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O-Zone: Final four

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Brian from Carlisle, PA

Our team has been hit with injuries. Even with that said, I really think we have a chance against the Ravens. Do you think we have a chance and why do you think we do?

The AFC South-leading Jaguars (8-5) will play the AFC North-leading Baltimore Ravens (10-3) at EverBank Stadium on Sunday Night Football on Sunday. Yes, the Jaguars have a chance to win because they're good. They have won eight of 13 games, they lead the AFC South and their last two losses – the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns – have come to contending teams by a total of seven points. They lost in overtime to the Bengals and had a chance to tie the Browns in the last three minutes. They committed four turnovers and allowed three touchdowns on defensive mistakes against the Browns, which means they gave away too many opportunities to realistically have a chance to win. The Ravens are good. They might be the best team in the AFC. The Jaguars have a chance to win because they're usually strong against the run and they create takeaways. They also have a chance because despite the injuries they have scored 58 points in the last two games. But the biggest way they can beat the Ravens? Stop making avoidable mistakes and see what happens.

Chris from Mandarin

Jags are basically 50/50 on turnovers, can't run the ball effectively and can't rush the passer consistently. They might squeak into the playoffs, but it sure doesn't look like they'll be there for long.

The Jaguars have been inconsistent at times this season. They have flaws. They have beaten a lot of pretty good teams and haven't beaten elite teams. That puts them perhaps a smidge behind the Ravens and right there with about seven or eight teams in the AFC.

Bruce from Saint Simons Island, GA

O, Do the Jags get a home game if they win the AFC South? Should they defer?

Yes. Of course not.

Nick from Virginia Beach, VA

I know fans are gonna fan. It sucks to lose two in a row. However, I'm gonna look on the bright side since we are 8-5. Will the offense be in sync for the must win SNF?

I don't know if the Jaguars' offense will be in sync for Sunday Night Football. I expect there's a better chance because quarterback Trevor Lawrence has taken more repetitions in practice this week than last. Remember: The offense had been functioning well the last few weeks before Lawrence sustained a high-ankle sprain late in a Week 13 loss to the Bengals. He then practiced sparingly last week, with the offense looking out of sync in a loss to the Browns Sunday. Lawrence has practiced full this week. That could help the offense Sunday. Also: Sunday's game against the Ravens is not a must-win for the Jaguars. If they lose that game and win their final three games, they will win the AFC South.


With the oncoming game between Baltimore and Jags, I'm concerned about the pass defense, especially going up against Mr. Jackson. Have you had any ideas how and why this has not been fixed? I mean in the last two or three games has been obvious when you see the offensive receivers run right past our defensive backs. I know they'll play their best, but this is something I feel should be checked and corrected.

I'll pass this along.

Peter from Zgornji Duplek, Slovenia

Hello, John. Years ago, I asked you about your time as a writer for the Colts and how was it like being around Peyton Manning's teams and expectations going into every season. As always, your answer was wise and calm. Getting to the playoffs was a minimum and from there on, it's a new game. Knowing the struggles this organization has been through recent years, we should just hope to get to the playoffs - which we are still on course - and it doesn't really matter how we get there. Would you still call it a good season if we make the playoffs? Duuuuvaaaal, Peter

The Jaguars have made eight postseason appearances in 29 seasons. They have a very real chance to win 11 games for the first time since 2007. Yes, if they make the postseason it's a good season.

Keith from Duval by way of Miami

I don't consider myself an old school football fan at all, but I do agree with the old saying "The best ability is availability." When it comes to availability along the offensive line, it seems Cam Robinson, Walker Little, and to a certain extent, Ezra Cleveland and Brandon Scherff seem to always be banged up or miss games. I know this is a violent game, but it is hard to develop cohesion along the line of these guys keep missing time. These are the guys for now, but I think the time is coming to start looking for some big, strong dudes up front that will be available more often than not. Thoughts?

I expect the Jaguars will carefully examine personnel along the offensive line – particularly along the interior – in the offseason.

Travis from High Springs, FL

When Doug Pederson was hired as head coach, I remember a lot of football people saying it should basically be looked at as Lawrence's rookie year, that the Urban Meyer season shouldn't be counted against him. Looking through that lens, I think he's done pretty well so far. If they finish this season off the way we think, that'll be two division titles, two trips to the playoffs. I guess my question is, am I correct in thinking that Trevor should continue ascending for another season or two before he's considered a finished product?

Lawrence should continue ascending for many more seasons before he's considered a finished product.

Ryan from Detroit, MI

The most encouraging thing about this team is that it feels like they still haven't played their best football. A last second loss up in Cleveland after, playing with a fourth-stringer at left tackle and completely gifting them three touchdowns is actually somewhat impressive. The most frustrating thing about this team is that we are three quarters of the way through the season and still haven't seen them play their best football! I can't point to a single game where it felt like all three phases were clicking at the same time. It's always dumb penalties, or busted coverages, or running the wrong routes. I'm proud that they've found a way to win or be close in games that two years ago would have just turned into blowouts. But damn, O, why can't we just put everything together?

It's the NFL. Putting everything together is hard because there's another team of professionals on the other sideline trying to put everything together, too.

Chris from San Diego, CA

Reports are brewing that New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick is out after the season. He may not be a better coach than Pederson, but he's probably not any worse and we know what he can do with an elite quarterback. If you were general manager, would you consider hiring Belichick if you could trade Doug P. and get a few draft picks out of it?

First, the owner would have to make such a trade. Second, No.

Robert from Moorpark, CA

Is this the team's identity this season? A gritty not pretty team but not quite good enough to beat the elites? Have you seen a team change its identity this late into the season or is this who the 2023 jaguars are?

The thought here was that the Jaguars' identity through 11 or so games was a gritty team that stopped the run well, created turnovers and made big plays in key moments. The defense hasn't played well enough in the last two games to play to that identity. There's nothing wrong with the aforementioned identity if they play well.

_Paul from Jacksonville                                                                   _

Zone, Jaguars right guard Brandon Scherff played left tackle in college. In fact, he won the Outland Trophy as the BEST lineman at that level. Has there been any discussion of him playing left tackle and Blake Hance at guard?


JT from Palm Coast, FL

After Monday's Titans win, the AFC is going to have a crazy last few weeks. Somehow the Jags could STILL get the 1 seed. Competitively weird year.

The AFC remains very much undecided – and that was true before the Tennessee Titans beat AFC East-leading Miami Monday. The reality is any division leader – along with a few other teams – still could be the No 1 seed. If the Jaguars beat the Ravens Sunday, they would be in very good shape for homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. This thing is wide open, but the Jaguars must win to be in the conversation.

Don from Marshall NC

Will Joe Flacco still get his social security check and what about his Part B? The team is chipped up right now but that was the last loss of the year for the Jaguars! They still have a chance at homefield, I think. Go Jaguars!

When it comes to the final four games of the regular season, Don remains "all in."