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O-Zone: Still happy

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Tom from Jacksonville

What will be the duties of the executive vice president if General Manager Trent Baalke is working on free agency and the draft?

To work on free agency and the draft – and to begin overseeing the football operations of an NFL team. The general manager in theory will run the scouting department, which means ensuring the area properly prepares for free agency and the draft – and ensuring the area is run properly year-round. The EVP in theory oversees football operations and ensures it runs efficiently. The EVP in theory would have final say. We'll see how it looks once the Jaguars officially announce their organizational structure moving forward.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

Can we tell yet which defensive alignment they're leaning towards? Does the fact that they hired an inside and outside linebackers coach tell us they plan on continuing with the hybrid defense or 3-4 in base situations? It kind of seems a little late to turn the ship around with the personnel if they want to move to a 4-3. That would require a lot of turnover again. I like how the defense looked with the hybrid alignment. Even if they do want to continue with it, I'm not sure how many players in the front seven they will want to keep. Malcom Brown, Josh Allen, the two inside linebackers, Roy Robertson-Harris and unsure who else they might want to keep. Do you have a feel for that yet?

Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson indicated in an interview with Hays Carlyon of 1010XL immediately following his introductory press conference that he liked the idea of staying with the current alignment – and yes, the hiring of an inside and outside backers coach indicates that will be the direction. I expect we'll learn more when the coaching staff officially is announced, which likely will happen later this week. Remember: While whether a defense is 3-4 or 4-3 matters, those alignments are typically only in play when the defense is in base situations. Because defenses typically play nickel on 60-to-70 percent of plays, 4-3 or 3-4 isn't as important as once was the case. Though they obviously matter.

Eric from Saint Augustine, FL

Yeah Keenan. Did you see that the Minnesota Vikings have retained former Jaguars wide receiver/wide receivers coach Keenan McCardell as receiver coach under the new administration? They believe he did a stellar job last year. One NOT for Meyer!

I did see that. And OK.

Billy from Middleburg, FL

Would it be considered an upset if at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, No. 71 weeps and Coach Vermeil doesn't?

Former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli was announced as a member of the 2022 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class this past Thursday, and former Philadelphia Eagles/Kansas City Chiefs/St. Louis Rams Dick Vermeil also is a member of the class. It indeed would be surprising if Vermeil doesn't cry at the induction ceremony in July; he is emotional and known for such transparency. I won't be shocked if Boselli cries. It's a once-in-a-lifetime moment, a time for reflection on one's entire life. Why wouldn't he be emotional?

Tom from Jacksonville

One of Boselli's greatest plays was a defensive rundown tackle at a home game. I have looked for a video of it unsuccessfully. Boselli ran diagonally some 60 yards to make a tackle on a player who had intercepted a pass and was prematurely celebrating. Please let us know if you know the play. If you don't, I am sure Tony can fill us in.

This play came in November 1998 against the Cincinnati Bengals. If memory serves, Boselli ran down Bengals cornerback Artrell Hawkins – who had recovered a second-quarter fumble by Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell and was running to an apparent score. Boselli tackled Hawkins at the Jaguars 15. The play preserved a 17-0 lead. Bengals running Corey Dillon fumbled on the ensuing series, with Jaguars cornerback Aaron Beasley returning it 90 yards for a touchdown in a 24-11 Jaguars victory. And yes … the play symbolized Boselli's career. He was a great talent and a great competitor. A Hall of Famer in every sense.

Brian from Cranford, NJ

Just checking in with your yearly reminder: Shut up.

Good call.

Robert from Ponte Vedra, FL

Who went No. 1 overall in 95?

The Bengals selected Penn State running back Ki-Jana Carter No. 1 overall in the 1995 NFL Draft, having traded the No. 5 overall selection and the fourth selection of Round 2 to the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers selected Penn State quarterback Kerry Collins No. 5 overall. The Panthers and Jaguars were both expansion teams in 1995, with the Panthers having "won" the No. 1 selection in a coin flip. Carter is the last running back to be selected No. 1 overall; he sustained a torn knee ligament in his first preseason game and rushed for 1,144 yards and 20 career touchdowns.

Johnny from Naiville

Some people say the hardest part about being a Jaguars fan is all the losing. I disagree. The hardest part of being a Jags fan is that they manage to give me renewed hope every single offseason. Quite incidentally, I am given even more hope by the Bengals turning their franchise around in so short a time. Well, one fer Doug and Trevor. If they bring us a Lombardi Trophy, this city will turn into a party the likes of which the world has never seen before.

Hey, one fer Pederson and quarterback Trevor Lawrence …

SHANE from Yulee, FL

Hey O, any chance the jags get new uniforms as well? I was OK on the ones a few years back they looked sharp. The ones we have now are literally nothing. White shirt and black letters. It's as basic as it gets, and looks like high school practice uniforms, not ones for a professional sports organization.

NFL teams can change uniforms every five seasons. The Jaguars switched to their current uniforms in 2018, so the earliest they can change uniforms again is for the 2023 season.

Jonathan from Jax

It's not en vogue to trash the Jags. It's 20 years of being a loyal and supportive fan and watching them make mistake after mistake boiling over. We are sick of it. All the smokescreen of attempting to invest in sorry ass downtown just to turn around and leave the most cap room in the league and a garbage product on the field while taking home games away from us. We aren't stupid. We want a better product on the field and know for sure we could draft better than all these bozos he continues to line up for us. We've never had a good general manager. The closest thing to it was Coughlin 1.0. That was a lifetime ago. If you can't understand that, I don't know what's wrong with you.

I understand the Jaguars have done plenty to earn criticism. And I understand the frustration. I also understand that those who criticize the team for not being transparent about the football leadership structure are missing the point that that structure is not yet finalized.

Sean from Jacksonville

Let's pump the brakes on Coach Pederson for a little while. I remember, all too well, the buzz and excitement of someone named Urban Meyer. I was hopeful then as I am now for Doug. Looking at the next season thru rose colored glasses has been a very sad business indeed.


CanAmJagsFan from Acworth GA

How hard did other teams pursue the Jaguars to trade away their No. 2 pick so they could nab Boselli?

I don't recall much discussion of this. The Jaguars locked onto Boselli early in the process leading to the 1995 NFL Draft, and I never got much impression that a trade for the No. 2 selection was going to happen.

Armand from Jacksonville

When announced, will you do a breakdown of the assistant coaches?


_Bruce from Green Cove Springs, FL          _

By my count, there were three NFL teams without a hall of fame player: the Jaguars, the Texans, and the Panthers. Now there are just two. So, while of course I am happy for Tony Boselli being selected for the jacket and bust he so richly deserves, I am also happy for us fans. It hasn't been easy over the last decade or so to hold our heads up, especially when visiting other NFL cities. Thanks to Tony, it's now a little easier.

The Panthers have had a few key players elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame — linebacker Kevin Greene and linebacker Sam Mills among them – but haven't had a player they drafted elected to the Hall. That could change soon with wide receiver Steve Smith and defensive end Julius Peppers. I also expect the Houston Texans will soon have a Hall of Fame selection in wide receiver Andre Johnson.

Curtis from Shack Outside La Grange

Extremely happy for Tony.

You are not alone.