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O-Zone: Either or

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Kent from Jacksonville, FL via Gilbert, AZ

A BIG ONE to the JAGS coaches, players, staff, etc. – and a BIG ONE to the FANS! Looked great on television to see and hear the stadium rocking!! (standing room only?)

You indeed can't tell the story of the Jaguars' 20-16 victory over the Tennessee Titans Saturday that clinched the AFC South title without mentioning the fans, or without mentioning the raucous atmosphere at TIAA Bank Field. It was indeed sold-out, standing-room only crowd with an announced attendance of 70,050 – but that number is only a number.. The cool part Saturday was the feeling, and the energy the crowd brought throughout the game. The cool part was the flags waving. The cool part was the television cameras spanning the stands and seeing the emotion. The cool part was the noise on all big plays. The cool part was the fans yelling "Duuuuval" late in the game. And after the game. And as they joyously filed out of the stadium. This was a night to remember in downtown Jacksonville. The fans and city have waited a while for such a night. It was worth the wait.

Jim from Jagsonville

Well, we beat the Chargers once in their house. Hope we can do it again in Duval!

The Jaguars (9-8) will play host to the Los Angeles Chargers (10-7) in an AFC Wild Card playoff game at TIAA Bank Field Saturday. I expect a close game, and a higher-scoring game than what we saw Saturday. Head Coach Doug Pederson talks often about doing what must be done to win specific games. The Jaguars seemed to play somewhat safely offensively against the Titans Saturday. I expect they will be more aggressive against the Chargers. That's a guess. We have a week to discuss.

Cary from Montreal, Quebec

I'm from Canada. Watched the game in my den. I could feel the energy from the crowd the entire game! Best crowd I've seen watching a Jags game! One fer Jacksonville!

Winning is cool. Fans from Canada like it …

JT from Palm Coast

Woke up today and immediately thought, "we are AFC South Champions." This is great, John!

… and so do fans from Palm Coast.

JR from The Squatchlands

That was one ugly win. Was that a team that is not quite ready for the bright lights of the playoffs, or an opportunistic team that has found a way to win games (lobs softball)?

Teams win games in many different ways. While Saturday's victory over the Titans wasn't "pretty" by offensive standards, remember: The Titans are a veteran, experienced team that knows how they like to play and they did a great job Saturday playing a style that gave them a chance. They drained the clock as much as possible, reduced the Jaguars' time of possession and a very good Titans defensive front made it difficult on Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence. It wasn't a recipe for beautiful offense. It remains to be seen how the Jaguars will fare in the postseason. But they're 3-3 against playoff teams this season – with victories over the Dallas Cowboys, the Chargers and Baltimore Ravens and losses to the Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants. They're a deserving postseason team.

Art from Orange Park, FL

I'm 35 and I remember listening to the radio on the way to school when they were trying to figure out what nickname the stadium should have when we got the team. I moved to New Jersey in third grade, but I remember hearing Boselli Burger advertisements when I'd go back to visit. It hasn't been easy being a Jags fan, but nights like this make it worth it.


Claudio from Barcelona, Spain

Hello, Zone! Sometimes it's not so bad idea to have number 41 on cover. Go Jags!

I laughed at this. You're referencing the play on which Jaguars outside linebacker Josh Allen returned a fumble 37 yards for the game-winning touchdown Saturday after safety Rayshawn Jenkins sacked Titans quarterback Josh Dobbs to force a fumble. Allen indeed was in coverage on the play. Many fans and media have expressed bewilderment this season whenever Allen drops in coverage. But while he indeed is best as a pass rusher, the reality is outside linebackers at times have to drop in coverage in a 3-4 scheme. Ironic that Allen turned in a game-winning play in coverage? Maybe just a little.

Daniel from St Johns, FL

Incredible game and season with an awesome new coach and young team that potentially is a long-term powerhouse in the making. Still I can't help but wonder … if Tom Brady lost that ball, wasn't it called a fumble? Were the refs trying to make up for calling Myles Jack down? I thought it was an incomplete pass as it happened and expected it to be overturned on replay. What was your reaction at the time KOAF? Have the rules changed or did Dobbs just suffer the fate of the unknown backup quarterback?

Dobbs fumbled. The ball was out of his hand and moving before his hand went forward. It had nothing to do with Myles Jack or the profile of the quarterback.

Adam from Allentown, PA

Four more. It was always the Jags.

Adam is ready for some (more) football.

Matthew from Aldie, VA

Not the best game, not the best way to win, but a win to get the playoffs against our biggest rival, I'll take it.

I've received multiple emails along these lines since Saturday, and you'll have to excuse me if I express wonder here. The Jaguars won four games in 2020-2021 and were 2-6 through eight games this season. They are still a young team with a young quarterback, not a mature or developed team. They still have holes, still have issues and are in a very real sense willing themselves to success late in the season. Remember, too: The Jaguars on Saturday were playing an experienced team that also was fighting for a division title and a spot in the postseason. You win those games however it takes. The Titans did a nice job making it their "kind of game." That the Jaguars figured out a way to win not playing their best made it a darned good way to win, particularly considering the game's stakes.

Peter from Duplek, Slovenia

Got up at two a.m. Watched the game. Cried at 5:10 am. My wife woke me up at 8:25 a.m. and asked me if we won and just raised a fist. She went past me straight to our kids' room, opened the door and yelled in a deep voice: Duuuuvaaaal! I love her.

With reason.

Boxcutter Bill from MASS

Travon Walker is a beast. He was pushing everything, once he gets better at pass rushing he can be an All Pro.

Walker, the No. 1 overall selection in the 2022 NFL Draft, indeed impacted Saturday's game in a big way. He pushed the pocket often, forced a big holding penalty and was a huge factor in the Jaguars holding the Titans to three second-half points. I don't know Walker's eventual ceiling, but I do expect him to improve as a pass rusher and be a force for this defense.

Jim from Duuuval

No question, I just had to say something after supporting this team for nearly two decades. Many people will say it's only football, but I can't tell you just how loud this fan base was last night. I've never seen or heard anything like it. It was true and unexpected joy and love for a team that has come so far. 70,000 people, complete strangers, giving each other high fives and hugging one another. It's just a reminder that the world is not as bad as the news makes it out to be and the majority of people on this planet are kind to one another. The power of sports O! It can be truly amazing!

Well said.

Mike from Indy via Jacksonville

WE believe! WE believe!!, WE believe!!!

Mike remains "all in."

Michael from Middleburg, FL

Zone, Two questions…1) That's two games where Lawrence has been lack-luster…Should there be concern? 2) Is it time to bring back "The Cardiac Cats"?

Two answers … 1)I should start by saying I'm a little amused when Jaguars fans worry about a quarterback's "lackluster" performance when he threw a touchdown with no interceptions for a 92.2 rating in a game that clinched the AFC South title. Though I get your point, I wouldn't worry. Lawrence, despite his rapid acceleration in recent weeks, is young and there are still going to be some ups downs. Also: it felt at times Saturday as if Head Coach Doug Pederson and the offensive decision-makers wanted to be very cautious; my guess is they will be more aggressive moving forward. As for the "Cardiac Cats" … sure, bring it back. Or don't. Either way, the Jaguars are in the postseason.