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O-Zone: Encouraging development

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Braddock from Section 205

How confident are you that we can keep Trevor happy here and not deal him for scraps, like our last several home-run picks? Yes, we got two first-rounders for Jalen but almost no production to date from either pick. My point is, we have to build through the draft to be a successful organization and a big part of that is getting these good players to a second contract. We have failed miserably at the latter.

Very confident. A couple of reasons. First, the unfortunate reality is the Jaguars haven't had that many home-run draft selections in the last decade. Really, only one comes to mind outside rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence – and we'll never know how that player's career would have turned out if not for a debilitating back injury. Second, Lawrence is a quarterback – and it seems evident from his development through his first six NFL games he will be a franchise quarterback. If so, you do everything to build the franchise around him and questions such as whether the player's position merits a certain level of contract aren't a factor. With a franchise quarterback, you make sure he is the highest-paid player on your roster and that other players' contracts are structured so he can remain the highest-paid player on the roster. Lawrence absolutely appears destined to be the core and face of the franchise. If early indications are correct, you will be more than comfortable having this be the case because he appears to be everything you want on and off the field as the face of the franchise. This isn't always the case with every "home-run" selection.

Gary from Wesley Chapel

Hey Oehmeister, I just want to thank Doug Marrone. The Jaguars' running game is arguably the strongest part of the team this season, and they "inherited" that running game from Marrone. From the coaching, the starting five offensive linemen, and the three backups who have done a solid job, to the gutsy move starting an undrafted rookie free-agent running back over a first-round pick running back. As a former NFL offensive lineman and offensive line coach, he understands the importance of a strong running game. Offensive line is the position group that seems to benefit the most from continuity, not only with the players but coaching as well. And kudos to Urban Meyer for recognizing that. Obviously, much must be done as the Jaguars continue to build for the future, but Marrone provided a solid foundation to build upon for the future. For that reason, in my opinion, Marrone will own a piece of the success of this franchise moving forward, as it continues to grow into (potentially) one of the best in the league. Go Jags!

A common thread through the past few offseasons – from former General Manager David Caldwell to General Manager Trent Baalke and from former Head Coach Doug Marrone to Head Coach Urban Meyer – indeed has been a belief that the current Jaguars offensive line is much better than most observers believe. Through six games this season, that has pretty much been the case. The unit hasn't been great all the time, but the offense is generally running effectively and Lawrence generally has had good time in the pocket. So, on this issue at least … hey, one fer all of the above!

Bradley from Sparks, NV

Is there any behind-the-scenes talk about a Josh Lambo statue outside the stadium? He was, after all, one of the top 300 KICKERS I have ever seen.

I'll ask around.

Brian from Jacksonville

What are your thoughts on Quarterman? I thought he played really well against the run Sunday.

My thoughts are that Jaguars inside linebacker Shaq Quarterman is a really good reserve and really good against the run. We'll see if he's more than that.

Michael from Ponte Vedra Beach

I must admit, I usually respect and value your opinions and inside-the-building input. But, until you can admit and see that the offensive line is the team's weakest link, I'm done listening! Every member of the line is below average at best and strictly backup material. Every critical fourth-down offensive play call has failed due to poor blocking! Why are you trying to sell us something different?

Michael, meet Mike …

Mike from Jacksonville

I am at a loss to understand those that continue to suggest the offensive line is a liability. The Jags have given up 10 sacks on the year (only nine teams with fewer). The rushing attack is 13thon a per game average. I guess these fans only watch Jag games and do not see that the defense wins sometimes. Any thoughts on why this remains an issue for too many?

… and Mike, meet Michael.

John from Jacksonville

I keep hearing "why don't the Jaguars play (insert rookie's name here) instead of (insert seasoned veteran's name here) to see what he's got?" Seriously? If I'm a player on the team I'd be upset if that happened. Aren't there 11 games left? Isn't it mathematically possible (however unlikely) they can finish 12-5?

Coaches typically play young players when they are ready to play and are an improvement over a veteran player. This might change a bit – with an idea of seeing a young player or two who perhaps aren't an improvement over a veteran player – in the final weeks when a season looks completely lost. The Jaguars aren't at the "lost" point yet.

Jess from Glen Carbon, IL

John, we need to address your recent admission: "Think about it: The Jaguars have lost 10 or more games in all but one season since I returned in 2011." We may have finally discovered the source of all the Jaguars' woes. You're the common denominator. Besides Shad and Tony Khan, you're the only other person who has been with the team since they purchased the franchise. If only they had realized this years ago. Now that you've admitted that you're complicit in the teams' horrendous run of bad football, do you expect a visit from ownership to discuss your future with the organization, or will you choose to make the honorable decision and tender your resignation? Much respect to you for admitting that, all along, it's been your fault.

First off, I'm far from the only person who has been with the Jaguars since Shad and Tony Khan purchased the franchise. Second, I'm married. Everything's always my fault.

Steve from Nashville, TN

Will the Jaguars be going to Seattle "healthy" as a team - who would you expect not to make the trip?

The Jaguars should be relatively healthy heading to Seattle. From listening to Head Coach Urban Meyer this week, only players such as wide receiver DJ Chark Jr., center Brandon Linder and guard A.J. Cann are expected to remain out with players such as linebacker Myles Jack and cornerback Tyson Campbell expected to return.

Rudy from Sacramento, CA

Will James Robinson be a Pro Bowler this season? To this point it would appear he's on the right track. Also, who else on the roster do you think deserves consideration to make the squad?

Robinson has a chance – though much will depend on him maintaining his pace from the last two or three games. And much will depend how the Jaguars fare the rest of the season. It's difficult for lower-profile players from struggling teams to break through in terms of name value and receive postseason accolades. But yes … Robinson's deserving. As for others, perhaps Agnew – though he may need one more highlight play depending on what else happens around the NFL the rest of the season. No one else stands out yet.

Bruce from Saint Simons Island, GA

O, I have been noticing Trevor Lawrence's poise for several weeks now. I agree with the other comments on your site about Lawrence. I am noticing all the troubles other teams are having with quarterbacks. I don't remember seeing other Jag quarterbacks with this amount of poise. Given this, it appears that the Jaguars have already met our goal for the year – i.e. quarterback development and team improvement. The Jags future looks bright and – in my opinion, you should go back to your original prediction of six-to-seven Jaguars wins this season. What say you?

I say if you're watching Lawrence in recent weeks and don't see a poised quarterback developing quickly, I'm not sure how help you. I also say I haven't seen enough from this team overall to think it's going to win six of its next 11 games. The Jaguars' lone victory so far was over a struggling, injured Dolphins team. I think you can be an improved, promising team and struggle to win games – and it feels as if that's what the Jaguars will be in the final 11 games. We'll see.