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O-Zone: Mr. Right

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Marcus from Jacksonville

I honestly don't think this season could have gone any worse. The worst part is, Trevor has not proven he is the quarterback that can take us to championships. I'm not saying he can't get there, but by every measurable this year he has been bad. There are glimpses of greatness, but they've become fewer and further between and we have seen glimpses from past quarterbacks that have proven to not be the answer. I just don't see a path forward. I've lost hope that they can turn it around.

It's understandable you've lost hope. The last eight weeks have been bad – exhaustingly bad – and the Jaguars' performance on the field seems to get more disheartening by the week. When you combine this with years and years of losing, how could fans be expected to keep hope alive? I know from experience – and from the current tone of many O-Zone emails – that I may not change many minds on Jaguars rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence in the coming weeks and months. Observers, fans and readers have seen what they have seen this season, and some seem convinced that they are seeing a bad quarterback destined to fail. The reality is I can't imagine any rookie quarterback in this 2021 draft class – or perhaps any rookie quarterback ever – functioning at a high level with this group of receivers and with what has gone on in the organization this season. He has been placed in what essentially is an impossible situation. That doesn't guarantee Lawrence will be great. I can't guarantee that, nor can anyone else. I can tell you nothing has happened this season to make me think he can't be great. What's the path forward? Hire the right head coach, one who can lead and set the vision for the organization. Get the seas calmed and get the ship pointed in the right direction. The journey may not be short, but it can still get you where you want to go.

Mr. I'm All In from Jax

I came back to season tickets when Mr. Khan bought the club and had the "All In" campaign. I'm sorry, but Mr. Khan you have to do better. Not sure I'm optimistic. Baalke decision will be a big one. He needs to go. Too much baggage. I'm sorry, but Jaguars fans deserve better. If your bumper business performed like this, you would put people's lives in danger. Time to improve the inferior product. Inferior is a kind way to describe this product.

This is a resounding theme in the O-Zone these days, and I suspect it will remain that way until the Jaguars officially announce their football decision-makers – general manager, head coach, etc. – moving forward. I don't expect such an announcement to come before Sunday's regular-season finale against the Indianapolis Colts. After that? We'll see. Know this: Jaguars Owner Shad Khan knows fans deserve better. He wants this to work. He cares about it passionately. I expect him to approach the head-coaching search as typically does – i.e., searching for the right people to serve in the right roles. I don't know that anything is absolutely certain about who those people will be and what roles they will serve. But you're right. The product is inferior. At best. It must improve. That will be the objective.

Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL

Why do you think defensive players still celebrate plays, while allowing a team to score on every possession? Are they that unaware? Stupid? Ego?

I don't think they're stupid.

Steve from Jacksonville

Man, I mean just … it's like … man … why are they … I mean just … man. There's no words. I can't remember anything worse than this.

Well said. I don't know if I remember a worse time for the Jaguars than right now, either. But it has been sort of like this too often. That's a problem and it must change.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

Not much to talk about. I don't think Trevor Lawrence is nearly as bad as some are making it out to be. I've noticed improvement on accuracy and velocity on intermediate routes. Him being able to improve in this environment under these conditions is a really good sign. We've seen it go the other way.


Dave from Your Mom's House

The Jaguars have not been over the salary cap in any season that Shad Khan has owned the team. What are you even talking about? Nearly always, they have rolled unused cap space over to the next offseason.

No NFL team ever is over the cap during the regular season. That's why it's a cap. But hey … you're right. They didn't spend big in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. They didn't push the cap to the limits those years. You were covering the team. I wasn't. They never signed Calais Campbell, Malik Jackson, A.J. Bouye, Nick Foles. Never happened. My bad.

David from Jacksonville

It seems that every year, draft "experts," general managers and fans alike overrate quarterback traits such as arm strength, size, and speed and underrate factors such as accuracy and decision making. Are these last two traits teachable? In other words, can Trevor improve in these areas?

Yes, Lawrence can improve in every area. Receivers can also catch passes and offenses/organizations can get better, too.

Jason from San Marco

I'm sad. Somehow Shad Khan with the help of former Head Coach Urban Meyer and General Manager Trent Baalke has found a way to ruin what everyone considered to be a can't-miss quarterback prospect. I hope Trevor is mentally strong enough to come back from this mess and improve, but it looks bad right now. I've never seen a player regress so much over the course of the season. This team is impossible to root for.

What you're seeing as regression I see as more a matter of the offense and season falling apart around Lawrence. Is Lawrence part of that? Sure. Is he the primary problem? Not even close. As far as Lawrence being mentally strong, I wouldn't worry about that. The season has been long. It has been disappointing. You can certainly see evidence of that when Lawrence speaks to the media because how couldn't he feel that? But the kid is mentally strong. He has the right makeup.

Andrew from Chula Vista

This is such a frustrating season, and Sunday's game was probably the worst. I know COVID-19 will be brought up but ALL teams are dealing with it and still looking competent. This team makes errors high school teams shouldn't. Cornerback Chris Claybrooks following a man in motion pre-snap then playing zone when the ball is snapped and leaving his man wide open. Linebacker Damien Wilson keying on a pulling guard and taking the angle to run behind him instead of in front of him to the hole. Two receivers pivoting back to the quarterback to settle in literally the same exact spot. Finally, offensive linemen and running back executing a screen while Trevor fades away from them to throw to a receiver in triple coverage. These players aren't being coached and certainly aren't being held accountable. Teams like the Patriots don't do anything special or have amazing players. They just execute the plays as they're drawn up. This is so embarrassing, and I do not see us getting better ... not until someone has some accountability.


Clay from AB FL

"Not surprised" seems to be the consensus reaction to Sunday's game, me included. But those playing with real money still "only" had the Jaguars as 15-to-16 point underdogs, which is a good reminder that losing by 40 in the NFL should never, ever, ever be expected. Are we all guilty of lapsing into harmfully low expectations?

I don't know if I'm guilty. I do know I figured the Jaguars might lost 35-10 or 42-10 to the Patriots Sunday. With all the COVID-19 absences, and with many players unable to practice last week, and with the offense already sputtering, a multi-touchdown loss just seemed inevitable. Are our expectations too low? I don't know how to answer that. But is it good to expect a loss of that margin and to be right? Obviously not.

Will from Jacksonville

I know what you said, but certainly it can't get worse from this point. Scientifically impossible.

It can always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always get worse.

Robert from Oneonta

Tampa, New Orleans, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Denver, Green Bay, Chicago, Cleveland – to name a few –have equally as old, if not older, and equally or worse fans accommodations than TIAA Bank Field. That's 25 percent of the NFL stadiums without thinking.

You wrote much more. Much more. You actually may have set some sort of record. I stopped here. This is categorically incorrect.

Vince from Farmington, NM

Mighty O- You were right as always. It can always get worse …

I'm right a lot. Ask Robert.