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O-Zone: Whoops

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Nick from Virginia Beach, VA

It's pretty shocking we are this bad. Do you think we will be this bad again next year? The next decade? The next century?

The 2021 Jaguars indeed are bad. They're 2-13 and have lost seven consecutive games, with the last two losses – to the New York Jets and Houston Texans – particularly bothersome because they came to struggling teams with rosters reduced by COVID-19. This Jaguars team might not be as good right now as last year's team, which went 1-15 and was the worst in franchise history. So, that's where the Jaguars currently stand – at the end of a lost season, which is doubly frustrating because it was supposed to be the start of a promising era. I don't expect the Jaguars to be this bad next season because it defies reason that this could happen again. As for the future, I expect Jaguars Owner Shad Khan will hire a head coach in whom players can believe – and who can give the organization the major reset and redirect it clearly needs. That redirect won't fix everything by itself, but it would be a major step in the right direction. I still expect the Jaguars to lose more than they win next season because it just feels like much work must be done to fix a lot of areas. But that could be the result of me being beaten down by seven consecutive losses, a lot of bad offense, a lot of disorganization and too many avoidable mistakes. Maybe it can turn more quickly. Here's hoping.

Nick from Annapolis, MD

There are still a few people who believe Lawrence is the worst of the rookie quarterbacks. I wouldn't trade Lawrence for any of the other rookie quarterbacks. In your opinion, would anyone that watches or participates in the NFL for a living NOT pick Lawrence over the other rookie quarterbacks moving forward?

"Anyone" leaves room for many people – both well- and ill-informed. I expect there are some NFL people who might opt for New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson. I expect there are some who might opt for New England Patriots Mac Jones. I expect most would still opt for Jaguars rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence, and I absolutely expect that Lawrence's presence is what will make this an attractive position for head coaches and offensive coordinators.

Paul from Fleming Island

With the seven potential future head coaches, are any of these interviews being performed for possible coordinator positions as well as head coach?

This is not unprecedented. In this case, it's not likely.

James from Socorro, NM

According to a report, former Jaguars running back Devine Ozigbo – now with the New England Patriots –turned down significantly more money to play on the Jaguars active roster, and instead chose to stay on the Patriots' practice squad. I don't think it matters how much cap money the Jaguars have, quality free agents aren't going to come to this dysfunctional franchise.

The Jaguars' culture needs a reset. A lot of things need a reset. That's what the ends of losing seasons and accompanying coaching changes are about.

Robert from Jacksonville

wry are we interviewing leftowich - elmer fudd could have coached the bucs how about a proven coach.

The awesome thing about the internet is it gives everyone a voice. I keep hearing that.   

Nikki from Connecticut

KOAF. Tuesday brought the incredibly sad news of John Madden's passing. Do you have any fond memories of him? Did you ever get the opportunity to meet him in person?

I believe I may have met Madden in passing at some point in the 1990s or early 2000s. He certainly was around for multiple games of the Jaguars and Indianapolis Colts teams I covered during that time. I never knew him well enough to have any stories to share. What I can tell you is what most NFL fans my age can tell you – that few people ever have done as much for the game in terms of bringing enjoyment and knowledge to the viewer – as Madden did as a broadcaster, coach and ambassador for the game. He defined the game for a generation of fans.

Mark from Richmond, VA

I don't know the man personally, but I bet if any of these readers even sat down and talked to a coach like Jim Caldwell for an hour, they'd come out as better people. How about a coach that a team as a whole wants to win for? Did every single player want to win for former Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer?? A leader like Coach Caldwell is a great thing to have. The OC and DC and Gatorade Mixer/Squeezer will all fall into place under great leadership.

I do know Caldwell personally, and I agree with your premise.

Edward from Abbotsford

If Mac Jones obliterates the Jags on Sunday will Trevor Lawrence recover? Yes, Mac Jones has more talent on his team, but to be a true leader. Trevor needs to learn how to elevate the play around him. So, I ask will Trevor recover and be able to produce a winning season ever?

I expect the New England Patriots to win Sunday – and to do so pretty easily. I do not expect Lawrence to be so scarred by the experience that he can't recover.

Daniel from Johnston, IA

First, I really like former Jim Caldwell as an option. I mean he took freaking Detroit and made them competitive. Jags need that more than anything. Second, with a slew of draft picks, any chance we could trade for New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick? :)

OK. No.

Greg from Section 122, Jacksonville, FL

You have been at this game for a while. Given the roster as it currently is, what's your take on a real timeframe to turn this around? We stunk last year and this year (by some weird ability) we actually got worse. Sorry. There it is. Does TL become the latest casualty of this team? I hope that we can build a team around him fast enough that in three years from now he isn't looking for the door. The kid has talent, but talent only goes so far if you lose your confidence and that I think has plagued our team for a long time and ruined a lot of otherwise decent quarterbacks. You said you would draft Pass Rusher or DL with the first pick, I would rather see them trade back (a couple of times if possible) and draft some serious O-Line capital. It is time rebuild that line and protect our QB. Then use that charisma Shad and go attract some QUALITY FA WR depth to help us. Something tells me we might have two of our current wide receivers on the roster next year. IF we are lucky.

I would expect the Jaguars to improve next season – and not just because it's hard to get worse from three victories in two seasons. I would think realistically it would be 2024 before they contend for the postseason. That doesn't make me right. It just feels at this point as there are a lot of pieces needed for the Jaguars to be competitive and that some of those pieces might be rookies that need to mature.

Ronnie from Saint Petersburg, FL

I'm gonna say this right now: Shad Khan is nothing more than a cheapskate incapable of fixing this franchise and getting the right people. I said what needed to be said.

Well, you said something. That's undeniable. But while Khan has yet to make the right decisions regarding Jaguars leadership, to describe him as a "cheapskate" is incorrect. The Jaguars' struggles for the last decade haven't stemmed from financial willingness. They have stemmed from a lack of execution.

Josh from New Milford, CT

Has Cam Robinson earned an extension in your mind? I wonder if the team has approached him about extending him? I know the line has struggled, but I think he has played well.

I would explore re-signing Jaguars left tackle Cam Robinson. That exploration would be figuring Robinson's market value. If it remotely matched with how the Jaguars see that value, I would try to keep Robinson. There has to be a limit.

WJBIII from Yulee, FL

JOOC, will each injury J-Rob incurs, make him less effective going forward as a running back?

We'll see.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

I'd like to point out once again that the drop statistics don't check out. Mike's count has to be approaching triple digits on the season. Do the teams keep their own drop statistics or use the league's drop numbers? Would the Jaguars care to share their drop numbers?

Dropped passes will never "add up" because they're not an official statistic and because observers will vary on what makes an incomplete pass a "drop." One list credits the Jaguars with 21 drops this season. Another I have seen has the number at 28. Neither seems close.