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O-Zone: Good guy, good day

JACKSONVILLE – All Josh Allen all the time? No doubt.

Let's get to it …

Tim from Fort Wayne, IN

They got it done! So glad to see that Josh Allen will be with the Jags for several more years!

The Jaguars on Wednesday afternoon announced they have signed outside linebacker Josh Allen to a five-year contract extension. The contract reportedly was worth about $88 million guaranteed. Allen, the No. 7 overall selection by the Jaguars in the 2019 NFL Draft, was well-deserving of the extension – as was the case before he set the franchise record for sacks in a single season with 17.5 in 2023. There are many reasons this is a good signing, with Allen's reliability and overall consistency chief among them. He always has been a very good player who consistently pressured the passer, and he produced the sacks statistics this past season to go along with the rest of his high-level play. There are never any guarantees in the NFL, and we don't know for certain Allen's future level of production. But if you had to pick a player to pay huge guaranteed money and not worry about future motivation, Allen would be that player. This is a popular move – with reason. Good day for a good guy.

Big Jags Fan from Jacksonville

Josh Allen and the Jaguars have agreed to terms on a new contract which most Jaguar fans have wanted, and many have assumed would get done. Kudos to the Khans and General Manager Trent Baalke for keeping Allen in Jacksonville for another five years. He is the face and fire of the defense. Now the focus can be on working out a feasible contract extension for Trevor Lawrence, which must happen if the Jaguars want to be relevant year after year. Without a franchise quarterback, well, we have we lived that scenario for the past two decades!

I expected the Jaguars to sign Allen to a long-term extension this offseason, though I wasn't certain precisely when. I expect the Jaguars to sign Lawrence to a long-term extension. I expect that could happen this offseason. I think the chances are good it will happen this offseason. I'm less confident about that timing than I was about Allen. A little.


Yo, KOAF. FINALLY!!! Josh to a huge (well-deserved) contract. It's truly too bad they didn't do this before letting Ridley leave, but I'm glad they finally worked it out with our defensive star!

There's an assumption among Jaguars observers that the Jaguars would have placed the franchise tag on wide receiver Calvin Ridley had they reached an extension with Allen before the March 13 start of the 2024 NFL League Year. I expect this will remain the assumption. I don't know that that's a correct assumption.

Bill from Hawthorn Woods, IL

The Josh Allen deal is done. It seems right in line with the deal edge defender Brian Burns signed with the New York Giants, which is what we expected. One less thing to panic about! Do you think there was anything to the timing of this, or it just happens to be when they came together?


Don from Marshall NC

Congratulations to Josh Allen and his family! Let's hope the investment leads to a gold jacket for you. Let's get Trevor signed and things will be looking up. The Jaguars have done very well so far. They have put themselves in position to draft best available player. It's obvious they had a plan for what they got done so far. Go Jaguars!

When it comes to signing Allen to a long-term extension, Don – as is the case with many other Jaguars observers – remains "all in."

Boxcutter Bill from Mass

The Jags finally did it. They kept a guy they drafted and developed. What a relief. Now we can focus on the draft.

The notion that the Jaguars don't re-sign their own players is a bit outdated. They signed nose tackle DaVon Hamilton to a long-term deal in the 2023 offseason. They did the same with left tackle Cam Robinson the previous offseason. Now, they have done it with Allen. The current people running the Jaguars' football operations have focused on re-signing their own players. Within reason, they have done so.

SteveC from Cardiff, UK

Done!!! Can we move on now ...

One fer signing Allen …

Bradley from Sparks, NV

I know you rated the Jaguars' 2019 NFL Draft as only decent , but after going through each team's haul, I would rate it second overall after the 49ers (edge Nick Bosa, wide receiver Deebo Samuel, linebacker Dre Greenlaw, punter Mitch Wishnowsky). Allen is now considered elite, offensive tackle Jawaan Taylor has at least been solid, linebacker Quincy Williams is a first-team All-Pro and Gardner Minshew is probably a Top 25 quarterback as a sixth-rounder.


JK from NY & Fernandina Beach, FL

John - Congratulations to the real and teal Josh Allen on landing his well-deserved long-term deal! It can be cliche to say that a player is a leader "on and off the field." But this description fits Allen well. His stats speak for themselves. But Allen does more during a game than just make tackles. He consistently encourages and psyches up his teammates on the sidelines and in the huddle. Allen has become a true mentor to edge Travon Walker and they are continually strategizing on the bench when the defense is off the field. The last several years, Jags management has talked a lot about drafting or signing the "right type of player." Allen has been the personification of that and has represented the Jags very well in the community. Last year, I felt it was a bad omen that Allen was not named one of the team captains. There was never a clear reason given for this oversight, but I suspected it was related to lingering resentment by other players and management for not attending OTAs. Now that the Jags have made a substantial investment in Allen, it is my hope that the captain's "C" will be restored. In an era when both the players and the teams refer to the league as a business - do you feel that team captains have a meaningful role in leading the team or is it just another way to sell jerseys?

Captains matter because they set the tone for the locker room. Allen was not a team captain last season because players voted for other players.

Jax by Lionel Playworld

The signing of Josh Allen has me thinking. Can three (or more) players contribute to a sack on a single play? On the stat sheet, would each of them get credit for a half-sack, despite that not adding up mathematically?


Amy from Jacksonville

Hi John, I sorta kinda figured that the Jags would sign Josh. So why do I feel so doggone giddy?

My guess: Because it's good to see good things happen to good people. I never pretend to know all there is to know about players. We're not friends or family and it's all-but-impossible to know the true nature of even the people you know best. But Allen from all appearances is a good person of high character. It's understandable when giddy people get rewarded.

P Funk from Murray Hill

Who will be the first defensive player inducted into The Pride of the Jaguars? Josh Allen is a lock now right?

I'm not big on locks when it comes to professional sports. Allen realistically must put together another good season or two to be remembered in the same vein as left tackle Tony Boselli, running back Fred Taylor, wide receiver Jimmy Smith and quarterback Mark Brunell. He's getting there. Without question.

Nick from South Carolina

O, it's safe to say, this is Josh and Trevor's team now. The future of the franchise rides on two Top 10 draft picks. Can these two men lead the other 51 to achieve more?

That's the idea.

Julio from Southern California

O, sorry to use your platform, but this is the only way I can think of to reach Josh Allen. Josh, congratulations on your new deal. I went to the game a couple of years ago in Seattle and yelled at you from the stands that I needed two sacks from you. During your warmups you acknowledged me at first, but I kept yelling at you and you raised your hand in acknowledgment. The team laid an egg that day but you got me the two sacks I asked for. Thank you for creating a memorable moment. I always wonder why players can't be good players and humble. Well, they can. You fit that description. This new deal could not have been given to a better player and person. I look forward to watching finish your career with the Jags. Congratulations again.

This is an easy move to like. Allen is really good and really reliable, and he's the sort of guy you like to see coming toward you in the hallway. Wednesday was a good day.