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O-Zone Late Night: Chargers 45, Jaguars 10

JACKSONVILLE – Sometimes, there's little new to say or write.

That's how it felt Sunday when the Jaguars were losing a fifth consecutive game – this one to the Los Angeles Chargers, 45-10, in front of 57,866 at TIAA Bank Field.

Were there differences between Sunday's loss and the previous four? Sure. No two NFL games are exactly alike. But the reality Sunday was like the others in many disturbing ways – and perhaps a little worse.

The 4-9 Jaguars weren't competitive. The defense didn't play remotely well enough to give the team a chance and the offense was little better.

Yes, the Jaguars changed quarterbacks. Quarterback Gardner Minshew II started and gave the team an early spark to the tune of a 3-0 lead on the game's first possession. But as was the case the last time the rookie started – a Week 9, 26-3 loss to the Houston Texans – the Jaguars' offense couldn't muster a significant touchdown.

As was the case in the previous four games, the defense allowed easy drive after easy drive. As was the case the previous four games, the result was a one-sided loss. Was this the worst of the bunch? Perhaps, or perhaps it was just the most recent.

Who was Sunday's game "on?" That's what fans want to know. It wasn't "on" just Minshew. It wasn't "on" just the defense. Or "just" the offensive line. Like too many losses in recent weeks, this one was "on" everyone. Both sides. All units. All of it. It's just not remotely good enough.

Oh, well. Enough of that. Let's get to it …

Marc from Oceanway

I think our defense is a tad suspect.

This was the much-ballyhooed, rarely-suspect, sometimes-entertaining First Email of the Game – and it was as accurate as it was obvious. While the discussion around the Jaguars in recent days and weeks has focused on quarterbacks Minshew II and Nick Foles, the last six weeks – and therefore, the season – has been defined by the inability of the Jaguars' defense to stop either the run or the pass. Sunday's game showed this again, with the defense allowing a too-easy, too-fast touchdown drive on the Chargers' first series. That gave the Chargers a 7-3 lead and negated any momentum the Jaguars gained with a field goal on the game's first drive. Is Minshew the guy? Was Foles the problem? These are legitimate questions, but there's no question this defense has been bad enough often enough to make the offensive issues secondary.

Wyatt from Jacksonville

Watching the Bills versus Ravens it appears that missing tackles doesn't have to constantly happen. Why are so many teams still able to tackle when it always looks so impossible for the Jaguars, even before all the defensive injuries.

They have better players on the field.

JT from Fort Worth, TX

Jags have to draft a QB relatively high, right?

The Jaguars must hope that's not true, and they must hope that Minshew shows during the last weeks of the season it's not true. There's a little less hope on that front after Sunday.

Brian from Round Rock, TX

Coaches, Organization, Media don't have a clue about our QB's. It's been schizophrenic. I was really surprised that Foles replaced Minchew. Especially in hindsight. The coaches couldn't see that Foles couldn't throw the ball and wasn't the same guy in practice? The media too was all ready for Foles and ready to pull Minchew. But the team has been much, much better with Minchew. When he was playing the season was fun. I'm looking forward to today's game. I've learned that no one knows what a quarterback will do until he's done it.

This email arrived shortly before kickoff. I thought about not including it, but I kept laughing at "Minchew" and decided, you know what? The Jaguars are 4-9. Why not include it? I mean, what are we doing around here, anyway?

Wayne from Jacksonville

I was thinking about writing something clever and insightful regarding the current state of the Jags, but that would be as much of a waste of time as having watched the first half. I'm done, enjoy the rest of the season.

I think you're speaking to the wrong person. I have not enjoyed the season to date and do not anticipate enjoying the rest of it.

Art from Drexel Hill

At what point does our starting left tackle being hurt every season become an issue?

This referenced left tackle Cam Robinson, who started Sunday after being listed as questionable early I the afternoon with a back injury. Robinson had experienced soreness upon arriving at TIAA Bank Field. And Robinson indeed missed Week 1 with the aftereffects of a torn anterior cruciate ligament knee injury. And yes … Robinson has missed at least one game in all three of his seasons with injuries. Still, his rookie season injuries were comparatively minor and Sunday's at first glance appeared to be relatively normal within the context of an NFL season. Robinson's level of play when healthy hasn't been good enough. That's a bigger concern overall than his injuries.

Jacob from New York

I hope we keep defensive coordinator Todd Wash for another five years. Who needs run defense.? Or a defense? It's 2019.

Good eye. It's always coaching in the NFL.

Timmy from Sadville

What did we do as fans to deserve this? We have been loyal. We have believed. We have trusted. And here we sit. Getting humiliated and picked on week after week. Why? This isn't fair!

Jaguars fans did nothing to deserve this. No fans deserve this. Fandom, like life, isn't fair. It's hard. Not that it should be this hard, but it's hard.

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