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O-Zone: Ring tone

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Dakota from Dupree, SD

Zone, if the Green Bay Packers don't make Davante Adams the highest-paid wide receiver in history, do you think that the Jags will? Spend some of that moldy salary cap money. We all know that he will never hit the market, but what if he does?

A couple of thoughts on your thoughts. First: One phrase in your email – moldy salary cap money – implies that the Jaguars are always frugal as opposed to aggressively pursuing free agents. I suppose this perception stems in the long-term from the team's perennial losing and lack of front-line talent – and in the short-term from being less aggressive than would be ideal in free agency last offseason. Remember, though: last offseason's approach was about trying to add depth to the roster with the thought that the organization was in the first year of a long-term rebuild. It also was a year in which former Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer had final say over football decisions, and it's hard to consider anything that happened in that circumstance a trend. I expect a different approach this offseason – and I expect to know more about that approach once new Head Coach Doug Pederson has a chance to evaluate the roster, and once the team finalizes an executive vice president of football operations. Either way, I would be surprised if the Packers allow Adams to leave as a free agent. Elite free-agents-to-be typically become Elite Players Who Never Hit Free Agency – because they re-sign with their original teams. Or because they are franchise tagged. That doesn't mean the Jaguars won't be aggressive in free agency – perhaps at wide receiver. But getting a truly elite player in free agency is trickier than just being willing to spend big.

Nicholas from Fort Hood, Texas

KOAF: Can you summarize the net gain for practice time this offseason? We get extra time for a new head coach, but what did we lose in penalties from the last head coach?

The Jaguars and the eight other NFL teams with new head coaches can began their offseason program two weeks before the other teams, which means beginning "Phase One" of the program on April 4 as opposed to April 18. Teams with new head coaches are under the same rules for number of voluntary organized team activities/minicamp practices. That number usually is 10, with three additional mandatory minicamp practices to follow. The Jaguars because of violations last offseason will be allowed eight OTA practices this offseason.

Zack from Pisgah, AL

One of the most beautiful aspects of sports is the way in which it unites people. I have never met, spoken to or interacted with former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli. However, I was extremely proud and happy for him to be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Boselli seems to perfectly sum up what it means to be a Jacksonville Jaguar. He put in all the hard work, but this victory is being enjoyed by the entire fan base. Thank you for making us proud to be Jaguars fans, Tony. If last season was a low point for the franchise, Tony Boselli being elected to the HOF is one of the highest points. I realize I don't have a question but thought this was worth saying. Thank you!


Marc from Duval

With regards to the EVP and – potentially – assistant general manager roles alluded to by Jaguars Owner Shad Khan recently, do you foresee these hires being made prior to the start of the league year in order for the next hierarchy to take the controls in free agency and the draft this year? Or will this be General Manager Trent Baalke and Pederson until roles are filled?

I expect the Jaguars to fill the EVP role before the March 16 start of the league year. This is based on assumption/interpretation as opposed to being told what will happen.

James from Salt Lake City via Jagsonville

O, man. I don't think the Gronk has said whether he will retire. He will definitely go in with Brady on the first ballot.


Matt from Houston, TX

When can the Jags re-sign players like wide receiver DJ Chark Jr. and linebacker Damien Wilson? When can they go after free agents?

Teams may re-sign their own players any time before the NFL League Year begins. They can pursue unrestricted free agents after the start of the league year. (Editor's note: the NFL League Year begins Wednesday, March 16 at 4:00 p.m. ET.)


Mr. O now that the Jags have a Super Bowl-winning coach and a projected can't-miss quarterback going into his second season, what do you feel is a reasonable time frame for this team to get to winning half of its games during a season ?

A couple of seasons(ish).

Alan from Ellington, CT

Hi John. When is the cutoff time for coaches and players to stop discussing football? Isn't it against league rules to talk football in the offseason?

Coaches and players can begin talking football when the offseason program begins. For the Jaguars, that's April 4 this offseason.

Dave from Jacksonville

Hey, O-Zone. Boselli being elected into the Pro Football HOF is one of my proudest moments as a Day One season-ticket holder. Watching Bruce Smith was fitting and a nice show of respect on Smith's part.

Yes and yes.

Josh from Atlanta, GA

The first round of the 1995 NFL Draft now has four Hall of Famers. How does that figure into the great first round drafts? Is that good?

With Boselli's election, the 1995 draft class indeed features four Hall of Famers. The others: defensive tackle Warren Sapp, cornerback Ty Law and cornerback Champ Bailey. And yes … that's good. The 1994 first round featured one Hall of Famer – running back Marshall Faulk. The '95 draft featured three: offensive tackle Jonathan Ogden, wide receiver Marvin Harrison and linebacker Ray Lewis. Multiple is good.

Greg from Section 122, Jacksonville, FL

Not be rain on the optimism, but this is the SAME exact scenario we thought last year at this SAME exact time. Oh, wait no, it was better because we were drafting TREVOR LAWARENCE and our team had URBAN MEYER. We were going to be unstoppable. Then reality hit. It makes me laugh when fans write in stupid things like (Pick up a wide receiver in free agency) when we can't even sign quality wide receivers that come available on the waiver wire. Looking at you, TRENT, passing on OBJ. I mean COME ON MAN! I think truth is closer to what Doug said that we have a long road of ahead of us we all need to take flipping breath. It took us 15-plus years to screw up a franchise this properly, going to take some time to fix it. Adjust your expectations, people, or you will be ones looking like clowns this year.

I do sense optimism from Jaguars fans this offseason – but mostly I sense a reasonable optimism in the sense that Pederson seems like the sort of experienced, professional head coach the franchise lacked last season. That's a good first step and should lead to improvement. I don't sense most fans think this is a double-digit-victory team next season. I sense most think there's a lot of work to be done. That's not all fans – because fans gonna fan – but my sense is that most get what this is: The first offseason of a rebuild, and one with hope for the future.

Derek from Jacksonville

Rumor is that you are pitching the Culligan Girl for EVP.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

John from Cape May Court House, NJ

Why not franchise Cam Robinson again? He'd make roughly $16.5 million, which would place him at 13th-highest paid offensive lineman in the league. I would think he would fetch much more in the open market making it the second franchise tag look like a bargain. Also, I would imagine us being active in free agency, so if we were to lose Cam we'd probably wouldn't get a comp pick for him. Food for thought.

The Jaguars very well could place the franchise tag on left tackle Cam Robinson. It's one of multiple options on the offensive line – and there in fact are so many options it's difficult to list all in one answer. They could allow Robinson to leave and start Walker Little. They could allow Robinson to leave and select an offensive tackle in the draft. All three are legitimate options, and they face similar decisions elsewhere on the line. How the team approaches offensive line is a major storyline this offseason. This should get clearer soon.

John from Playa Del Carmen

It's always difficult for us fans when a once-in-a-generation player leaves our team and goes on to win a Super Bowl with another. Especially when that player was so incredibly talented and admired by the fan base. I know he wasn't everyone's cup of tea, but I for one am glad Carson Tinker finally got his Super Bowl ring.

Amen, brother.