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O-Zone: Dreaming big

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Jeff from Orange, CA

Do you see James Robinson going over/under 1,000 total yards this upcoming season considering the likelihood of a more distributed backfield, but also – hopefully – a more competitive team that should result in more rushing attempts overall for the team?

I expect Jaguars running back James Robinson will have at least 1,000 total yards – and probably more – if he is healthy this season. I also expect him to rush for at least 1,000 yards in that scenario. The team wants to emphasize the run, and the second-year veteran almost certainly will be a major part of that focus. While he likely won't get as high a percentage of carries this season as last, remember: He rushed for 1,070 yards last season as a rookie and missed two complete games at the end of the season with an injury. It's not a stretch to think he could surpass his 2020 total if healthy.

Captain Bob from Jacksonville

Just a quick observation on the thought of backup quarterback and trading Gardner Minshew II. If – as noted by you – Trevor Lawrence and Minshew are sharing almost equal reps and the other two have been in COVID-19/other restrictions, then how/why would you trade him? The other quarterbacks haven't had significant snaps with the first team. Therefore, aren't they at this point not in a good position to be the backup? I don't think they would waste valuable reps on Minshew just to make him a more valuable trade.

Good point. I believed – as did many other observers – early this past offseason the Jaguars likely would trade Minshew because I wondered how he would respond to being a backup. While he's not the backup yet because Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer has not named a starter, he obviously almost certainly will be a reserve. He knows this and seems to have handled it fine. Based on camp repetitions, I would be surprised if Minshew is traded before the 2021 season. I've been surprised before. Stay tuned.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, when are you going to pull Lawrence to the side and simplify things by letting him know all he needs to do is "Moodachay?"


Mike from Atlanta, GA

After free agency and the draft, we talked about the pedigree of the secondary – that all five starters are either a high draft pick or have proven themselves in the NFL. On paper, I think the secondary looks like the strongest and deepest position group. I know it's early and they need experience together, but at an early glimpse do they look as good on the field as they do on paper?

The secondary looks good. It has looked better in pads in recent days than before the team began practicing in pads. We'll see how it looks when second-year cornerback CJ Henderson gets back to full participation playing at his expected level. He's a No. 9 overall draft selection, and that means he should be at a very high level. That's crucial to this group reaching its potential.

G-Dawg from Waycross, GA

_John, which of these three movies would you most like to see? 1) The Trev - a movie about an NFL quarterback in the early 90s who becomes a Hollywood Icon on and off the field or 2) The Trevor-Nator - a movie about an unstoppable Cyborg quarterback that demolishes defenses effortlessly or 3) Lever Action Trevor - a western about a quick-release quarterback who hits every spot down field with precision and accuracy? _

I would rather see TrevGus – the story of a quarterback with enviably flowing locks who can throw the ball a country mile who also can turn into a mule and kick 99-yard field goals. That, I would watch.

Mac from Jacksonville Beach, FL

Who makes it to the Hall of Fame first? Tony Boselli or Walker Little?

I laughed at this. It was a lot funnier than my "TrevGus" effort.

Kevin from Jacksonville Beach, FL

Hi, John. Cynthia Frelund of NFL Media ranked the Jaguars running backs at 13 of 32. Knowing this is all preseason speculation, I'm hoping for big things out of Robinson and Travis Etienne Jr. How do you think the running backs will look this year?

I think the Jaguars' running backs will be better this season than last, with more depth and versatility. There's no reason Robinson won't be productive. His strengths – vision, balance and ability to get the most out of every run – are valuable in any system. Meyer clearly envisions an explosive role for Etienne, and early indications are the first-round rookie is fast and quick enough to excel in that role. Carlos Hyde, who signed as an unrestricted free agent this past offseason, has looked good in camp – and he absolutely can produce as part of a three-back rotation.

Mario from Oviedo, FL

Hola, John. I was reading an article on a different website about Coach Meyer keeping track of players' wins and losses in drills during camp. He was quoted of saying "I believe in, what's your record? Every man's got a record. What is it? You are what your record [is]. If you lose a lot but you have a lot of potential, that's not real good." Based on his own words I'd be curious to see what coach would say if by the end of the season the Jags' record is not good.

Hey! I recognize those words! Maybe because I also wrote them here. On this free website. If the Jaguars' record isn't good, I imagine Meyer will say it's unacceptable and that it's time to get better in a hurry. I've only been around Meyer a short time. He doesn't strike me as tolerating losing for very long. That doesn't mean the Jaguars necessarily will win big this year. They haven't played a game yet. We haven't seen a lot of these players play together yet – and we haven't seen any of the rookies play together yet. That makes a lot of things unknown, including the real potential of this team. We can say we know it. We can believe we know it and have opinions. But until we see it, we just don't know.

Chris from San Diego, CA

Any update on Jaguars right tackle Jawaan Taylor? News has been pretty quiet on his development.

The Jaguars have practiced in pads twice during 2021 Training Camp. That means there have been two practices that have mattered to offensive linemen. Taylor has looked fine in both practices. He hasn't stood out noticeably to the good or the bad. There's a long way to go in camp. Stay tuned.

Sascha from Cologne, Germany

Hey John, is this winner-loser thing really a big thing or is it just another name for determining the 53? It seems that a guy like K'Lavon Chaisson will be cut because he loses the one-on-ones even if he has potential. Will there be some major surprises or is it just like in any other camp?

You're referencing Meyer calling Wednesday a "winner-loser" day and announcing winners during practice over a loudspeaker. He said afterward this is something he does to ensure roster spots are based on subjective evaluation rather than objective opinions. He also said the winner and loser approach won't dictate everything, so Chaisson having some less-than-great drills in one-on-one pass rush won't necessarily keep him from making the roster. Is this winner-loser thing a big thing? I don't know. It is a way this training camp feels different from any I've covered, and it certainly shows the importance Meyer places on competition and playing the best players. It also is an example of how Meyer approaches and runs things. It definitely will help determine the 53 at some point, so yeah … it's kinda big.

Josh from Atlanta, GA

I want Urban to succeed. Not just because I love this team, but now I want so many national pundits who say he will "flame out" to eat their damn words. As a UGA fan, I hated Meyer. It took some real time to come around. But now I am as all in as the losers in the media. This team has talent to win, and I want to see coach be part of the winners. What's your take on the winner/loser aspect? I think It's cool. Players should like it.

It seems the players do like it. They seem to think it's cool.

Fred from Naples, FL

I had a dream last night that next year Boselli gets enshrined in Canton and the Jags are playing in the Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio. Wouldn't that be cool? Which brings me to my next question … where has Big Bo gone?

Tony Boselli has been around the Jaguars this offseason and I imagine that will continue. I had a dream about him the other night, too. I woke up, wept and vowed to do to change the direction of my life. In a hurry.