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O-Zone: Mad respect

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Bill from Ponte Vedra, FL

A final point on the Who Was Down controversy: The real problem was a premature whistle, which understandably stops play since it may affect what happens after. It seems that the league now encourages officials to swallow their whistles, let the play continue and sort things out afterwards. Maybe this change was prompted by the Jags' misfortune.

We're still referencing here the so-called Myles Jack Wasn't Down play, the would-be fumble recovery/touchdown by the former Jaguars linebacker – a missed call by officials – that perhaps cost the Jaguars victory in the AFC Championship Game following the 2017 season. Officials did whistle the play dead too early, allowing officials to correctly rule the Jaguars possession but incorrectly not allowing Jack to return the fumble for an apparent touchdown. Yes, the NFL encourages officials to allow play to continue in uncertain fumble situations. And yes, that play would have been ruled different had officials "swallowed" the whistle. But the league was encouraging that then. The reality is it would have been very difficult for an official to not whistle the play dead watching it live. It was an incredible strip/fumble/recovery play by Jack that looked in real time like it was probably a tackle with the Patriots having possession. It takes a lot of parsing and rewinding to see that not only did Patriots running back Dion Lewis lose control of the ball before being down – but that Jack gained full control only after losing contact with Lewis. Yes, Jack should have been allowed to get to his feet and run. It would have taken a really good – and perhaps fortunate – piece of officiating to allow that to happen.

Scott from Aruba

How many extra OTAs did the Jags get because they had a new head coach?

None. The Jaguars – like all NFL teams with first-year head coaches – were allowed to start the offseason program two weeks early and had an extra voluntary minicamp the week of the 2022 NFL Draft. They were allowed 10 organized team activities practices and 10 minicamp practices. That's the same as all NFL teams.

Nick from Virginia Beach, VA

Do you ever remember any other HOFs commenting negatively about a future inductee before their induction?

You're referencing an Instagram post Tuesday from Pro Football Hall of Fame defensive end Bruce Smith regarding former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli, who in August will become the first former Jaguars player to be enshrined into the Hall of Fame. Smith in the post wrote several "thoughts" about Boselli, specifically noting that Boselli didn't protect Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell's blindside (because Brunell was left-handed) and saying that the totality of Boselli's body of work didn't compare to some Hall of Fame left tackles. To answer your question: No, I do not recall other Hall of Famers making such comments, perhaps because of the Hall's "tacit code of conduct which fosters respect and brotherhood between its members." The quoted phrase is from Smith's Instagram post, too. Really.

Scott from Jacksonville

So, Bruce Smith got tired of being asked about Boselli and threw a five-page temper tantrum? What a baby!


Tony from Johns Creek, GA

O, if Boselli hadn't sustained those shoulder injuries, the discussion wouldn't be about his HOF worthiness, but whether he was the best left tackle ever. Regarding Smith, he was so thoroughly dominated by Boselli I honestly thought at the time he would retire. Boselli was always the best player on the field, regardless of position.

Smith was still playing at a high level in 1996, the year Boselli had his breakout game against Smith in the 1996 playoffs. Because of that, I never imagined he would retire after the game. But yes … Boselli typically was the best player on the field when he played. He was generational. He was that good. Against many players. There is no shame in having had a difficult game against him. Really.

Ed from Jax by Lionel Playworld

Bruce Smith says Tony Boselli is unworthy of the Hall of Fame. You have called Boselli the best tackle in the golden age of tackles. What do you think Bruce Smith is talking about? What personal issues are between Smith and Boselli? Please, provide insight and context!!!

I have talked to Boselli about Smith many times. I never have heard him say anything disparaging about Smith. I have talked to Smith about Boselli once. This was a few days before a Jaguars-Buffalo Bills game in 1998. I was working for the Florida Times-Union at the time. I walked with Smith from the Bills' locker room to the player parking lot at their facility in Orchard Park, N.Y. It was a short interview and Smith didn't seem to enjoy it much. I recall he spoke mostly about how the Jaguars had chipped, double-teamed and helped Boselli extensively in the '96 playoff game. Boselli smiled when I mentioned this a few days later.

Don from Marshall, NC

Tell Bruce Smith and the Buffalo Gals to take it outside. Go Jaguars!

Be nice.

Jeff from Atlantic Beach, FL

Bruce Smith is one of the greatest players of all time and what Boselli did to him in that playoff game still haunts him to this day. The fact that Smith can't get over that one game is the ultimate compliment to Tony Boselli.


Jason from North Pole, AK

Earlier this month, someone asked about the weakest remaining position group for the Jaguars. To me, the answer is still obviously wide receiver. I am still concerned at this group's overall ability to get open consistently for our young quarterback. Should wide receivers Terry McLaurin or D.K. Metcalf come available via trade, do you think it's worth both the draft capital and the mega-contract to move on one of them?

How much draft capital? How mega the contract? I don't see either happening. The Jaguars like their receivers and Head Coach Doug Pederson had success as the head coach in Philadelphia with a receiver corps without a "True No. 1" receiver. That appears the Jaguars' likely approach in '22.

Steve from Nashville, TN

Who at the Jaguars decided that DUUUVAL was spelled with three Us? The way most fans pronounce it I think it is at least four?

Good eye.

Troy from Dover, PA

Have we done enough this offseason to not be considered a contender for the top pick in the draft again?

I would be surprised if the Jaguars were among the worst teams in the NFL in 2022. I don't expect them to make the postseason. I think they will be improved. I think they will look like an ascending team that can contend in 2023.

_Johnny from Westside (via USN) still Bestside   _

One absolutely does get used to the heat. There's even a word: Acclimated. In the Navy, one had to be in a new weather/temperature environment for several weeks to acclimate to the new environs. But it is a real thing.


William the Contemplator from Jax

I believe virtually all of us think that quarterback Trevor Lawrence will be much improved this year, make the Jags more fun to watch and will lead them to at least five-to-seven wins. But what if he isn't the guy we expect him to be? What if he is Mitch Trubisky? Do you think he could possibly end up just being another NFL quarterback?

Is it possible? Sure, anything is possible. I don't expect that to be the case. What if he's Mitch Trubisky? What if he is "just another quarterback?" Well, that would be disappointing.

Chris from Mandarin

Diego for President.


AJ from Pensacola, FL

You gave Gene a slight edge over Chuck Norris. Were you being serious? I so, you obviously don't know Eugene P. "Gene" Frenette as well as you have led us to believe. Gene versus Norris would be like Mike Tyson versus Michael Spinks.

Your faith in longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist and Northeast Florida cultural icon Eugene P. "Gene" Frenette is well-placed. Not only is he quick and potent in hand-to-hand combat situations, he has a "hound-dog" personality that makes him nearly impossible to knock out. If you want to beat Gene, you better be ready for a brawl. He bows to no man.

Marc from Oceanway

It's difficult to find any positives from Urban Meyer's tenure, but I wonder, would we be as far along with The Miller Electric Sports Performance Center if not for Urban? Seemed like a priority for him.

Former Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer indeed was integral in making the Sports Performance Center a priority last offseason. I doubt the center would be this far along without him.

MrMakersMark from E 4th

"Both [former Baltimore Ravens defensive end Michael] McCrary and [former Miami Dolphins defensive end Jason] Taylor conducted themselves like players with the utmost respect for the game and for a worthy opponent. I have not heard back from Smith." Well done, neighbor.

I am the king of all funk.