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O-Zone: Excuse me?

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Marcus from Jacksonville

John, can you help me understand the Jarvis Landry situation? I understand he's basically trying out for the team at the rookie minicamp, which makes sense. What I'm wondering is, how did he end up here? He took a year off and is now deciding to make a comeback, but does that mean the Jags invited him to come, or did he ask about coming, how does that work? I guess my real curiosity is, did he specifically want to be here, or were the Jags the only team that inquired about his services?

I expect we'll learn more details about this during Jaguars rookie minicamp Friday and Saturday, but Landry – a five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver – indeed is expected to participate on a tryout basis. The team invited him to do so. I don't know how many teams invited Landry for such an opportunity. I expect he "chose" to "try out" for the Jaguars because while they are strong at wide receiver it is very much a "makeable" roster at the position in the fifth or six positions. What are the chances Landry is signed? That will depend largely upon how he looks this weekend.

Armand from Jacksonville

Which players beside rookies can take part in the rookie minicamp?

Players who signed a contract prior to the 2024 season but who do not have a pension credit may participate in rookie minicamp. Such players are called "first-year players." Generally, if a player has three or more regular or postseason games with a status of Active, Inactive, Reserve Injured (including reserve Injured; Designated for Return), Reserve/PUP or Practice Squad (or Practice Squad; Injured) receives a pension credit. This is why you'll see young players who were on the practice squad last season participating but not rookies who were on the roster much of the season.

Ray from Jax

John: I recall that years ago, the San Francisco 49ers received criticism from some draft "experts" for trading to move up to draft a receiver from Mississippi Valley State who had not played against top-level competition. Can we let these guys get fitted for a helmet and pads before predicting how they will play?


Richard from Jacksonville

Your opinion on Jaguars' false-start, drive-stopping penalties: 26 last year; the Los Angeles Chargers had 11. Also: your thoughts on the possibility of running back Keilan Robinson becoming the third back in rotation. At Texas, he had 82 carries for 6.5 yds per carry in his last season; 8.5 yds per reception. Could he be the surprise value pick? Thank you for the OZONE!

My opinion is the Jaguars made too many false-start penalties in 2023 and need to reduce those penalties moving forward. Robinson, a fifth-round selection by the Jaguars in the 2024 NFL Draft, seems likely to make the roster in 2024 – and he appears very likely to contribute as a kickoff returner. Could he play a role as a third-down back if his collegiate production translates to the NFL? Absolutely.

Crickets from Melbourne

The 2024 NFL Draft is over. No one can accurately rate the quality of this draft right now, but what we can do is rate the 2021 draft now that it has been three seasons. Based on the fact that the Jags have a franchise quarterback, a 1,000-yard running back, a starting tackle, a starting cornerback and a starting safety from the first five picks, I'd have to grade that draft as an A+. Add in the fact that both first-rounders have had their fifth-year option exercised (a good sign, just ask Mac Jones!), and all five players are still with the Jags, and projected starters, for 2024. How would you rate the 2021 draft O?

At least pretty good.

Ed from Jax by Lionel Playworld

There has been much commentary about how our general manager emphasizes physical traits - perhaps over performance stats. How much does Trent Baalke weigh big data analytics that's popular now? What role and influence does our team's analytic staff have with Baalke's front office?

Jaguars General Manager Trent Baalke and the team's personnel department use analytics to analyze and execute all aspects of player acquisition. There's not really a moment in the process when Baalke hits the desk and shouts, "Bring in the Analytics Guy!!!" Analytics are key in every step of the process.

Eric from Jacksonville Beach, FL

Every year, people think the general manager should have seen a sleeper pick as a surefire thing and drafted them. Even though every general passed on that same player, likely for 4-5 rounds, like Puca Nacua. Someone's going to get that late-round gem this year, and everyone's going to say it should have been us and we should have known. Just another realization of the roll of the dice that is the draft and sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

The NFL Draft is a percentage, projection game. Every general manager has "missed" on many players. No general manager's draft record can withstand a selection-by-selection examination saying, "Why didn't you Pick Player X." Not the Hall of Famers. Not the Average Joes. None.

Sean from Oakleaf, FL

In reading one website's review of the Jaguars' draft, specifically critical of fourth-round selection defensive tackle Jordan Jefferson, saying "rotational nose tackles do not carry much value." Can you explain this comment if you can? Is a nose tackle's job just to eat up space and pretty much any big body can do that?

The value of a position varies at least a bit on the quality of a player. It's true that a nose tackle isn't as valued as edge rusher, quarterback or left tackle. And you wouldn't want to take a player who just "eats up space" in Round 1. If a nose tackle is really good and contributes, selecting him in Round or 5 is OK – particularly in what most observers agreed was a relatively shallow draft.

Thomas from section 125 from Jacksonville aka DUUUVAL

O-Zone, do you feel a 2018 season that the Philadelphia Eagles had but instead it's the Jaguars in 2024 is possible. I have a good NFL script for the season with the hometown kid Mac Jones. I feel he didn't have the full pieces in place like here in Jacksonville than New England. Better yet, he seems to be the golden child at every level of his playing career. At Bolles, he won a state championship. At Alabama, he won a national championship. And with the Jacksonville Jaguars, the hometown hero delivers his hometown team their first Super Bowl.

The Eagles lost in the second round of the playoffs following the 2018 season.

Luke from Brisbane, Australia

Howdy O, I might be living in fairy land but the 2024 team seems deeper and stronger than last year's team which still went 9-8 amidst a bunch of long-term injuries to key players. Better lines on both sides of the ball, and a younger/deeper wide receiver room with a possibly higher ceiling. While the O-line might not be as "dominant" as one would like and the secondary is still a question mark, this team led by a healthy Trevor stacks up pretty well against anyone, right? Thanks!

The Jaguars in 2023 were 8-3 before quarterback Trevor Lawrence left three of the last six games with injuries. This coincided with wide receiver Christian Kirk missing the last five games. The Jaguars at minimum appear at least marginally better along the offensive and defensive lines. This team appears very capable of winning the AFC South/contending if Lawrence is healthy.

Benjamin from Jacksonville by way of Upstate SC

Looking at the results from the 2024 NFL Draft and weighing the picks the Jaguars made against the rest of the division, what is your favorite movie and why is it The Shawshank Redemption?

Because it's everybody's favorite movie deep down whether they admit it or not and if it's not they're wrong – and because Road House is second because if you're surfing channels and it's on you always watch a few minutes. And third is Red Dawn for the same reason as Road House. (Peter Voice: "Road House").

Don from Marshall, NC

The Jaguars really need to get a great year out of Cam Robinson. He gets star money, so now he needs to be a star. When healthy he is special and one of the best. He has just got to find a way to stay healthy. Congratulations Cam on the birth of your child! Go Jaguars!

When it comes to correctly believing left tackle Cam Robinson is really important to the Jaguars' plans for the offensive line next season, Dom remains "all in."

John from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

If you are the KOAF, have you ever cut a rug down at a place called The Jug with a girl named Linda Lou?

Absolutely not. No way, no now. It wasn't me and you can't prove it. OK, yes.