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JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Todd from Jacksonville

Mr. O: You seem to be flipping your opinion on a week-to-week basis this year. First, Ramsey is a team player with a legit back injury – and now he is not. Then, Minshew is a budding superstar – and now you would be shocked if we did not go back to Foles. Minshew played well Sunday behind a line getting bull-rushed every play. Did TC get to you this week on the Foles company-line statement?

I never said former Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey was a team player; what I said was players who truly love their teammates – and who truly love their city, and their fans – as much as Ramsey publicly proclaimed don't voluntarily miss games when they are physically able to play. Given how this past weekend played out, I would say that statement held up well. As far how I felt about the Jaguars' quarterback situation … yes, I confess to getting caught up for a week in Minshew Mania and saying before a Week 6 loss to New Orleans I believed the Jaguars would have to go with rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew II moving forward – even after the return of starter Nick Foles. This followed several weeks of writing and saying that I expected defenses to catch up with Minshew, and that I expected him to experience a stretch in which he played like a rookie. This indeed appears to have happened in the last couple of weeks and I now would be surprised if the Jaguars don't start Foles when he is eligible to return against Indianapolis November 17. But no … Jaguars Executive Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin didn't "get to me" regarding Foles, and the Jaguars never in my experience have asked to follow a company line – whatever that means. This never has worked that way, and I don't anticipate that changing.

ABC from ABCTown

I would tell Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone to watch the Cowboys versus Eagles for some more creativity in goal-line situations. They lined up similar to us and made the opponent think it would be an inside run. But then then the quarterback kept the ball and rolled to one side with the O-Line blocking in the other direction and just one tight end also running a route in the same direction as the quarterback. And if they cover the route, the quarterback has the option to keep the ball. Mix this type of play with a tough inside run of running back Leonard Fournette and our success rate in the red zone will be much higher.

What I'll more likely do is let coaches call plays based on their knowledge of what players do and don't do well, their knowledge of opponents' strengths and weaknesses and their knowledge of situations. Here's what will happen then: Plays that work will be good plays; plays that don't work will suck. That's how it has been since football began. I don't anticipate that changing, either.

Jordan from Jacksonville

OK, OK – Foles may be the starter of the immediate future, but do you think Minshew is his successor? The thought of Gardner suiting up for another team makes me sad. The Jags are definitely going to keep him around, right?

I can't imagine why they wouldn't.

Ray from Pooler, GA

What happens to Dobbs when Foles is added to the active roster? We did give up a pick for him in a panic move.

I expect quarterback Josh Dobbs to remain on the roster when Foles returns from inured reserve, which considering Foles' injury history seems a prudent move. Did the Jaguars panic a bit in obtaining Dobbs in a trade with Pittsburgh? Perhaps. But remember: The Jaguars made that trade a day after losing Foles in Week 1. Considering no one knew what to expect from Minshew at that time – and considering they had no other options at quarterback – perhaps panic was merited.

Phil from Woodmere, NY

Correct me if I'm wrong, but we have zero chance of making the playoffs giving up 130 yards in penalties every week, right?

It won't help.

Sean from Jacksonville

Did rookie tight end Josh Oliver start against the Bengals? I forgot about him and didn't see him with any stats whatsoever. Was he hurt? What the heck?

Oliver didn't start Sunday because the Jaguars opened the game with three wide receivers; had they started in a two-tight end package, Oliver would have started. No, Oliver didn't have a reception Sunday. He played about 25 plays. This is real life, not Madden. Oliver had been out 10 weeks with a hamstring injury. It was reasonable to expect he would work back gradually.

Bill from Ponte Vedra, FL

Houston, do we have an "old school, irrelevant" problem? Smith, Ramsey, Ngkaoue negotiating skills and Woody Hayes offense?


Steve from Cancun, Mexico

JO: The Rams ending up with all our first-round draft picks reminds me of gifting to my deceased Dad. When he reached his mid-80s, whatever gift I purchased for him, six months later he would ask me if I wanted it for myself. Why do our guys end up with the Rams?

The Rams philosophically like proven players and are willing to part ways with draft choices to attain them; many teams place a higher value on draft selections. That explains why the Rams were willing to give up more for Ramsey and defensive end Dante Fowler Jr. than other teams. As for former Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles, the Rams wanted an affordable veteran backup; Bortles fit that description.

Nik from Sarasota, FL

Funny how folks jump so quickly to conclusions in the NFL. From Minshew Mania is the future to now Foles must be reinstated immediately as starter. But yes, fans fan as you say. Question: With the offensive line struggles we've seen so far, in some ways, Minshew seems to give the Jaguars a fighting chance with his mobility. Would it be wise to put Foles behind this line just because he's able to play? We know Foles is tough in the pocket but he's not fleet of foot.

Foles isn't fleet of foot, but he is very aware in the pocket, makes quick decisions and gets passes off quickly. Minshew has bought time with his mobility, but it also seems in recent weeks he had held the ball in some situations and moved in the pocket unnecessarily. Both are young quarterback traits that can make protection look worse than it is. My guess is that when Foles returns to the lineup, the line will look as if it's playing a little better. Veteran quarterbacks with pocket awareness often have that effect on the line.

Mac from Jacksonville

Put me in the camp of riding with Minshew even after Foles gets off IR. You gotta dance with the one who brought you.

Hey, one fer the Stache!

Biff from Jacksonville

J.O., can a reasonable argument be made not to give Yan a new contract? I understand the gap in value per information earlier this year, but hasn't he shown his value thus far?

Jaguars defensive end Yannick Ngakoue has shown value, and the Jaguars always have valued him. And the Jaguars wanted to sign Ngakoue to a new contract this past offseason. The issue remains whether the Jaguars value Ngakoue enough to match Ngakoue's value of himself. Those two numbers were too far apart this past offseason for the sides to make much progress. I don't know that they're closer just because the Jaguars don't have to be concerned with paying Ramsey.

Howard from Homestead, FL



Paul from Cleveland, Ohio

Any word from Jake? Is he back, will he be back soon?

Jake graduated college in May. He's indeed back in town, living at the house. It has been great to have him back, though I eagerly look forward to the day he pays his rent. Thanks for asking.

Larry from Duncan, OK

Mr. O, Do you think that the Jaguars will don the original uniform in celebration of the 25th anniversary? Those threads are better than the bland, boring ones they wear now.


TomD from Jagesonville

Mr. O, you ought to share some Coughlin stories from former Jaguars players such as Tom McManus and Tony Boselli as to how likable he was back in the day. Those players probably hated TC, but they didn't ask to be traded or cry about how "disrespected" they were. They just played football.

Players "liking" management or coaches is not an NFL necessity. It wasn't in the past, and it's not now. Respect is a necessity. And if a player is not capable of giving respect as well as receiving it, I'm not sure how that player is supposed to function in an NFL environment.

Steve from Cancun, Mexico

JO - Do you think TC ever yells at kids to "get off my lawn?"

Probably, though I wonder how many people would hear him over me.

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