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O-Zone: Still true

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Gerry from Jacksonville

We are not there yet!

The Jaguars lost to the NFC West-leading San Francisco 49ers, 34-3, at EverBank Field Sunday. It was a bad, ugly, one-sided loss – and the anger, frustration and vitriol that will fill the Monday O-Zone was expected and well-deserved. The 49ers were much better than the Jaguars Sunday. They looked more physical than the Jaguars, particularly early, and they certainly made fewer mistakes than the Jaguars. This means Sunday was a bad game. This does not mean the Jaguars can't "get there." It does not mean they can't "get there" this season. But Head Coach Doug Pederson accurately set the tone for this vein in his postgame media availability when he said: "We're still trying to get there. I told the team again, 'We haven't done anything here. We're trying to be like that [the 49ers].' We're trying to have that consistency." Pederson called the game a little bit if a wakeup call. Perhaps it will serve as such.

Mike from Jacksonville

Johnny O. Spell out how Baalke can ever assemble a team with the talent of the 49ers? I know our only real competition to make playoffs is in division but we gotta get more dudes.

Jaguars General Manager Trent Baalke along with Pederson in two seasons/offseasons has revamped and reshaped the roster to a remarkable extent. Remember: This roster was undertalented and unperforming in 2020 and 2021 to the tune of four victories and 29 losses in two seasons. The 49ers are a very talented team. They are a mature roster that has drafted and developed well. The Jaguars are clearly closer to that than they were two seasons ago. They were good enough to win the AFC South last season and are good enough to lead it this season. How to get to a higher level? Keep drafting and developing well.

Boxcutter Bill from Mass

It's football. It's professional football. It happens. The Jags left some plays out there. It's not over. EVERYONE RELAX!!!!


Brendon from Jacksonville

O, your inbox is going to be rough this week. The Niners are a great team and their defense is even better with Chase Young, but the Jags offense is officially a problem. They were clunky early in the season and started to look OK, but this is bad.

The most difficult part of analyzing and understanding the NFL is remembering that it's a week-to-week league. Think of how many games NHL, NBA and Major League Baseball teams lose each season. Because there are so many games, there is far less panic when teams lose. This isn't a completely fair comparison, but there are elements of truth. The NFL is a week-to-week league. These same 49ers routed the Dallas Cowboys early in the season and the Cowboys are one of the best teams in the NFL. The Jaguars are one of the NFL's best teams. Their record shows this. They played poorly Sunday. The Jaguars' offense indeed must improve. No doubt.

David from The Island

Did the 49ers have 14 or 15 players on defense? Seemed like maybe more at times.

Yes, it did.

Mike from Rochester, NY

Teams with franchise QBs don't get blown out at home let alone twice in 1 season.

Generalities are cool and sometimes sound like truths. The NFL is a difficult, week-to-week league that has a way of making what sounds like truths untruths. Or something like that.

_John from Hopkins       _

Can't play like this versus elite teams in the NFL and expect to win. Plain and simple.

Well, no.

Johnny from Section 408, Westside shockedside

Did we get exposed as frauds? What happened? Are we not that good after all? They owned us man.

It's a week-to-week league. Remember: The Jaguars have had three brutal losses under Pederson. They lost to the Detroit Lions, 40-14, in 2022 and won five consecutive games. They lost to the Houston Texans, 37-17, in Week 3 this season and won five consecutive games. Stay tuned.

GPP from Savannah, GA

We are Rodney Dangerfield. Worst performance by a team thinking they can play with the big boys!


Jordan from Mandarin

Winning covers up a lot of warts and there's no win today to hide what has been an issue all season. The offense hasn't played this poorly except in the Chiefs and Texans loss, but there clearly is an issue. The offense is way too horizontal.


Capt B from Fernandina Beach, Fl

It was obvious from the start the front seven of San Fran overwhelmed and destroyed the Jags OL. End of game.


Rick from Palm Coast, FL

Embarrassing. Especially off a bye. The record means nothing. This team shows its true colors when they need to perform most. Against Super Bowl Champs. Against a division foe that always wins in your building. And against a top NFC team traveling cross country.

Against the three-time defending AFC East Champion Buffalo Bills. Against a 6-3 Pittsburgh Steelers team on the road. Against a division rival Indianapolis Colts team that would be 7-3 if the Jaguars hadn't beaten them twice.

Mark from Gadsden

More of a statement than a question. This is a bad team at every position, including quarterback. What we saw Sunday was the beginning of the end. Wheels are coming off. Bookmark this! Jags won't make the playoffs or win the division!

This is a statement! A silly statement!

Dave from Jacksonville

So, with less than five minutes to play in the game, score 34-3 in favor of the 49ers, and fourth-and-5 on the 6-yard-line, the 49ers go for it with a pass to Christian McCaffery. Wow, you stay classy San Francisco.

I was a little surprised 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan was forcing plays to running back Christian McCaffrey late in the game to extend McCaffrey's NFL record for consecutive games with a touchdown. Coaches can do what they like in that situation. Judge it as you see fit.

Sad Tom from Jacksonville

I am remembering the need to be nice. I have nothing to say.


Kent from Jacksonville

Until he proves otherwise, Trevor is hot garbage. C.J. Stroud has a patchwork offensive line and no-name receivers that he has elevated to higher levels. Trevor has Calvin Ridley, Evan Engram, Christian Kirk, etc. and I watched him look lost out there. San Fran's defense isn't that good.

Lawrence had a bad game. He is not "hot garbage." Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud looks good. This doesn't make Lawrence bad. The 49ers' defense is pretty good.

John from Jacksonville

Hi KOAGF - Not one good thing about the game today. An embarrassing performance. This offense needs something quick to change and that starts with the QB. Something isn't quite right with him this season. One key play or one key drive a game isn't elite. I hope this is a turning point and they play with a renewed killer instinct.


Alex from Wausau, WI

I know I'll have a clearer head in 24 hours or so, but that was embarrassing. Was Urban Meyer reinstated over the bye week? Complete ineptitude in every single facet of the game.

Sunday was bad. It was the worst loss of Pederson's tenure as the Jaguars' head coach. The have responded well after one-sided losses under Pederson, winning five consecutive games after a 40-14 loss at Detroit last season and winning five more consecutive games after a 37-17 loss to Houston earlier this season. As bad as Sunday looked, here's guessing the Jaguars play well moving forward from this. There's little reason to think that won't happen.

Robert from Jacksonville

O - Grab some popcorn because your inbox is about to be blasted with fans fanning!!!!

I don't like popcorn all that much anymore.

Scott from Palm Coast, FL

Sometimes the bear disembowels you, then eats you.

That was really funny, Scott. Well done. 

Marcus from Jacksonville

You always say it's hard to win the NFL. That was so easy. The 49ers weren't even sweating. Why was it so easy to beat us?

The 49ers played really well and the Jaguars played really poorly. And remember: Even as one-sided as the score became, the Jaguars trailed by 10 until a 66-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Brock Purdy to George Kittle early in the third quarter. They then had a chance to pull back to within 10 until wide receiver Christian Kirk fumbled late in the quarter. The 49ers then blew the game open. Turnovers and big plays make victories look easy. But the Jaguars weren't good enough Sunday. No doubt.

Travis from Charlottesville

Ozone, was this a case of any given Sunday, or have we been exposed?

It's a week-to-week league. Teams that defy this truism are rare.

Adam from Allentown PA

Nothing like getting blown out at home to make you question the quality of the whole team top to bottom, front to back. Sunday sadness strikes again.

It's a week-to-week league. Teams that defy this truism are rare.