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O-Zone: Warming up

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Nick from Virginia Beach, VA

Anybody who has watched him play will tell you he has made mistakes. But still can make elite plays. Nobody's perfect, but I'd rather the Jags pay Trevor than anyone else short of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. My question is this, do you believe Trevor will get it done this year?

This in a very real sense is the No. 1 Jaguars 2024 Offseason Question – and the answer dwarfs all other topics in terms of importance for this franchise. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence has agreed to a long-term extension with the franchise, and that extension undoubtedly will increase focus/urgency when it comes to the question at hand. I suppose the answer to the question ultimately depends on what "get it done" means. I do believe Lawrence will reduce turnovers and improve as a decision-maker. Those are key areas for him in 2024. If he indeed improves there, he almost certainly will be acknowledged as one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL – and he will be moving toward elite status. If getting it done means being one of the best two or three quarterbacks in the NFL and getting the Jaguars to the AFC Championship Game or the Super Bowl ... yes, he certainly is capable of that. Can he take the significant step needed to do that? Time will tell.

Tony from Johns Creek, GA

O, I can only imagine what you and Gene Frenette are worth. The sky's the limit!

Longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist, Northeast Florida cultural icon and force of personality Eugene P. "Gene" Frenette cares not about money. His is not a self-identity based on financial worth. He works for the noble pursuit of the craft and the fine art that is the written word. Then, now and always.

Bradford from Orange Park, FL

I think the time has come to step forward. I am the Loyal O-Zone reader … because I know who I am.

Do you know who you are, though? Really? Beyond the surface? Deep into the soul?

Brad from The Avenues

Yay, Jaxson's in. Now we have two HOFs. So, does he get some kind of plaque or something? And more important, will Boselli be presenting it to him?

Jaguars Mascot Jaxson de Ville indeed apparently has been elected to a "Mascot Hall of Fame." I don't know if he will receive a plaque. I don't know if former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli – the only Jaguars player in the Pro Football Hall of Fame – will be involved in any ceremony. I probably could try to find out these things.

Tom from The Mean Streets of Nocatee

It seems some folks have forgotten that the Jags have been Lost in the Supermarket while shopping for quarterbacks for most of the current century.

They came in here for that special offer.

Nathan from Utah, US

Zoner, justify the insane amount of dollars thrown at a person for being able to air it out. It's all a joke on the fans. At our expense. We are all nuts. How we make Billionaire$ crack out million$ so millions of people can watch one athlete try to get a ball into an end zone to score points in a game. I would be broke after receiving a $142 million cashier's check. For but a fraction would be donated to St. Jude's, Red Cross, Boys and Girls Club, Peace Corps ... to name a few. What does one do with $55mil/yr!? Besides staying healthy and having fun throwing a football ...

There is no "justification" professional athletes' salaries because there is no need to justify athletes' salaries. Players make millions of dollars – and in many cases, mega-millions of dollars – because interest in what they do justifies the millions. They make much, much more than workers in "more important" jobs not because professional sports are more important than other jobs, or because anyone thinks they're more important. They make what they make because the market dictates as such. One thing I don't do – because it's not fair to do it – is question or judge what athletes do with their money. If they want to donate to the Red Cross, they can do so. If they want to take private flights around the world wearing a beanie and singing silly mining songs, they can do so. It's their money. Plenty of athletes, including Lawrence, do significant work and donate significant money to charitable organizations.


Recently there were comments about our city that weren't particularly complementary. I agree with you that the city is making a lot of progress in many areas and it offers many opportunities for those that live here. I am proud to live in the area. For the record, though, there are four cities in the state of Alaska that are larger than Jacksonville in area. So, the largest in area in the continental U.S. is Jacksonville.


Steve from Nashville, TN

Following what you have seen of our new defense (players and coaches) during the offseason program, you would be: a) Shocked b) Surprised c) Accepting d) Other if the Jaguars 2024 defense finished statistically behind the 2023 version?

I don't pretend to get great insight from NFL offseason programs. Caps and shorts are cool, but I don't learn all that much watching NFL players work out wearing them. I like the additions the Jaguars made defensively this offseason, particularly lineman Arik Armstead. I expect the Jaguars to be a better defense if it can remain healthy, particularly Armstead. I don't know what that improvement will mean statistically. But if they're better defensively, we won't need to verify it statistically. We'll know.

Jeremy from Riverview

Mr. O, congrats to Trevor on the big contract. On par with Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow seems about right. After hearing the news, I watched 2023 highlights of our quarterback. Do you think 2024 wide receivers Gabe Davis and Brian Thomas Jr. will combine to meet and possibly exceed the productivity of 2023 wide Zay Jones and Calvin Ridley? If so, there's no reason we don't see something along the lines 4300 yards and 28ish touchdowns this year. Does that seem reasonable?

I think the Jaguars can be at least as good a passing offense – very possibly better – with Davis/Thomas as Jones/Ridley, particularly if Davis/Thomas stay comparatively healthy. I don't know or particularly care how that will look statistically. If those two are productive and good fits, I expect the Jaguars to have a winning record. That will matter more than Lawrence's statistics.

Scott from Gilbert, AZ

Zone, who is gonna fill that Arden Key type third edge we thought K'Lavon Chaisson could step into last year? Do you think that caliber of designated pass rusher is currently on the roster?

The Jaguars signed linebacker Trevis Gipson as an unrestricted free agent from the Tennessee Titans this offseason hoping he can help fill that role. I think he can contribute.

Travis from High Springs, FL

Since Trevor Lawrence has taken over as the Jaguars' starting quarterback, the Jags have 21 wins. The five seasons prior they only have 22. If you take out the 10-win 2017 season, they only have 23 wins since 2014. I for one am happy they signed that guy.

With reason.

Jason from Jacksonville, FL

I'm happy for Lawrence. He's the kind of good guy you can root for to get a deal like he did. When will he sign it? Does it usually take awhile?

There aren't always "usuallys" in stratospheric megadeals. I expect Lawrence to officially sign his extension this week.

Bill from Bostwick

Why do the players consistently give the Jaguars a poor grade for treatment of players via the annual NFLPA report card? What are the Jaguars NOT doing compared the teams that annually receive a good grade?

The Jaguars were fifth out of 32 NFL teams on the NFL Players Association 2024 Report Card.

Pete from Daytona Beach

I may not be a financial expert when it comes to the NFL, but isn't there a salary cap? Paying Trevor what??? How are the rest of the top producers going to get paid when their contracts up? Tom Brady would forfeit part of his salary to keep the guys to stay who helped him and win championships. I don't see Trevor Lawrence doing that.

Yes, there's a salary cap in the NFL. The Jaguars spent a lot of time and effort managing the cap this offseason. The Jaguars will keep managing the cap and they will figure out how to pay the other top producers as their careers continue and as it approaches time to restructure or refigure salaries. I don't expect Lawrence to forfeit part of his salary, either. I wouldn't. Most people I know wouldn't, either.

John from Merritt Island

Zone, I do not have a calculator with me. How many Bullet Bobs can you buy with 138 mil?

Enough to get started.