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O-Zone: Right as rain

JACKSONVILLE – Round 1 is in the rear view.

The Jaguars on Thursday night selected two defensive players in Round 1 of the 2020 NFL Draft –University of Florida cornerback C.J. Henderson No. 9 overall and Louisiana State University defensive end/linebacker L'Kavon Chaisson No. 20 overall.

Some fans liked the selections. Other fans hated them.

In other words, it was a typical Round 1.

Let's get to it …

Zach from San Antonio, TX

It's been said (or heavily implied) the Jaguars want to give rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew II the opportunity to show he is the guy for this team. HOWEVER, with the selections Thursday it is clear they have no interest in giving Gardner any help. The moves were clear tanking moves and it is disgusting to see as a lifelong Jaguars fan. If this was the move all along, then okay. I get it. But don't lie to the fan base in trying to convince us all that Minshew will get a great shot at being our quarterback of the future.

I understand your emotions, Zach, and draft night indeed always is emotional. So much of what fans consume leading to a draft comes from people speculating about how teams might act during the draft while teams during the pre-draft process say little or nothing at all. That often leads to teams doing things fans didn't expect, which can lead to anger and misunderstanding. A couple of thoughts on your thoughts. First, while I have no doubt that the Jaguars would like Minshew to be The Guy, the fact is they don't know if he's the guy – and they certainly haven't said or even implied much about the concept this offseason. They in fact have said remarkably little about the quarterback situation. The second thought involves the idea that Thursday's moves were "clear tanking" moves. That implies that the Jaguars were selecting players they didn't feel were the best players to select at that time. Who involved in the decision – General Manager David Caldwell, Head Coach Doug Marrone, Owner Shad Khan, anyone … would benefit from such a thing? The Jaguars want to win next season. However you may feel about Thursday's moves, don't doubt that.

Eddie from Section 204

O-Zone: I am really excited about our draft. Can't wait to see the picks we will get when we trade them two-to-four years from now!

(Yawn.) What?

Robby from Hutto, TX

Why didn't the Jags give Gardner Minshew any help in Round 1? Replacing cornerback Jalen Ramsey and defensive end Yannick Ngakoue with two rookies is not a good look and doesn't instill any confidence in the team the year in regards to winning. Do you think the team is any better right now than the beginning of last year?

I don't think they're significantly worse. Either way, I don't know what "not a good look" means in reference to selecting players in the NFL Draft. I'm not being dim. I just don't know what it means. And while I don't know that Ngakoue's departure is as much of a foregone conclusion as many observers do, I must ask this: If he is leaving, were the Jaguars not supposed to draft an edge rusher? Wouldn't not addressing the issue have been a "worse look?"

Jerell from Columbia, SC

Who is this guy Dave Caldwell! He nailed it A plus Henderson, A plus plus Chassion! Let's go Jags!

Jerell remains "all in." I accordingly remain in utter disbelief at the endless possibilities afforded us in this thing we call life.

Red from O-Zone Comments Section

John, serious question. What's with Dave Caldwell's unhealthy obsession with drafting players from the University of Florida?

It's not an obsession. It's a bit odd. It's a bit coincidental. But it's not an obsession. (I don't think).

Crash from Section 147

I'm impressed with Dave's picks. Henderson will replace Ramsey and Chaisson will replace the soon-to-be traded Ngakoue. Get another second-round pick and move on from him.

There are a lot of other issues to discuss in this O-Zone, but a quick word about Ngakoue. Listening to Caldwell on a videoconference after Round 1 late Thursday/early Friday morning, he did not sound as if trading Ngakoue was a foregone conclusion. It in fact sounded as if Caldwell doubted very seriously that it would happen and that if Ngakoue wants to play in the NFL next season he should consider playing for the Jaguars. More on this to come in the coming hours and days (no doubt).

Rochard from Duvak

Ok readjusted excited about all picks really hornet let's try our best ok.

Can I mumbo dogface to the banana patch?

Jason from Jacksonville

Well, Caldwell continues to disappoint with his first picks. Henderson is nowhere close to being a top 10 player in this year's draft. How does Caldwell still have a GM job? Some things never change unfortunately, Caldwell still sucks!

Henderson was consistently projected in the Top 10 in the final days and weeks leading to the draft, with some analysts debating whether he belonged in the same conversation with Ohio State cornerback Jeff Okudah —the consensus No. 1 selection. The selection surprised me a bit, too, but to paint this is a huge reach is to be painting with a broken brush.

Steve from Out on the Road

Does working from home mess up your nap schedule?

I believe you're trying to reach J.P. Shadrick. I'll forward you. Hold, please.

Wank from Duval

I am not certain that former Executive Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin was the problem. Huge run of offensive lineman after our pick. Why does this guy get a million chances? Even if C.J. Henderson is an All-Pro that is no guarantee of success ... we went down that road with Jalen. I feel like I am insane.

Caldwell and Marrone were very clear throughout the months leading to the draft that they liked their offensive line better than most observers. People tended not to believe it when they said it. I also wrote quite often that based on what Caldwell and Marrone were saying I didn't believe the Jaguars would select offensive tackle in Round 1. People didn't believe that, either.

Zac from Austin, TX

Wanted three things. I did not get them.

Welcome to life, Zac.

Patrick from Madison, WI

Henderson does not look excited at all to be a Jaguar. He looks like he is realizing he made the biggest mistake of his life. I can't say I blame him with all of the disfunction surrounding this organization recently.

Henderson is quiet and reserved by nature. But hey: You know him better than I do and are familiar with how he displays emotion. Right? Right? Hello?

Jon from Ramsey, NJ

Do we know how to scout any other teams than the UF Gators?? Don't get me wrong; I root for UF in college sports. But haven't we learned enough after drafting defensive end Derrick Harvey, safety Reggie Nelson, defensive end Dante Fowler Jr., and defensive tackle Taven Bryan? Draft an offensive player maybe. But word is still out on Bryan and the others were lousy non-productive picks.

I got a lot of reaction like this to the Henderson selection and I understand the instinct to make the connection. But not choosing Henderson because he went to Florida would be as silly as choosing Henderson because he went to Florida. You don't scout the school. You scout the player.

Kenneth from Jacksonville

"Can they be a six-victory team, which they were last season? Yeah, I could see that. But remember: It's not as if that's a high bar." You're talking to Jaguars fans. Six wins is most definitely a high bar.


Mike from Atlanta, GA

What is Henderson's potential? A good starter or can he be an all pro? The Jaguars need him to take on opposing pro bowl receivers consistently.

The Jaguars selected Henderson No. 9 overall. The expect him to start immediately and they believe he has All-Pro potential or they wouldn't have selected him there.

Josh from Atlanta, GA

That is an abomination of a pick. Dave can literally eat dirt. Nothing separates Henderson from the next four corners. I literally Hate DC.

This seems harsh.

JT from Fort Worth, TX

Not mad at that C.J. Henderson pick John. Good, solid cornerback and it is a position of need.

This was less harsh.

Steve from Nashville, TN

The Jaguars have five selections overall in the fourth and fifth rounds - that is where I believe they will score big with some "diamonds in the rough."

That's where such selections would happen. It's also entirely possible Caldwell could package a couple of those selections to move up into an earlier round. Either way, the Jaguars need to get value for those extra selections. They gave up significant equity to get them. Stay tuned.

Bruce from NoNo Zone

KOAFEver - No. You are wrong. You were not wrong. You have not ever been wrong. You are wrong. I think.

I think you're right.