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O-Zone: No fun

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Abel from the Westside

Yo KOAF: Is it time to Tank for Trevor?

I understand the question, and I understand games such as a 30-16 loss to the Houston Texans Sunday increase the noise surrounding the Jaguars – and their quarterback situation. It's just that it's not answerable – or relevant to what will happen on the field the rest of the season. Not that the Jaguars couldn't use a player such as Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. It's just that the players and coaches won't "tank" for a player. If the Jaguars lose enough to get the No. 1 selection, I imagine they would select Lawrence – or whatever quarterback they consider the best in the 2021 NFL Draft. But they won't intentionally do anything in games this season to get that player.

Jim from Jagsonville


You knew the Jaguars would miss kicker Josh Lambo when they placed him on injured reserve with a hip injury before a Week 3 loss at Miami. You maybe didn't know how much. But they really missed him Sunday when Stephen Hauschka missed from 24 and 49 yards in the final minute of the second quarter. And he missed short from 49 yards. Missing short from less than 50 was … discouraging.

Bill from Jupiter, FL

The Jags could have a really prolific offense. Great wide receivers, a running back with vision and an offensive line that is doing a workmanlike job. Minshew bails too easily. He's missing opportunities because he doesn't have to confidence to stand and deliver. Time for a look at Luton.

There seemed to be some truth to this Sunday. I wouldn't call the receivers "great" yet, but the group absolutely is trending positively. Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew II wasn't terrible Sunday. Not even close. But he did appear to miss some open receivers and his pocket awareness does seem to continue to be an issue. There long has been a concern that Minshew's arm strength and height would be liabilities too much to overcome. Time will tell for certain if that's what we're seeing in recent weeks. Either way, don't look for rookie Jake Luton. Not yet.

Nicholas from Rockville

We are the only team ever to lose to three winless opponents in a row. Will this be a historically bad season? Even by Jaguars standards?

They must improve in a hurry.

Zach from Pisgah, AL

My question depends on several things being true and correct me if I am wrong. 1. The offensive line is not a problem. 2. The running back is not a problem. 3. The wide receivers are young but also not a problem. 4. The play calling is not always a problem, although I think it is an egregious error to only give James Robinson thirteen carries in this game. Despite the statistics being appealing on the surface, Minshew has not played well recently. To my (untrained) eye, he just doesn't have the pocket awareness or arm strength to play at an elite level. He very rarely drives the ball down the field. I really like the kid and want him to succeed but are we (the fan base) ready to say QB is officially a need for this team?

You're not wrong on your first four points. And there's a strong argument that Minshew's statistics in recent weeks have been better than his overall performance. But it's also not accurate to say all the Jaguars' struggles Sunday were on Minshew. He had a very good drive that ended with a touchdown pass to wide receiver Keelan Cole, and the missed field goals and fourth-and-1 play call weren't his errors. I like him, too. I don't know if he's the guy yet. But it remains too soon to say he's not.

Art from Drexel Hill

I hate to admit it, but if you're not sure if you need a quarterback, you need a quarterback.


Mark from Archer, FL

John, I miss Josh Lambo and the days when we did not have to worry if a field goal could be made. The missed kicks and having no confidence in the kicker cost us the game.

There were multiple key points Sunday where the Jaguars didn't take advantage of opportunities, and Minshew correctly noted that the Jaguars had a chance to score a touchdown right before the first of Hauschka's missed field goals, but no … the kicking didn't help Sunday.

Wanda the Blanda from Mandarin

So the Jaguars aren't playing for a division title or a wild card anymore. So what are they playing for now? Individual building blocks? To lose?

To win.

Alan from Ellington, CT

Do the teams have to buy the COVID-19 test kits or does the NFL supply them? I'm assuming the government isn't supplying them for free like it does for you and me.

NFL teams pay for their COVID-19 testing.

Jim from Jagsonville

I like Minshew. I'll continue to root for him, but it looks like he is not "the guy." Even if Hauschka made those missed field goals, we were done by the fourth quarter. The coaches did good with what they had left on defense. Can you see this team pulling out of this tailspin? Go Jaguars 2021!!

If by "pulling of this tailspin" you mean winning a few games and playing better than they have in recent weeks … sure. Absolutely. If by pulling out of the tailspin you mean crawling out of last place in the AFC South to contend … well, no.

Ryan from Reality

The fact that we keep losing to previously winless teams in what is certain to be the easiest part of our schedule is not encouraging. Looks like we're headed for another high draft pick. And I'm not even excited about that because we do such a lousy job of identifying talent in the first round. :/


Jeff from Atlantic Beach, FL

This was always thought of as a rebuild, reload, re-whatever you wanna call it year. It was about fixing the cap, culture and an eye towards the future. The offense has been good enough to win most games and the defense has struggled mightily. I understand "fans gonna fan", but are the results that we're seeing on the field really all that different then what most expected?

The defense has been a little worse than it was fair to expect – until Sunday. It actually played well enough to keep the Jaguars in the game for about three quarters against Houston. The offense was an issue on Sunday. It's always something, I suppose.

Kyle from Not Jacksonville

Sorry John, time for me to hop the bandwagon. Defensive coordinator Todd Wash needs to go. Three straight losses to three winless teams. Don't care injuries, don't care youth. That's why the job pays millions of dollars. At what point will you raise an eyebrow at the consistently poor play of this team?

If you really believe coaching was the overriding issue for the Jaguars' defense on Sunday …

Steve from Nashville, TN

John, I know how you love stats. For the third week in a row the Jaguars have allowed a winless team their first W of the season.

Who told you I love stats?

Mike from Rochester, NY

This team will not win another game the rest of the season. This team will make no changes. The Khan family doesn't deserve this loyal fan base because they clearly care more about the bottom line than putting a winning team together.

This will be a commonly-held opinion this week and will be commonly-held until the Jaguars win – or until Jaguars Owner Shad Khan makes changes. This will not influence Khan's decision, nor should it. He must make decisions based on what he knows and what he sees, which often includes elements fans/observers don't see. But no question … that opinion is common and strong these days.

Joe from Jacksonville

Will the Jaguars be holding open workouts? I think I could help the team play better?

They won't. And you couldn't.

Kyan from Le Mars, IA

We abandon the run every week way, way, way too much. Why? Rookie running back James Robinson runs well early and we abandon him. Minshew is so much better when play action is part of the offense.

It seemed offensive coordinator Jay Gruden did get away from the run a series or two too early the last couple of weeks. It's hard to know until watching game video if this was because the defense started defending the Jaguars to take away the run and force the pass, but it did feel that way. One thought on this, though: Even if the Jaguars did move away from the pass too quickly it's still up to the quarterback to execute and make the plays. That didn't happen enough Sunday.

Sonja from Wiesbaden, Germany

Is it just me or was it more fun watching them lose last season?

It was just you.