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O-Zone: Happy boy

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Keith from Palatka, FL

Tony Boselli only played in 91 games in the NFL, but in those 91 games he was the best left tackle to ever play the game. Tony dominated every player he ever played against. For him not to be in the NFL Hall of Fame is a sin and a shame. The problem is the Hall of Fame voters have no sense of shame.

Former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli indeed again was passed over for the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year, marking the fifth consecutive year he has been a Hall finalist but not inducted. But there's no reason for Hall's 48 voters to feel shame, particularly not this year. They must whittle 15 worthy inductees to five nominees each year, and the five players – quarterback Peyton Manning, cornerback Charles Woodson, wide receiver Calvin Johnson, guard Alan Faneca and safety John Lynch – voted in this year were all deserving. I thought either Faneca or Boselli would get inducted this time around. But I had no sense that both would get inducted in the same year. I absolutely believe Boselli will get in next year. Everything lines up for that to happen – particularly the fact that there no more offensive linemen candidates aside from him to split the vote and no slam-dunk first-ballot on next year's ballot. If Boselli doesn't get in next year, it's a travesty. Until then, it's a process – a frustrating one and not at all a perfect one, but still a process.

Dean from Rochester, NY

Leonard Fournette, Blaine Gabbert, Byron Leftwich have Super Bowl rings.


Jeff from Jax Beach

One for Byron, Blaine, and Leonard?


Brad from Yankton, SD

Anyone for drafting offensive linemen with those next 2 draft picks?

I wouldn't bet on that. Yes, the Tampa Bay offensive line was impressive in the Super Bowl Sunday. That doesn't mean the Jaguars' offensive line was a weakness this past season – public opinion notwithstanding.

Charles from Savannah, GA

I don't understand. Tony gets passed over again. Bruce Smith was inducted in 2009. This was the same Bruce Smith that Tony owned in the 1996 wildcard game. Did they not see the tape? The only reason Tony is not in the HOF is because he retired as a Jacksonville Jaguar. That's it.

Boselli's not in the Hall because his career longevity meant he wasn't a "slam-dunk" candidate – and because there has been a backlog of offensive linemen in recent years. The backlog is over now, with Faneca, Steve Hutchinson and Kevin Mawae all inducted in the last three years. Boselli has been a finalist five times now. Nominees who make the finalists that often almost always get inducted. It will happen for Boselli. Soon. Really soon.

Bob from Sumter, SC

Analyze it any way you want. The NFL is a fraternity full of blue bloods and the Jaguars aren't in the frat. It's why Boselli isn't in the HOF.

It sucks for Boselli that he's not in the Hall. But that's not why.

Billy from Shreveport, LA

At this point, I'm not sure Tony should even want to get in. It has become insulting. I will always remember him taking a man down on the sidelines for going after his quarterback. I was sitting right there and from that moment in I loved Tony. I'm guessing when he is no longer a modern player, they will throw him a bone. But it won't be the same.

Boselli will get in. Likely next year. When he does, it won't be insulting. It will be the deserved honor to cap a Hall-of-Fame career.

Bryan from Yulee, FL

I can't believe Faneca got in ahead of Boselli. I think the best left tackle of that era should get in ahead of the third best guard of that era.

I think so, too. And a lot of voters did, too. Not enough though for Boselli to get in. When Boselli gets in, the order won't matter. Neither will the wait. What will matter will be getting in. And he will.

Fred from Naples, FL

Boselli gets passed up again for the Hall … sigh. If not next year, when?


JG from Silver Spring, MD

I love French Fries. They are an objectively great food. Thankfully, Sam Kouvaris has not tried to sell me on French fries, it would probably cause me to swear off potatoes for life.

Boselli not being in the Hall of Fame is not Kouvaris' fault. I understand that people want to blame him, but it's misguided criticism.

The Other Michael from Middleburg, FL

The Hall of Fame committee is bunch of crusty old geezers that can't see past the ends of their nose. How do John Lynch and Alan Faneca get in ahead of Boselli??? What a sham. The "longevity" argument became horse hockey the minute the let Terrell Davis in. There is zero – ZERO – reason for Boselli to not be in the hall, outside of the committee being too full of themselves to think straight.

The committee for the most part is not full of themselves. They voters are trying to get 15 worthy candidates into five spots each season. It's a hard job.

Diego from South of Tierra del Fuego

Please explain to me why Aaron Rodgers received the Most Valuable Player award over Tom Brady? While AR had a great year stat wise, what TB accomplished in his first year in Tampa far surpasses that. Bucs would not be playing today if it were not for him. That is a real MVP and not voter pick.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Rodgers was the NFL Most Valuable Player because it's a regular-season award and he had the best regular season of any player – and yes, a better regular-season than Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. Would the vote have changed if it had included the playoffs? Perhaps.

Chris from Mandarin

Just because the Jaguars aren't at the top of the league in revenue doesn't mean they don't work in Jacksonville. They are actually higher on revenue listings than teams than outsiders would consider "better franchises" than the Jaguars, such as the Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titans. The Chiefs is probably the most revealing of those. The Chiefs aren't going anywhere, and they don't complain about their revenue and feel the need to extort the local taxpayers.

There is no extortion. There is no plot. The Jaguars need to win on the field. They understand this and it's always the objective; anyone who doubts this is delusional, uninformed or purposely missing the point. But because of the challenges of the Jacksonville market, they also need to be creative off it to remain competitive and stable in a league in which all teams are constantly seeking ways to increase local revenue. The Jaguars saw the now-defunct Lot J initiative as a means to do that while also benefitting downtown Jacksonville. They will seek another way, and by doing so they will be attempting to be stable in Jacksonville and enhance the community. Those are the objectives. They're necessary objectives and not a sneaky scheme. People don't want to hear this. I don't know why.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

We're all curious who they will select at 25. They select again just eight picks later. Would they do a two-pick strategy there like maybe take safety at 25 and defensive tackle with the first pick in the second round? Or maybe offensive tackle and a tight end? Or is it more of a take whatever best value is available at each pick?

You only do a "two-selection" strategy if the draft board takes you that way. It's fine to take a safety and defensive tackle with a couple of selections so close and so early in the draft, but it does you no good if they're not good players. The Jaguars have a lot of needs. They don't have enough elite players. They must take them all drafts regardless of position, but it feels particularly true in this one.

Nicholas from Fort Hood, Texas

So, the Jaguars need a new stadium upgrade to remain competitive in the "Big Leagues." If the Jaguars elected to get a new stadium where would it be located? I imagine that it would be impossible to tear down and build a new stadium in the same within one offseason. Does Jacksonville have enough land to support the footprint of two stadiums plus construction equipment? Lastly, when they upgrade the stadium, will Jaguars Owner Shad Khan put in a Sbarro to keep his senior writer happy or does no one care about your feelings?

The stadium upgrade needn't be a new stadium. It could be a renovation and I would expect that to be the solution. I would hope there would be a Sbarro onsite. That would make me happy. I'm not expecting it to happen. Things rarely go my way.