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O-Zone: Stay put

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Sean from Oakleaf, FL

I see that Coach Pederson comes from the Andy Reid coaching tree that has borne many successful current NFL head coaches (Todd Bowles/Tampa, Sean McDermott/Buffalo, John Harbaugh/Baltimore, Rob Rivera/Washington and others). How much of a thing is this for predicting future success for a head coach as to who mentored you in the early years? I know New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick has a documented tree – and of course, Nick Saban does in the college game. Will you cover this storyline when the Jaguars and Pederson visit Coach Reid and the Chiefs in November?

Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson indeed coached under Kanas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid, serving as his offensive coordinator in Kansas City (2013-2015) after serving as his quarterbacks coach in Philadelphia (2011-2012). It's certainly something that will be discussed when the teams play this season. I expect we'll discuss something similar the first time the Colts and Jaguars play in 2021, with Colts Head Coach Frank Reich having served offensive coordinator under Pederson in Philadelphia from 2016-2017. How much does a coaching tree mean as a measure of future success for a head coach? It depends on the ability of the individual coach – and the circumstances that that coach inherits. Bowles had comparatively little success as the New York Jets' head coach whereas Harbaugh, McDermott and Rivera have been successful with their teams. Pat Shurmur and Steve Spagnuolo, also former assistants under Reid, have been less successful as head coaches. I believe Pederson is the right head coach for the Jaguars and will have success. I'm sure he took many, many positive things from coaching under Reid. It's his ability to apply those positives that matter and he seems to have that ability.

Stuart from AZ

Zone - Having lived in AZ since 2014, I have had a chance to watch Christian Kirk much more than the average Jags fan. While he isn't a "true #1," it would have been next to impossible to gain that moniker behind DeAndre Hopkins and "The" Larry Fitzgerald. He has great wheels and instincts, and Doug will use him plenty. I laughed at Gallagher too, though I wasn't struggling with the decision as much as you did.

The Jaguars really like Kirk – for the reasons you cite, and because they believe he can strain the defense and make plays at a variety of positions. Pederson's history is he indeed can use versatile receivers and tight ends, and get production from a group of a lot of really good skill-position players without necessarily needing the "True No. 1" receiver. Kirk's addition in that sense makes a lot of sense. So does the addition of tight end Evan Engram and wide receiver Zay Jones. It will be interesting in organized team activities to start getting a better feel how these pieces fit together. That's what OTAs are about – that feel. They start Monday. Here we go.

Vern from Iowa

''Cool stuff, huh? Did we ever consider that? Anyone? Anyone?'' I did, John. The first thing I thought of was the quarterback matchup and the drama they will create around that whole thing: No. 1 versus No. 2, is he or isn't he a ''generational talent'' or did they get the wrong guy... yada yada yada  As for me, I liked what I saw from Trevor Lawrence and how he handled all the stupid last year with coach chaos. And knocking the Colts out was awesome. Also put me down as one for Travon Walker. I will admit I wanted Aidan Hutchinsn and may have yelled at my computer when I saw the pick, but it sounds like we got the right guy. Seem humble and hungry and I like his film. The people hung up on sack numbers don't understand defense, me thinks. Love the Devin Lloyd and Chad Muma picks, too. Should be an exciting defense to watch!! Until then, goooozfraba.

Vern is "all in." Goooozfraba.

Steve from Sunroom Couch

Dear, John. Swimming pools, big boards and uniform changes oh my! Could we just get a team that's relevant beyond October or November?

I hear this often and have heard it for years. It is a common refrain among Jaguars fans when the team does something off the field to enhance the fan experience. My answer remains pretty much what it always has been – that the Jaguars well understand the need to win and are trying to do so. That's their first priority. Always. There's no confusion on the part of the team about what's most important. But there's also no reason not to do things to enhance fans experience while that effort continues.

Dan from Greer

I'd like to step away from football for a breath. I was taking in a golf tournament and noticed how big the club heads have gotten over the last few years. That, coupled with the technology in the precision of the balls seems to me to have a major impact on the way the game is played today. Curious if you think scores and accuracy would be impacted if at the Masters, prior to teeing off, each player's clubs were replaced by those from 1922.

What's "golf?"

Jimjim from Eugene

I see all these fans questioning our lack of a "No. 1" receiver and wonder if it's being overly scrutinized. If you have a No. 1, the opponent surely understands he must be covered – possibly double teamed. Doesn't it stand to reason that with a squad of "No. 2s" a defense doesn't know where the ball is going? Advantage: Jaguars!

A "true" No. 1 receiver can make plays at times despite defenses scheming to take him away. There are also benefits to having a "true" No. 1 receiver because those double teams can allow other receivers to be open. And offensive coordinators can scheme based on knowing how defenses must defend that No. 1 receiver. A No. 1 receiver is a good thing. It's not the only thing. You can win without one. But it's a good thing.

Dave from Duval

The Jags were in the path of the tornado. Bad luck goes around and it's got to land on a team. Just don't think the storm would last this long.

The tornado was a dream. Ask Dorothy.

Ray from Palatka, FL

Is Gene Frenette a real person or did you make him up?

Longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist and Northeast Florida cultural icon Eugene P. "Gene" Frenette is very much a real person. You can't make stuff like that up.

James from Destin, FL

Good morning, John, one thing that I haven't seen you mention about how important it is to stop the run is click management for the other team if you are behind.

We've gone a little off track here, I fear. This website will get more clicks – or as the kids these days say, "views" – if the Jaguars start winning. Better run defense certainly will help toward that end.

Sal from AUSTIN, TX

I think we all can agree that the basic color scheme for this organization is the black helmet (not that dumb black one with the teal overtones), teal jersey with white letters and white pants. But for real, the logo that's on there now looks like a cat trying to escape his bath. Just compare the first jaguar with this one. Side by side. Fix it, already.

One fer the old helmet, I guess.

J.Hooks from Orange Park, Fl

I have a guess as to why we can't seem to get that No. 1 receiver situation resolved. Perhaps it's because we're always selecting so high in the draft before the value for wide receivers hits that mark when everyone else's boards dictate it's safe to pick them there. Didn't we take Justin Blackmon like fifth overall? He was going to be a beast. He wouldn't have made it to No. 10 if we hadn't taken him. Just my thought … throwin it out there.

There's some truth here. The Jaguars haven't invested big-time draft equity at receiver since they selected Blackmon No. 5 overall in the 2012 NFL Draft – that's a decade ago. It's not that they don't want a big-time wide receiver. It's as you say – that they either have focused on other positions or that the value in Round 1 hasn't made sense. Or some combination of both. And yeah … Blackmon would have been unreal. No doubt.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, as for former Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer, is there a possibility many Jaguars senior writers can improve under new circumstances?


Hanesboro from Oak Point, TX

Hey Zone, I'm making my first trip back to Duval in eight years. Excited to visit some old stomping grounds. Any new restaurants I need to try or should I just eat at Bono's for every meal?

Strings in Springfield. It's on Main Street. If it's closed, wait for it to open. I live a few blocks away. Don't come over.