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O-Zone: Shooting straight

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Travis from High Springs, FL

How much of a factor is it that the two new coaches added to the staff have had head coaching experience? Do you believe that their previous experience will make them a lot better at their current positions? Because so sayeth the genius, "It's always coaching in the NFL."

I think Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone liked the idea of new quarterbacks coach Ben McAdoo and new offensive coordinator Jay Gruden both having head coaching experience; more than that, I think he liked the idea of both having extensive coaching experience. As he said shortly after hiring Gruden, the Jaguars must win immediately and that means no time for a learning curve for a young coach. There's no reason the experience wouldn't help the two do their jobs, and there's nothing wrong with the hires. Had Gruden been hired before his head coaching stint with the Washington Redskins, Jaguars fans would be doing cartwheels because he at the time was considered one of the NFL's brightest young offensive minds. The same was true of McAdoo before his two seasons as the New York Giants' head coach. It's a bit of a stretch to think the pair forgot how to coach simply because their head-coaching tenures didn't go as hoped. If the Jaguars players can perform at a high level and make plays, there's no reason Gruden and McAdoo won't coach them just fine. I don't know that the Jaguars could have made better offensive hires this offseason.

Jim from Jagsonville

I believe in what Jaguars Owner Shad Khan is doing for the team and for the city of Jacksonville. I am surprised at the lack of vision from the fan base. Were they not here when we struggled to prove we deserved a team in the early 90s? Even before the expansion, Duval fought to get a team here and our market wasn't strong enough to justify the business side way back then. It's tough to accept, but growing pains are part of this process. In Khan We Trust! Go Jaguars! DUUUVAL! moodachay!

Hey, one fer Khan!

Matt from Fort

Assuming we draft an offensive lineman in the first two rounds, does it make sense to keep Andrew Norwell on his contract as a backup left guard?

I would be very surprised if Norwell is a backup for the Jaguars next season. I would be a little surprised if he's not starting for the Jaguars next season, but I doubt he will be on the roster as a backup considering his salary.

Blues Man from Jax


Well said.

Blues Man from Jax

John ... do you think the Super Bowl showed us that even really good defenses can only stop lethal offenses for so long before they succumb to the speed and explosive nature of a team like the Kansas City Chiefs? I just wish the Jags would at least start to explore a faster-type offensive scheme, as well as trying to find a tight end to work the seams and middle.

I think you can't always draw overarching conclusions from one game, even one as important as the Super Bowl. I thought the defense of the San Francisco 49ers would be too much for the Chiefs. I was right for three quarters and wrong for one quarter; the Chiefs won, so I ultimately was wrong. As for your wishes for the Jaguars, they're a pretty fast offense. Wide receivers DJ Chark Jr., Chris Conley and Dede Westbrook all can run, and so can running back Leonard Fournette. What the Jaguars don't have is a quarterback on the level of Patrick Mahomes or a tight end on the level of Travis Kelce or receivers as a whole as good as those of the Chiefs. What the Jaguars do have are some good, young pieces with potential. Now, those pieces must develop.

Kevvy from San Pablo

Zone. My guy. I'm going to cut it to you straight here cuz I respect you. The salary cap is not the issue. The willingness to cut familiar faces and dive deep into the unknown is the issue. Davey C and the boys love a front-loaded guaranteed contract with minimal dead cap last few years. Given our recent history with big-spending tyrants, the time is now to save some coin. If you had three moves to make all offseason, including cuts and free-agency acquisitions, what are they?

Wow, if you hadn't cut it to me straight, I wouldn't have known the issue. #Madrespect

Rob from The Duuuu

Having multiple winning seasons in a row will cure all revenue problems and bring in big-time sponsors and ad deals. The Jags don't know it won't because they have not done it. Please prove me wrong.

I seriously doubt anything I write or say will "prove" you wrong because recent history shows us you can't prove things people simply refuse to believe. The only "proof" is that Khan and President Mark Lamping live and work with the numbers every day, and their projections – based on their knowledge of the economic realities of the market – are that even winning consistently won't solve all of the economic issues with this market. They never said it wouldn't help. They never said they didn't want to win. They simply said that just winning wouldn't solve all the revenue issues. This shouldn't be a shock to people, nor should it be so hard to understand. This is one of the NFL's smallest markets, and these economic realities have been around for a long time – since shortly after the franchise's inception. It's why it was a surprise to many in the 1990s when a team was awarded here, and it's why many have speculated the team to move at various times. It's a difficult market. It's one not every NFL owner would have believed in. Khan does believe in it, and he and Lamping are searching for ways to solve the issues. They're trying to make it work here. They believe Lot J and the Shipyards are key to the long-term plan. That's it. That's the reality. "Proof" or no proof, it's not changing.

Pat from Duval

Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette had a solid season this year rushing over 1,000 yards. He also emerged as a receiving threat with a fair amount of catches. Finally, he also helped extend some plays with his blocking ability. He came into the 2019 season with a lot to prove and deserves credit for being a true workhorse and staying out of the headlines. With a solid tight end this season we should hopefully be able to lighten his workload and maximize his efficiency on plays.


Ron from Ponte Vedra, FL

Imagine what the blocking, catching and veteran leadership of former tight end Marcedes Lewis could have done for this team the past two seasons. One of the worst decisions of General Manager David Caldwell's tenure, and the negative effects are still felt. He would have been our best every year and would provide young players with a positive role model. This decision in my mind was as dumb as extending quarterback Blake Bortles, not re-signing wide receiver Allen Robinson, signing quarterback Nick Foles and almost as dumb as bringing in Toby Gerhart to be our starting running back. Now that I mention Toby; please extend Fournette!!! I know the grass can look greener, but he is on a rookie deal and it could be a LOT worse!


Steve from Jax Beach, FL

Big "O" Why don't we trade defensive end Yannick Ngakoue for Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Sammy Watkins and end all the drama that's about to come with Yan's situation?

Trading is never as easy as "just" trading, and … Tra-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-de ma-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ch-i-i-i-i-ii-i-i-ine!!!!!

Josh from Kokomo, IN

Wondering what your thoughts are on the possibility of swapping Ngakoue for Detroit Lions cornerback Darius Slay. Seems like Yannick wants out of Jacksonville and Detroit has a big need for pass rushers.

Tra-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-de ma-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ch-i-i-i-i-ii-i-i-ine!!!!!

Bill from Jacksonville

John, one thing I found curious about the London game announcement this year was the team saying that home games against the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears would be "protected." Which coincidentally or not are games that would bring in the most revenue (excitement and traveling fans). This is was surprising because for years now the Jaguars have said they have no control over which games are played in London. When Jags fans complained about missing out on the Cowboys, Ravens, and Eagles games there was apparently nothing that could be done about it. Now all of a sudden they're protecting games. What gives?

The Jaguars always have been able to request that one home game be protected from being played in London. Because the Jaguars were willing to give up a second home game this season, they were able to protect a second home game.

JP from the office next door

You suck.