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O-Zone: Somewhat vacant

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Keith from Saint Augustine, FL

With the current banter about "the 'Bank" renovations, has any thought been given to building a new stadium where the Jacksonville Fair used to be held? I understand that the Fair is being moved to the Equestrian Center. If that was a possibility, it would not be necessary to move to an away location for two years.

While we have reached the point where the discussion has become public, Jaguars officials and others involved long have been considering and discussing the Stadium of the Future. During that time, myriad possibilities have been considered and discussed. And I would expect many more possibilities to be considered and discussed in the coming weeks and months. This will be a necessary – and lengthy – part of determining an issue critical to the team's future – and the city's future. One issue to remember as we move forward is there is a huge difference financially between renovating TIAA Bank Field – even a major renovation – and building an entirely new stadium. If the conversation leans heavily toward renovating over building new, I expect that will be a major reason.

Robert from City of the Hills

Over the next two-to-four years, the time when the Jags may be out of town for the stadium remodel, one of those years could easily be a Super Bowl season. When the Jags may be at their best ever, they may not be around – Super Bowl or not. This is the Jags senior leadership's style. A great season or a trip to the Super Bowl and not a single game in Duval. I am a diehard New York Giants fan, but I love football and have season tickets here. I'd rather sit in the sun, sweat and get sunburned than miss a great season. But I go for the game, not the amenities. What kind of football fan worries about wide hallways over seeing their team, not just in Jax, anywhere in the NFL or NCAA? Lots of folks intentionally go to the beach and happily roast themselves to get a golden tan, play Frisbee, jog and exercise, but a football game is too hot? I'm confused, but you knew that.

I'm sorry you're confused. Confusion can be … confusing. I suppose Jaguars senior leadership could wait until the Super Bowl window is closed. How do we know those dates? Five years from now? Ten? Considering quarterback Trevor Lawrence is the most likely keeper of the window, so could the magic date be when/if Lawrence retires in 2038? That would make the current version of an already antiquated stadium essentially fifty years old. This is not about "senior leadership" wanting the Jaguars to play somewhere else. Ever. It's about that leadership realizing what it takes – on and off the field – to stay relevant in the nation's biggest professional sport. That means updating the Jaguars' stadium situation significantly. Inconvenient timing or not, that time has come.

Nathan from Utah, US

Dead Zone, I would like your all-too-early take on this fanatic's initial 2023 season breakdown. I think the schedule is intriguing. Demanding yet manageable. Let's get to it. Home opener versus Kansas City!? Wow. Tie (23-23) - and the green flag to the homefield playoff race. Indianapolis twice early - Jags sweep the young quarterback (29-20, 28-17). Home versus San Francisco: three-point Jaguars victory and my Super Bowl preview. Losing to Buffalo and New Orleans, the Jags go 5-2-1 at the break. Along with a three-point victory on Monday Night Football versus Cincinnati (27-24), the 2022 AFC South Champions average 25 points per game and allow an average of 19 ppg. Winning their final three games of the season the Jaguars go 11-5-1 and win the Division. Talk to me.

I think that's exactly what will happen.

WJBIII from Yulee

What is your take on Ventrell Miller?

Miller, a linebacker from the University of Florida who the Jaguars selected in Round 4 of the 2023 NFL Draft, was a productive college player when healthy. The Jaguars like him a lot. If he is healthy, I would expect him to be able to play immediately as at least a backup linebacker and special teams player.

Al from Orange Park, FL

"Because professional sports is not scripted television." But, but, but, in the schedule release video, we learned that it was ...

Irony can be pretty ironic.

Kyle from Noblesville, IN and the mean streets of Arlington

With the Jags coming to Indy for the season opener, which jersey should I wear? Go current with my T-law No. 16 or go throwback with Minshew's No. 15? Which will annoy Colts fans the most? Since your vast experience with both teams, I would think you would be the expert on helping me through this dilemma.

I'm good at annoying people. I don't need a jersey to do it. I don't know why you would choose a Gardner Minshew jersey over a Trevor Lawrence jersey, but there are many things I don't understand.

Sean from Jacksonville

Is there ever going to be a dead zone? I need a nap.

A month and counting …

Steve from Wallingford, CT

Lawrence (No. 9 in passing yards), running back Travis Etienne Jr. (No. 9 in rushing yards), wide receiver Christian Kirk (No. 14 in receiving yards), outside linebacker Josh Allen (tied for No. 2 in forced fumbles, inside linebacker Foye Oluokun (No. 1 in tackles). It seems like this team has a lot going for it. What strikes me, though, is the stat pages we don't show up on are sacks and interceptions, yet they haven't done much to boost those areas of the team this year. What's the thought process to that?

Don't lock in on individual statistics. They're nice, but they don't always reflect the true strength of a team – or even of an individual. The Jaguars were tied for 12th in the NFL as a team with 14 interceptions last season and tied for fourth in takeaways with 30. They tied for 25th in the NFL with 35 sacks. They must improve the pass rush and must do so from within.

Sean from Oakleaf, FL

Are you giving any credence to the national media opinion that the AFC is a markedly more talented conference than the NFC this year?

The AFC appears to have a major edge in quarterback quality. The conference also has three power teams: Kansas City, Cincinnati and Buffalo. Those factors may or may not make it the more talented conference, but it certainly appears to be the deeper conference.

Greg from Section 122, Jacksonville, FL

Few things, O-Man. The mocking of those who believe the NFL "scripts" games is funny. The belief isn't literal scripting as in the parody video. More along the lines of "ref influencing" on the games' outcome. Why would they do this? Same reason as everything. Money which directly comes from TV viewer percentages. Look at the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl again. Whole game hardly any flags, when the Rams needed it, the refs found the flags often and for less offenses than had been seen the whole game. It is what it is. The motive? L.A. is a big market with a less than supportive fan base for football, hand them a championship to get them on board. Enough of that nonsense, question for you. Trevor is starting to peak now in his third year, how important is it this year for our other really high draft picks to start showing some justification for the pick? Namely Josh Allen, Travon Walker, and Devin Lloyd? Seems Allen better really surge if he wants a second contract and what do you think the expectations are for Walker this year? I mean, a No. 1 pick to be a pass rusher. I am thinking no less than 10 sacks with 15-20 pressures. These high picks HAVE to start showing us why we picked them. Trevor already is.

NFL referees have no motivation to influence games. The risk is far too great and the reward is too little. Jaguars outside linebacker Josh Allen, the No. 7 overall selection in the 2019 NFL Draft, indeed is entering a critical season and almost certainly must be more productive – and more consistent – to merit a second "megacontract." He has been good at times – better than his statistics might indicate – but he must close plays better. As for linebackers Travon Walker and Devin Lloyd … I don't know the exact statistical threshold they must reach. That can be tricky for defensive players. But the Jaguars selected them in Round 1 of the 2022 NFL Draft with the idea that they would be a huge part of the defensive core as they develop. That development must increase rapidly in Year 2. That's a typical time frame and the time therefore is now.

David from Orlando, FL

KOAF. You were "rotten" way before the other Johnny.

There's no point in asking. You'll get no reply.