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📧 O-Zone Late Night: Rams 37, Jaguars 7


JACKSONVILLE – Sunday was bad. And ugly.

There's little other way to describe the Jaguars’ 37-7 loss to the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif. Because while there were plenty of reasons for what happened, particularly offensively, a 30-point loss is not good and not pretty.

The reasons remain as they have for weeks:

The offense has stagnated, partly because running back James Robinson isn't 100 percent, partly because rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence is struggling, partly because the wide receiver corps isn't as a whole good enough and partly for other reasons. Those issues are intertwined, and the result is a unit averaging 10 points over the last six games.

That has put strain on a defense good enough to play well at times but not great enough to consistently overcome that sort of offensive production.

The result? Four consecutive losses. A 2-10 record. Another rough Sunday.

Let's get to it …

Eric from Columbus IN

Never good when the only consistency for your team is miserable starts. It's impressive, really, but how is it possible to do this EVERY week? Does the team feel ill-prepared? It just seems wild that this can happen EVERY week.

The Jaguars trailed 10-0 less than five minutes into Sunday's game. That's the fourth consecutive game they have trailed by at least that many in the first half. Maybe it's preparation. Maybe it's early mistakes such as Robinson fumbling on the game's second possession Sunday. More likely it's that the Jaguars aren't as good as most of the teams they play. When that's the case, opposing team soften starts fast. Sometimes they finish fast, too. Sometimes, they have lulls. Other times, they just do what's necessary to close the game. But the Jaguars aren't good right now. That's the biggest reason for the slow starts.

JT from Palm Coast

Like I stated last week. We are officially the Jacksonville Get-rights!

Yeah, they were Sunday. Again.

Sascha from Cologne

Hey John, it seems Robinson is the only player that is not allowed to make mistakes. Every other player can do whatever he wants and will stay on the field forever. He is dismissed after the fumble or what? That's not the way to keep your best players long term.

It's commonly believed by observers that the Jaguars have "benched" Robinson for fumbling the last two weeks. Head Coach Urban Meyer said Sunday – as he said last week after a loss to the Falcons – this is not so. Meyer said the reason Robinson has been out for extended periods after those fumbles is he is not 100 percent from heel/knee issues that have hampered him for a month and a half. The eye test tells you Robinson indeed is not 100 percent. I understand many fans/observers are bought into this idea the coaches are punishing Robinson – and I understand fans/observer don't believe Meyer on this one. But Meyer insisted again Sunday it's injury related. The thought here is this indeed is an injury thing more than anything else. Maybe I'm just naïve, but that's the thought.

Matty from Saint Augustine

What really irks me the most is when players that are not having a solid showing – trailing 23-7 with no signs of life – make a stop on second down and dance and showboat like they are gods of the field. I love a good show when they are playing solid and making stops/plays!! But when you can't even stop a runner from barreling over you time and time again you need not dance like a Super Bowl contender. That is all. Carry on...


*Brian from Jacksonville *

Can I schedule some time with you so you can help me understand this roughing the passer rule?

I wouldn't be much help. If the roughing-the-passer penalty on Jaguars defensive lineman Roy Robertson-Harris in the first half Sunday was a correct call, then there's a hole in the rule.

Jeremy from Wise, VA

Vanilla. I believe if you looked up the definition it would say "the Jacksonville Jaguars offense." No creativity whatsoever. Very annoying. Very boring.

The Jaguars' offense indeed isn't all that creative. It's my experience that coordinators have a tough time being "creative" when the basics aren't working. Right now, nothing is working for the Jaguars' offensively. Not the tricky stuff. Not the basic stuff. Nothing.

Adam from Bryan, Tx

The OC gotta go!!!!

It's always coaching in the NFL.

James from Socorro, NM

Not even five minutes in and already down 10-0. This team is a joke.

This was the much-ballyhooed, oft-a-whole-lot-of-fun, always-oh-so-welcome First Email of the Game. The Jaguars were indeed down 10-0 with 10:25 remaining in the first quarter. It marked the 10th time in 12 games they have trailed by double digits. The Jaguars are not good enough offensively to overcome double-digit deficits. Then again, few teams are good enough to overcome that many double-digit deficits.

Ronnie from St. Petersburg, FL

The way things are going this season, surely this means the Jaguars would have to clean house yet again this offseason, right? As far as fans in denial saying this team slowly improving, I'd say nothing has improved one bit and Urban plus the entire coaching staff isn't the answer.

I do not expect the Jaguars to part ways with Head Coach Urban Meyer this season or in the offseason.

Jim from Jagsonville

Still think this team has another win this season? Let's Go Jaguars, but that was terrible.

I think the Jaguars will play well enough to be in contention two or three times in the fourth quarter of the final five games. I think they'll have a chance to win one or two of those games if things go right. We'll see.