade up a few spots to get a receiver there. Or they may not. But a really good wide receiver is a really good possibility around that selection.

Chris from Mandarin

I'm sure he knows where to find you, but why would former Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee want to find you?

To hang out. And talk about stuff.

Paul from Saint Johns

I was at an Orlando Magic game recently and the Magic lost. In the postgame interviews, some reporter asked the leading scorer of the Magic if he worries about the team "getting used to losing." The player paused for clarification and asked, "Used to what?" The reporter repeated "used to losing" and you could tell the player thought it was a ridiculous question. He obviously had a passion for winning. I have noticed similar questions being asked of the Jaguars by fans and media alike regarding the Jaguars getting "used to losing." My question is, why does this keep coming up amongst professional sports regarding getting "used to losing?" Has the enjoyment of losing ever been a "thing" in professional sports?

No. But reporters need answers to write stories and need to ask questions to get answers. Silence makes for boring media availabilities. It can make for boring stories, too.

Nathan from St. Augustine, FL

Hey, Zone. With the new overtime rule, say the team receives the kick, scores a touchdown and kicks the extra point. Second team gets the ball and scores a touchdown. Can this team opt to go for two and win the game instead of kicking the extra point?


Richard from Jacksonville

Zone. With Buffalo agreeing to terms for a new stadium, most would say we have one of the worst stadiums in the league – perhaps the worse. What impact does that have on our bridge and how soon do we have to cross it? Much easier to do during a major playoff run than during a decade of mediocrity at best. Yet investments are still being made. I don't want to hear a word from the naysayers: Figure something out and sign on the dotted line. No political grandstanding, no moaning about splitting the cost or a penny, just get on gas (I like the hotel tax). Just get it done.

Stadium renovation will be a major topic for the Jaguars and Jacksonville in the foreseeable future, probably once the sports performance facility currently being constructed adjacent to TIAA Bank Field is complete in 2023. Perhaps before.

KT from Jacksonville

I'm a new fan of the Jags. With reading articles and watching last season's games this offseason, I know many fans are critical of Shad Khan. Initial impression: He seems open to trying new things to get a winning team and like he really loves Jax. I really love it here and want the team to stay here so I'm inclined to like him. What grade would you give Khan as an owner and why?

I would give Khan high marks as an owner in the sense that he has stabilized the Jaguars in Jacksonville. This is a well-run franchise on the business side of the operation. That's what an owner can control. Less in an owner's control is how the team fares on the field. The Jaguars haven't won enough in Khan's tenure. Marks there would be less high.

John from Jax

Many fans are very appreciative of Shad and are thankful we still have NFL games to go to in town. We embrace the revitalization of the facilities and downtown area and the long-term plan that our kids will have for many years to come. It is going to turn around, in spite of the vocal minority.

Hey, one fer Khan…

Ross from Mechanicsville, VA

For quite a long time we have had stability at center, first Meester then Linder. Seems to me that we should feel lucky we had such stability at one position for such a long time. Hoping we can keep that up with Tyler Shatley. Enjoy a well-earned retirement Linder.

… and one fer Linder.

Tom from Shanghai, China

To play devil's advocate for a moment, would you say the fact that Tyler Shatley has played eight seasons in the NFL without anyone ever attempting to make him a starter until a few days ago says the offensive line has more problems than some observers believe?

No. Shatley is a good, serviceable center. I think he has a chance to be the starter in 2021. I also think there's a chance the Jaguars could draft a center on Day 2 or early on Day 3. I don't believe the Jaguars see center as a "problem." If they do, the draft is a perfectly acceptable way to address it.

Scott from Jacksonville

Hey O-Man! I'm glad the staff is taking a hard look at the O-Line. They've been pretty harshly criticized –sometimes unfairly, sometimes not so unfairly. It has just felt like there was something missing, and maybe I never got over being spoiled by Tony Boselli and Leon Searcy, but there has been little nastiness to our line in quite some time. Left tackle Cam Robinson seems to love the game enough that he can get there, but he needs to take another step. These guys need to get pissed off when they give up a sack - they need to take it personal, and then take it out on their opponent without losing control.

I like a bit of nastiness to the offensive line, and I understand fans like seeing a little "fire" from the group. I'm not convinced it's necessary to playing offensive line at a high level. Also: Sometimes there may be fire and anger in an offensive line that fans don't see. Robinson, for instance, is a fiery player. Teammates, coaches and personnel officials have praised his passion and desire throughout his Jaguars career. Offensive lineman must play with a controlled aggression. They're often playing with nastiness even if you don't see it.

Josh from Jagsonville

I remember when ties used to be very rare and people complained about sudden death. So they took sudden death away and now we started getting more ties and then people complained there were too many ties. And I bet soon this new playoff OT rule goes to the regular season and then we start getting even more complaints from people confused why there are more ties than ever before.

Yeah, probably.

Jon from Orlando, FL

At this rate I feel Jags need to take big, bad defensive tackle No 1. How do you feel?

Selecting defensive tackle at No. 1 conceptually makes sense. You never can be too good, too deep or too disruptive on the defensive interior. Talk is marginally increasing among draft analysts that the Jaguars could be considering selecting Georgia defensive tackle Travon Walker No. 1 overall in the 2022 NFL Draft. It still feels to this writer that the Jaguars will select Michigan edge defender Aidan Hutchinson there and circle back to select wide receiver at No. 33, but this writer has been wrong before. We'll see. How do I feel? Good. My calves are a little sore but that's because I did the elliptical instead of the NordicTrack this week. I expect to work through the soreness in the next day or so. Thanks for asking. Means a lot.